Blood of the Gods

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Chapter 13

From the journal of Ellen Lambert:

Greece - In Love

I had Penelope now, and I hoped she would come to care for me the way I cared for her. To ease her into a new situation, I had Tira fetch Penelope and her belongings from her uncle’s house. I couldn’t begrudge Thaddeus’ consternation at losing not only his niece but a sizable amount of money as well, but he had given me his word and he never broke a promise. I looked upon the money as Penelope’s dowry, payable to me rather than some old decrepit man she would have to marry.

Now she came to me of her own choice, ready and eager to begin anew. I could offer her more than just a mortal life with love till death do us part, but a life—a powerful existence—with love that would last us forever. Of course, I would have to broach the idea of immortality in a way that would be acceptable to her, but I felt secure that Penelope would willingly join me in time.

The evening she moved to my quarters, I had a light supper waiting for her. I planned to ease Penelope into love, a love nurtured and cherished, not one based on hurried lust and ravishment. That night she arrived, she looked so radiant in the candle glow from my candelabra. She wore gold bracelets on both her upper and lower arms, and a small gold tiara in her hair studded with amethyst gem stones, a beautiful accent to the ripples of her red hair. Her clinging lavender gown accentuated her young, supple form, and highlighted her lovely aqua eyes. As a gift, she presented me with a hanging tier of little doves made of thin metal and painted white and pale blue. Penelope told me they were to be used as a wind chime. I thanked her for the gift and had Tira hang the chime from the rafters of the balcony. Soon the little doves offered a soft tinkling sound as they glided together in the evening breeze.

Penelope seemed happy and pleased to be in my company, and she ate heartily of the repast I put before her, the wine I chose simple but potent, and meant to help her relax. We talked of mutually pleasing things, clothes, jewelry. We also shared the gossip of the day, who was having an affair with whom, the latest scandal in the high offices, and what type of melodrama the playwrights would give us this season. We laughed with pleasure, the pleasure of sharing and being together. We twined our arms together and drank wine from each other’s goblet, our gazes locked in mutual affection.

After supper, I suggested that Penelope take a bath. Tira and Lakshmi had the bath water ready, steeped in aromatic frankincense. At first, Penelope felt shy to expose herself to me, let alone the servants, but when I told her I would undress as well, her inhibitions melted away with my suggestion. She lowered the towel after I shed my gown, and we stood naked before one another. Despite her youth, Penelope possessed the body of a fully developed woman, her breasts round and ripe, her torso and hips curvaceous, and her legs long and shapely. I held back my urge to take her in my arms and cover her precious body with kisses. But we had all night...

I helped her into the bath, wishing I could join her, but the tub was barely big enough for one person. Instead, I sat beside her on a little stool and washed her back with languid strokes of the sponge. When Lakshmi returned with a pitcher of warm water and a wedge of yew soap, I washed Penelope’s hair.

Through the lather, my fingers massaged her scalp, and she tipped back her head, her expression aglow with carefree happiness, her lips slightly parted. I could no longer ignore my desire and so leaned in to kiss those lips, so soft and tender. Penelope took in a breath, eager and willing to respond to my overtures. As we deepened our kiss, she reached up and touched my face, soon to caress my cheeks with her warm fingers. I slipped my hand into the water and explored both breasts, each pink nipple responding to my touch like rose buds aroused by the sun. I continued my kisses along the curve of her neck while my hand plunged further to stroke her firm abdomen.

But I stopped there, my intention to move slowly and with purpose. I used another jug of water to rinse her hair, the strands streaming down her back like a sunset waterfall. Then I helped Penelope out of the tub and gently plied a towel to her warm steaming body. Next I massaged her lovely flesh with the myrrh oil, using languid strokes along her more sensitive areas, the small of her back, the curves from under her arms to her hips, the inside of her thighs, and over and around her breasts. Every caress of my hand made her shiver with pleasure. When finished, I draped a silk shawl around her shoulders and led her to the bed.

When she sat on the edge, I lowered her torso down on the sheets and opened her legs so I could kneel between them. Then I buried my face in the tender mesh of rubelite hair and discovered the folds between. As I feasted on her swollen extremity, it filled my mouth like a sweet, ripe apricot. I stretched my tongue and dove into the extraordinary softness of her opening, my fingers playing along the inside of her thighs and making her quiver. I felt the beat of her heart as it quickened and her body begin to undulate like a soft wave beneath my touch. Soon Penelope thrashed and clutched the sheets above me as I suckled again the sensitive raised knot of flesh that produced her ultimate pleasure. She let out a series of little moans, as soft as everything else about her. I felt a tremendous exaltation as her moans resonated in my ears and the spiced fragrance of her oiled body piqued my senses, spurring me on to bring her to rapture for the first time, and then again and again.

When we both tired, I joined her on the bed and kissed her long and lovingly. Our hands began slow, lazy caresses, and she stroked my curves and planes as if discovering a woman’s body for the first time. She explored everywhere, my cheeks, neck, breasts, buttocks and even my ankles and feet. The touch of her fingers and lips on my flesh thrilled me beyond reason.

“Teach me how to give back the delights you bestow on me,” she whispered as she nuzzled the golden tangle of my hair. “I want to give as well as take.”

“I will teach you,” I promised, drawing her close. She placed her head in the well of my breasts and we soon fell asleep in each other’s arms, caressed by a light breeze from the balcony and lulled by the tinkling of the doves.

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