Blood of the Gods

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Chapter 40

And Suzan slept better than she had in years, a deep, soundless, weightless sleep. When she awoke, she stretched and breathed in deeply, breathed in the fumes of the cars below and the scents of wisteria and heliotrope that grew in the small patch yards across the street. Since it was still night, she figured she had slept for two or three hours, yet it had been a wonderful, refreshing sleep.

She also felt incredibly hungry, as if she hadn’t eaten in days; but first, Suzan wanted to wash away the detritus of her former lethargy and confusion. Rising, she stripped off her night gown and went to take a shower. The stream of water from the shower head—that had been so soft and gentle before—buffeted her body like sharp pinpoints of sleet. Yet, instead of shirking away from the pain, she found it all the more exhilarating, every pore of her skin and every root of her hair opening to new sensual heights. The scent of her lavender body wash almost overwhelmed her, yet she knew she have to get used to such exaggerated stimuli, temper it, tame it as Ellen had done. Yes, Ellen would show her the way, the way of life eternal.

When she finished the shower and donned Ellen’s favorite black silk robe with the cherry blossom design, Suzan went in search of something to eat in the kitchen. She got as far as the landing when she met up with Ellen.

“Darling! You are so awake, so lovely!” Ellen held out her arms to her lover, her smile brimming with joy.

As Suzan eagerly fell into her lover’s embrace, she basked in Ellen’s fervent kisses. “I slept so well, so wonderfully,” she purred with delight, “as if I slept for days. But what time is it, after midnight, one or two in the morning?” She hadn’t bothered to look at a clock.

Ellen’s smile took on a clever edge. “It’s just after eleven, my love—the next evening.”

“The next evening?”

“Yes, darling, you did sleep for days, or at least a whole night and day.”

A whole night and day...

And where had her lover been during that time?

Even in the muted light of the stair landing, Suzan noticed that Ellen wore a short black dress that clung to her every curve and offered a glimpse of the top of her breasts. A black satin collar with rhinestone trim surrounded her neck, and her makeup offered shiny plum lips, jet-rimmed eyes, and fingernails polished a shimmering onyx.

Suzan smelled her lover’s desire on the cusp of her floral perfume, and something else as well, something so intimate and strong that it made her head reel for a moment—the scent of male lust. “Where have you been, Ellen?” Her interest had piqued beyond normal curiosity.

“Oh, my darling!” Ellen tempered. “Don’t be jealous!” With a little laugh and a cavalier swipe of her hand, she indicated her attire. “I did this for you, for us. You must be hungry by now, very hungry.”

Suzan nodded. “Yes, I’m famished.”

“Good! I have a surprise for you. I had to go out tonight to secure it, but I know you will be very pleased with my choice.”

Suzan had been fantasizing about a thick steak, so rare that the juices ran red; but suddenly, she realized what Ellen had in mind. She backed away, out of her lover’s space, and especially out of that cloying smell of testosterone. “Now, like this?”

“Why not? This is a good a time as any to introduce you to the means of satisfying your hunger through the way of the blood.” As Ellen’s smile and gaze took on a provocative air, she held out her hand, prepared to lead her newest initiate to the banquet she had prepared for them. “Don’t be afraid, my pet. I’m here to teach you, and to guide you through your first taste of immortality. So, let’s go downstairs. Our feast awaits!”

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