Blood of the Gods

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Chapter 50

And her opportunity came the next day.

When the doorbell rang, Suzan turned on the porch camera and found her visitor to be Davis Breen. Instead of his usual crisp, professional attire, the doctor wore a casual jacket, a pair of jeans and his favorite suede loafers, an indication that he was taking time off from his normally full schedule.

“Hello, Davis,” she greeted through the speaker. “What brings you here?”

“Hi, Suzan.” He glanced about the narrow brick-lined space, trying to place the speaker in relation to the camera angled above him. “I wanted to stop by and see how you’re doing. Actually I have some news for you, good news, and I’d like to discuss it with you. How about dinner?”

“All right.” Unprepared to let him just yet, Suzan weighed her options carefully. “About your news; can you give me just a little hint?”

“I suppose so.” The doctor shifted from one foot to the other. “Actually, I’ll give you a big hint, although I hate to talk about it out here. I sold the condo, and I want to give you half the proceeds. After all, you put money into the place and you deserve a refund.”

“That’s so nice of you, Davis.”

“I thought I’d better get this settled before I leave.”


“Yes, I’m going to Guadalajara for a few months as a consultant to the medical university there.”

Mexico! So Davis would be going out of the country... Such a trip could prove dangerous if he became waylaid in transit by Mexican thieves or drug runners, never to be heard from again. It happened before to unsuspecting American visitors. The authorities would keep the investigation limited to the immediate area of his disappearance, if they could find it. Plus, Davis had no immediate family who could conceivably keep the case open.

Gazing at the filigree thimble beside her, Suzan felt her hunger increase with delicious fervor as she thought about her old lover in a new light, thought about the thimble’s sharp retractable blade and Davis’ white supple throat. In the beginning of their relationship, he had been eager to please her. So, why not let him extend the pleasure now? It was all so perfect…

When she didn’t respond right away, Davis stood on tiptoe and peered directly into the camera lens. “Suzan, what do you say? I’d like to tell you more about my plans. Are you hungry now? We could talk about it over an early dinner.”

Suzan activated the intercom. “That sounds marvelous. In fact, I’m famished. Why don’t you wait inside while I change? It won’t take but a minute.”


She released the catch that opened the front door and then quickly placed the thimble on her finger. “Come right on in, Davis.”


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