Dear Monster, Let Me Help You!

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Jann is a man who believes that doing the "Right choices" is the way to go but what happens when a young man who does nothing but get into trouble, bully other people and get what he wants with no sense of manners maneges to be Jann's number one enemy, but rather hate they start to feel something more beyond thoughts.. Will these two realize what their hearts desire or will they let it burn and die? Come with me on this journey and let's discover the truth!!! Author's Note: I Hope You Guys Will Love My work... I am Currently Working on the Chapters and I Hope You Guys will Come To Love It Just Like I Did 😇 also this story goes both MC's side story , you will see how the story shifts between one to another meaning Exam: Jann side story of how he feels or whats going on/ changes to kills side story of how he feels and what he thinks , and does as well , please take it as you can and comment anything you'll like to add. Tell me your favorite part as well.

Fantasy / Romance
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Dear Monster , Let me help you!

Season 1: Episode 1

As soon as he turned around I grabbed him by his blue t- shirt... I admit I was nervous but i looked at his eyes and didnt bound down not once. This insect looked at me and said " are you crazy, do you know who I am and what I can do to you?" , I know he wasn't in the mood to deal with anybody today but I am the type of person that can't seem to see someone hurt in a anyway possible. If I have to help him even if I dont like him I will do so because that's just the type of a person I am, I'm like that towards everybody specially people I care about the most.

I wanna know the reason why he acts the way he does and what's eating him up but I cant find the right words to ask him, "Oh! I know who you're, I also know you dont know me, clearly you can fight and I am well aware of that but I am not scare of you nor am i gonna stop caring about your health at this moment so please , I beg you to give me consent to touch your wounds and cure it with the kit I got in my locker". There were so many things running through my mind after I finished talking , I dont know what he might do or what his reaction will be but I am one hundred percent scare of him and not because he can fight but because he looks really mean And if I am been totally honest with you right now my body and soul would like to run at this very moment.
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