Dear Monster, Let Me Help You!

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Dear Monster , Let me Help You!

Season 1: Episode 2

As I finished , I wonder what his answer would be. I won't deny the fact that I was nervous, and that my hands were getting very sweaty within the silence that was around us. I want to help him but I am afraid he will reject me and that his wound will keep bleeding everywhere , I honestly couldn't see him like that at all.

Kill looked very angry , specially annoyed by the fact that another student is being nosey , of course that wasn't my intention because I honestly could care less about him as anybody else would but something about him makes me wanna get close to him even if he tries to kill me for trying to help him out.

Kill looked around before saying anything at all then asked "Can we go somewhere else. I dont want people to see me with you".

I felt as if he was trying to cheat on someone with me but that wasn't the case and my thoughts just kept running around making stupid , idiotic thoughts such as that but at least this is a start , maybe he doesn't want his friends to see him with someone like me, I get it , he doesn't want people to think his talking to some neat/ freak right.

I replied to him by saying " yeah, we can go to the school's old nursery room" , I would lie if I wasn't a bit scare, I mean he can literally kill me and maybe, just maybe he wants to actually murder me for helping him out.
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