Alpha's Lost Love

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9.It's your fault

Anord's POV:

The pack members were happy to meet their Luna even when the person herself is not aware of the fact being the luna and the news has spread all over the kingdom.

Some people are happy while some are jealous to see her as the Queen, Werewolf Queen. She does not know the truth yet and I could not imagine how her expression would be when she will know about us.

For now, it's good that she is living with us and I do not want to force her into something dangerous as it would be a lot to take in.

It would be hard to forget about the world she is living in and accept the truth that supernatural beings exist. And I had that thought she is a shy and innocent woman but she is a stubborn one.

She snapped at me, that too in front of my people who couldn't even look straight into my eyes and talked directly with me.

Also, it's not the appropriate time to tell her the truth as it will have a bad effect on her and my wolf will go crazy if we lose her.

And talking about her health she is recovering faster than I have thought and she is trying her best to adjust here.

I don't want to get attached to her so I do not interact with her. I just look at her from far away and told Cresel to help her.

She is getting close with my Beta and Gamma too. Sometimes, I feel bad as she is smiling at others but arguing with me.

It's your fault. A voice reminded me.

She is cold to me but to others she is sweet. She wants to help others to ease their pain when she is the one who is hurt.

And I was restless for the whole day when she had gone shopping. I had told her to use my card but she was stubborn and it made me lose my calm.

There were rogue wandering near the border so I mind link Cresel to return.
Ukrine was upset as she couldn't have her ice cream and had cursed me. She was unhappy so I brought her the ice cream. She devoured it like a hungry child and her act was so childish that it made me laugh.

I laughed after a long time and I couldn't control my urge to touch her. I licked the corner of her lips and caresses her cheek. When Tate came she blushed and she ran off to her room.

A huge smile plaster on my face whenever I recalled her tomato-like face. Tate teased me about having a little romance with my mate and soon the smile turn into worry when we heard a scream coming from her room.

I hurt seeing her crying in the bed so I took her in my arms. She hugged me and calm down in my embrace.

Then the name Xeres made me angry as he seemed to be someone close to her. And I had told my guards to search the area where she was found and there had found a mobile near the south.

The mobile was dead so I have sent it to the mobile experts to retrieve information from it. And the nightmare has affected her so much that she doesn't talk much.

And I am busy looking at the paper works and attending meetings with other pack members. I have ordered my best warrior to guard her for her safety and Cresel stays in her room and they two have been good friends.

''Alpha, Cresel, and Luna are visiting packhouse.'' I was in the meeting when Tate mind links me.

''Ok, but guard them.'' I then mind link Steff to be alert.

The meeting lasted for one hour and I drove my car towards the packhouse. While I was on the way there, I saw people searching for someone.

They were calling the person's name who seems to be missing and they looked tired. I took the shortcut driving through the deep forest which is hidden by tall trees and reached the packhouse.

When I get off the car, I heard someone laughing and giggling. The scene made my heart stop.

Her smile was beautiful and her eyes shine like a star. And seeing her happy, a smile formed on my lips.

''Alpha, you look good when you smile so I think you need to stick with Luna all the time.'' Tate said with amusement.

''Shut up Tate. Call the mobile expert and take out the information.'' I said in a serious tone and I looked at my mate.

She was blindfolded and was trying to catch Cresel. Suddenly, she came near me and hugged me. I just stood still without moving and she opened the fold covering her eyes. She screamed pulling away and the children started laughing.

She then walked away saying sorry and I went to my office. And her smile reminds me of my mother.

She used to be a good mother, luna, and queen. Dad and mom used to love each other a lot and were inseparable that death came to them at the same time and they died leaving me alone.

They saved me as I was the future king while they got killed by the Vampires who wanted to rule over werewolves.

They took help from the rouges and attacked the palace. Then my father's brother who had been away helped me to rule as I was 9 at that time and helped me to take revenge.

We killed the rouges but the Vampires were only defeated. We couldn't finish them yet and the war has not ended.

I have promised my mom to be a good king and a mate which I need to fulfill but I am lost in revenge and there is only pain in my life.

Will she love me after knowing my truth? I don't think I deserve her but..... she is fated to be mine only mine.

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