Alpha's Lost Love

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I could not sleep peacefully the whole night after I had the nightmare. I heard a man's voice calling my name from far away.

And when I went towards him I would wake up being scare. That voice made me feel like I had been attached to that person and the person is someone important to me.

So when I wake up I felt dizzy and my head was spinning like I was having some hangover. Some images flashed in my brain which I could not understand and my heart was beating abnormally.

It seemed as if my memory were coming back and I was remembering something. For a second, a thought crosses my mind that is whether I'm married or I have someone close before I lost my memory.

And I felt that the person is waiting for me to go back to him. I wanted to forget the things so after having breakfast, I asked Cres to stroll around.

Cres talked about different things but I was least interested in her words. I could not pay attention to her as my mind my trying to solve the puzzle.

Everything was like a puzzle to me as the information provided was little and I wanted to know everything.

The laughter of the children brought me back to reality. Cres take me to play with them and when I was trying to catch Cres I mistakenly hug him. I said sorry and saw him staring at me as if he could read my thoughts.

It would be great if I could read other thoughts but we human beings are not so advanced to do so.

But why I'm feeling that Anord is hiding is something from me? When I tried to understand him, he becomes even more difficult to understand.

One time he is sweet and caring and the other time he becomes the arrogant prick. He just does whatever he wants without caring about others' feelings.

I have been trying to avoid coming in contact with him as I could still feel his touch in my body and I hate to say it but I want him to hold me in his embrace.

I don't know why his presence made me feel good and subconsciously I yearned for him. And he helped had me overcome the nightmare which had frightened me so much and when I had just woke up in this new place, he had also helped me from falling down.

Thinking about the series of events that had occurred in the last few days, Anord was present whenever I was in trouble or I may feeling down.

But why is he helping me? He doesn't look like the man who would care about others and let alone put anyone in his eyes. So, what does Anord want by helping me?

Or I am overthinking as all the people whom I'm met here seemed to be good person and I have met a few friends who did not mind me being a stranger.

Tate, Dan, Cres, Lucy, they all treat me like their own and I have no idea what Anord is thinking.

The next morning while we were having our breakfast, I heard Dan and Tate talking about some training. They are well built and muscular so I do not know what they are training for?

"Training? I do not think you guys need it. You are perfectly built." I pointed at the muscular arm of Dan.

"Yes we are but we are talking about new recruits." Tate replied while munching on the toast.

"So you guys are a trainer? Then I would like to try it out. I want to learn to fight. "

"Really, you seem to be soft and fragile. It would be hard." Dan voiced out looking at my body.

"Do not judge the book by its cover. I may be good at it and I really wanted to try it out. Maybe I could beat you too. What do you say?" I challenge them and Anord choked in his food.

"Here." Dan passed a glass of water to him.

After finishing the breakfast, Dan took me to the gym along with Anord. People were training inside and then Anord told them to leave the place and except one all left.

They left one by one after bowing their head as if we are royals. The one who had stayed was a female fighter and I was impressed by her body.

She looked strong enough and her face was devoid of any emotion. Dan called her a warrior just like in ancient times. And the people here seemed to have a great impact on the forest so they use ancient words.

Then the warrior showed me some moves and I practice listening to her instruction. While I was enjoying the practice, I saw Anord staring at me with amusement.

After thirty minutes, I had to show her the moves I have learned and do the real fighting. Tate encourages me and I start to show the moves.

At first, I received two punches and a blow to my cheek but I don't like being defeated so I use all my power to kick her on the stomach and then started hitting her.

My speed increased and I defeated her. I was speechless when I saw her laying on the floor with a bruised face.

I do not know what happen but some superpower made me win. Tate cheer for me and gave me the towel. Dan congrats me and Anord just stare at me.

"Where did you learn that move? I could not believe my eyes. You seem to have two personalities." Tate asked while passing the water bottle.

"I am also confused but it cannot two personalities. Maybe I have learned it before." I voiced out my thought.

"Maybe, you are a fighter." Dan voiced out looking thoughtful.

"No, I cannot be a fighter. I...." I freak out while tightly holding the bottle.

"Relax, they are just joking." Anord said with a smirk plastered on his face.

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