Alpha's Lost Love

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11.Hard Time

I am feeling like I have been here since my childhood and I have a deep connection with this place. As long as I will stay here I will feel like this is my home and they are the ones whom I should be with and it's what fate had decided for me.

Geez, I'm sounding like the heroine from the soap opera I have seen last night. Cres had made me watched that show till late at night and now we don't have much time to prepare things.

Today, we are going to celebrate Anord's birthday and it is a surprise party which should be perfect as not to anger the big boss.

He has mood swings more than the girls would have during their periods and he... he seemed to detest me.

Before, I had thought that he is interested in me but no he is a handsome guy who does not give a damn to anyone. As far as I have seen him interacting with his friends, all I have seen is him giving orders and getting mad whenever something does not go his way.

And how could I think that the man who does not care about his friends would care about me? Yeah, he had helped me whenever I'm in trouble and had given me a place to live but whenever I tried to strike a conversation with him he would either scold me or tease me.

That man just couldn't speak properly. He never smiles and had an expressionless face all day. The first time he smiles was when I had ice cream smeared on my mouth and then he.....

Agh.. I couldn't understand why he had licked my lips and why sometimes he made me feel special and other times let me feel like hell.

My memory loss is a great thing to digest and now Anord's action is confusing me. There is that dream where I had met my mom and I wonder where is she now.

And since that night I had expected to dream about her but I'm disappointed. What was she trying to tell me and who the hell is Xeres?

While I'm not thinking about that dream, my mind is occupied with Anord. I wanted to understand him, talk with him and spend some time with him but seems like he does not like me.

Yes. He does not like me. He cannot like the girl who does not know anything about her. He is the big boss while I'm just someone he has helped out of nowhere.

"No. He likes you." The familiar voice interrupted my thought.

"Huh..." I voiced out looking confused.

"You cannot assume things on your own. You should ask the person directly whether he likes you or not." Tate smirked giving me a suggestive look.

"What are you guys doing?" Cres voice came from behind and she entered the kitchen holding a mug.

"We were tal-"

"Tate was asking me to give extra cookies to him." I said before Tate could speak nonsense.

"Extra cookies? What are you, two-year child? And I'm gonna complain to your mat...wife." Cres yelled putting her hands on her hips and I felt bad for Tate.

Poor him. He was here to drink water but I made him the scapegoat. But if I had not spoken first then who knows what Tate will speak out.

"Sorry." I mouthed to Tate when Cres was busying shooting daggers to her brother and Tate just shrugged his shoulder putting the bottle down.

"Lu.. Ukrine have you finished it?" Cres asked while walking towards me.

"Yes." I replied showing the plate full of cupcakes.

"Ukrine." Dan came inside while holding a box in his hand.

"Dan." I called waking towards him.

"You were here. I was looking for you in your room." Dan shakes his head with a foolish smile plastered on his face and he stopped in front of me.

"Here." He forwarded the box to me and I just stood still looking at the box.

"For me?!" I asked looking confused as I haven't asked him to buy anything for me and it's not my birthday.

"Yes. Take it." Cres said standing beside me and she urged me to accept the box.

"Ok." I said taking the box and then I was towards the kitchen island.

I then placed it on the top and opened the box. When I looked inside I was dumbfounded for a second and Cres's excited voice made me take out the clothes kept inside.

"How is it?" Cres asked grinning from ear to ear and I looked at the gown.

"It's beautiful." I smiled placing the purple gown with sweetheart neckline against my body.

"Thank you, Dan. I love it." I beamed with happiness and Dan smiled looking at my happy face.

"Cres! Where is yours?" I asked after placing the gown in the box.

"I have none. Nobody cares about me." Cres fake a tear and acted like a baby.

"Oh! Please. Don't shed your crocodile tears. Who doesn't know how many ballgowns you have stacked in your closet?" Tate mocked looking irritated.

"Yes. Cres almost made Tate bankrupt by buying those ballgowns." Dan said with a mischievous smile.

"Dan! Don't mock me. What I'm saying is true. You can just check out her closet." Tate said while looking at me and I do believe him as Cres had once told me that she is obsessed with ballgowns.

"Hey! What are you guys doing here? The party will start soon. And we better get ready before Alpha comes." Lucy shouted while entering the kitchen and we all walked out heading towards our room.

"We should hurry up and get dressed for to tonight." Cres said pulling me into her room.

After 3 hours we finally got ready and the gown perfectly fits me which goes with the makeup Cres had applied on my face.

"Beautiful." Cres whispered when looking at me from head to toe and I smiled saying thank you.

"Tonight, Alpha will have a hard time controlling himself." Cres muttered with a sigh.

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