Alpha's Lost Love

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12.Absolutely no

It's been a while since the party has started and the yard has been crowded. People are holding the drink and laughing while talking with each other.

Cres has been busy greeting the people and I am alone with Tate. Tate is telling some jokes but I do not find his jokes interesting. I am feeling bore but I could not tell him. And everybody seems to be enjoying the party except me.

"Bored. Missing someone badly." Tate said with a sad voice.

"Huh.." I could not understand his words and did he listen to my thoughts?

"Your expression shows it all. I miss her a lot. If she would be here then we would have so much fun." I understand the 'her' he was talking about.

And I just smiled and continue sipping the apple juice. I then looked at Dan who is busy talking with the people and suddenly a voice took all the attention.

"Alpha is here. Everyone get ready."

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and looked toward the entrance. There was a pin drop silence and like a king, Anord stepped out from the car.

And he frowned when he saw the group of people waiting for his arrival. Then all the people bow at him and Dan greeted him Happy birthday followed by others.

Anord just nodded his head and wandered his eyes around the crowd. His gaze landed on me and there was eye contact between us.

I saw happiness, longing, and hope flash in his eyes but before I could read further, Cres hold my hand and take me towards him. He was surrounded by people and seeing me they excuse themselves and went away.

He then looked at me and it made me nervous. I did not look at him and tightly clutch the side of the gown.

"You don't have anything to say?" He voice out making me look at him.

"Huh..." I asked checking him out.

He has worn a t-shirt and pants which does not match the party theme and the clearing of voice broke my thoughts and I remembered to wish him.

"Happy birthday, Anord. May God bless you and you live a long life." I wished smiling at him and he thanked me with a satisfied face.

I then gave him a watch which perfectly matches his taste as I have seen him wearing it often. And I had brought the watch when Cres and I had gone shopping on the guidance of Cres.

Then he excuses to change his clothes and left leaving a compliment about my dress. I just smiled and thank him. His compliment makes me very happy and then I started enjoying the party.

After 5 minutes, he joined the party in the black suits pairing with the watch which I had given. He then greeted someone people and cut the cake which I had baked before and we all eat the cake.

When I had just finished eating the cake a handsome guy smile at me and I too returned the smile.

"Hello! I am Daniel." The guy introduced standing beside me.

"Hey! I am Ukrine."

"Nice to meet you but I have not seen you here before."

"Oh.. I am new here. And I do not know many people."

"Ok, then would you mind taking with me."

"No. Well, I would love to have some company. " I replied and we shake our hands.

"Who is she?" I asked while looking at the girl who was shooting daggers at me.

"She is my girl but due to some reason she is angry with me." He sounded sad.

"So you are trying to make her jealous? You want to talk with me for a reason." I asked looking mad.

"Absolutely no. I really want to befriend with you. But yeah, I want her to talk to me." He said giving me puppy eyes.

"Well then let's dance." I couldn't let down this man.

"Sure." He forwarded his right hand and we went towards the dance floor.

Other people were also dancing while enjoying the romantic music song. Daniel put his hand on my waist and my hand was on his shoulder. We then began to dance keeping a distance between us.

We sway along with the music and my eyes feel on Anord. His expression was stoic and he was staring at us. I ignored his look and enjoyed the dance.

I then tripped on something and collided with Daniel's chest. In a swift movement, I was pulled away from him and my back pressed against another person's chest.

I tilted my head and saw Anord's angry face. He pulled me aside and marched towards Daniel. I could not understand his action and Cres came towards me.

She asked me if I was okay and then I saw Anord hand tightly wrapped around Daniel's neck and Daniel was choking to death. Everybody gasped looking horrified and Dan and Tate tried to stop him but he did not budge.

I could not hold it anymore and shouted loudly. "ANORD STOP IT. YOU WILL KILL HIM. LEAVE HIM."

He then turned towards me but he did not leave Daniel. He murmured
"How dare you do that? It seems you wanted your death. Nobody dares to defy me. " It seemed like he was not him anymore.


"BEHAVE ANORD. DO NOT FORGET WHO YOU ARE?" A loud voice boomed in the surroundings and Anord pushed Daniel on the floor.

I wanted to check on Daniel but Cres stop me. Tate took Daniel and the man may be in his early 40 stated that the party was over.

All the people leave the place and the place was empty with few people. The man then looks at me and it seemed like he was trying to figure out something and he mumbled "STUPID MATE BOND AND A WEAK HUMAN. " Then with a last glance at me, he took Anord with him.

I was dumbfounded the whole time and could not comprehend anything. And I need to check on Daniel.

Anord, why are so hard to understand?

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