Alpha's Lost Love

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Anord's POV:

I could not resist when I saw Ukrine and the mate bond was doing nothing good for me. She was looking breathtaking at the party and the gown suits her well.

And I really liked her gift and appreciate her choice. I do not know how did she know about my choice but she is good a thinker.

My pack members were happy to see me celebrating my birthday as I have not celebrated it after my parent's death. It was during the party that I had lost them.

Still, I could not forget the dead bodies lying on the floor covered with blood and body parts haphazardly lying on the floor. That image still haunts me and I could not sleep properly during the night.

At first, I was surprised and then angry to see the celebration but when Dan mind links me saying it was arranged by Ukrine then I calm down and search for her.

She too was looking at me and her face shows a different glow. She was lost in her own world and I too was lost in her world.

Whenever she is around me, I forget about everything and my attention goes to her. I know that mate bond has not only affect me but she too is affected at some point. She just makes me behave differently around her as if I'm not the rude king of the werewolf.

Alpha's from the nearby pack were invited and some pack members were also welcomed. Many people greeted me and the party began.

I also got to know that Ukrine was disappointed when she did not see me around. Tate also told me that she was missing me and that made my wolf jump in happiness.

And when I was talking with the other Alpha, I saw her talking with a guy. He is not the pack member so I became alert.

I then mind link Cresel to go to them but they went towards the dance floor. I felt angry and I controlled my wolf when that guy put his hand on her waist.

Then they began to dance and when she collided in his chest I could not resist anymore. I ran towards her and pulled her away. My wolf took over me and he gripped the guy's neck.

The guy was choking but he had crossed his limits. How dare he defy the king of werewolves and dance with his Queen?

And when I heard my mate say MONSTER, it triggered the worst memory I have ever had and my gripped tighten.

Everyone tried their best to pull me away but I could not leave him as he has crossed his limits.

Then a loud voice stopped me and listening to the voice I know who he is. He is the one who has given me support when I was alone and he is the one who told me to live for the entire werewolves.

He is uncle Jack, the beta of my father who is the only family left to me. I could not ignore the words of my master who had taught me so many things because of which I am here.

Then I did not spare a glance at her as it would make me madder so I went with uncle Jack to my office. He was disappointed at my action and just stare at me.

After 3 minutes of silence, I greeted him. He just nodded his head and told me to take the sit.

"Have I taught you to behave like that? Are you a child whom I need to teach you to behave? Anord, you are the king so behave like one. Learn to control your emotion and behave." He said with a stern look.

"I know I should have control myself but you know about the mate bond. It makes you weak and no one can see your mate with another guy." I stated my reason even though he would not listen.

"I know it more than you and I am saying this for your sake as your mate will not accept you if she will see your true self. I know it's difficult to ignore her but she still does not know about us. So calm yourself."

"You are right. How could I forget the words spoken by my blood relative? That word reminds me of her. I do not know how is she and where is she. She must have been happy living without me, a monster who scares the living daylight out of her." I could not hide my feelings in front of him.

I broke down in front of him as he has seen me on my worst days.

"She is happy in her own world and you should be happy too. Congratulations on finding your mate. She is beautiful as your mom, our luna and she will understand you. Wait till the right time and at last many happy returns of your born day, my king." He always confronts me with his words and he too had lost his wife and his sister my mom that day.

And I had lost another important person too who could not accept my true self.

"Do not give me false hope uncle. Like her, she will also leave me and now she too thinks the same of me. No one will accept me, a Monster."

If that day comes and she will not accept me then I will be insane.

"Think positive, son. She is your mate and you are meant to be together. Go to sleep, it's late and we will talk tomorrow. Oh and the pack problem was solved and that was the reason why I have come here. If I have not come then you would have done a mistake." He placed the papers on the desk and walked out the door.

Then a message pop on my mobile and when I opened the message I was shocked looking at the pictures. I could not believe that they are related.

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