Alpha's Lost Love

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14.I know him well

The cool breeze calmed me and I walked forward. The sun was shining up in the sky and the sky was clear making the atmosphere pleasant for the morning walk.

I then heard the twisting of the branch when I was about to turn left and from the corner of my eyes, I saw him walking towards me.

I stopped greeting him and he just nodded in response creating the awkward silence. We then walked along with each other without speaking a word and still enjoy our walk in this beautiful surroundings.

There were lots of questions which I have wanted to ask but I ignore them at the moment. I could not sleep the whole night thinking about yesterday's event and I was restless all night.

And the nightmare added more tension which disturbed me immensely. So to relax and calm me, I came for a morning walk but seems like I need to endure more.

When I think about Anord, I kind of feel guilty as I recalled the words I had spoken. I should not have called him a monster as he must have some reason but he should have not raised his hand.

If Daniel had died then what would he do?

He couldn't just take the life of others if he doesn't like the person. He does not have any right and no one has even if he is the almighty boss. mind seems to explode soon and I won't be able to fight back.

"Ask him. He will tell you his reason." The middle-aged man from yesterday who had stopped Anord break the silence.

"How can you be so sure? And wh... who are you?" I tried my best to not sound rude.

"Well, I am his uncle, Jack and I know him well." He said not giving away anything.

"But he will not answer me." I voice out thinking about all sorts of possibilities of him hurting me as he had done to Daniel.

"Then you should not ask him. But remember that everyone has a reason behind the thing he does." Saying that he turned in another direction.

At first, I couldn't understand what the hell he was saying and decided not to dwell on it. I then wander in the forest thinking about his words while trying to understand Anord.

Anord. He has affected me so much that I could not think straight. Why are you so difficult to understand?
You are making it difficult for me to see the true you.

The expression you show or the feelings I have seen, which one is the real you? And after thinking for a while, I went towards the house and enter the kitchen.

As usual, Cres was eating her breakfast but today Dan and Tate were blushing.

Hehe.. I felt weird looking at their blushing face. They were looking like a tomato and I saw a different glow in their face.

There was happiness shown in their smile. Then I was hugged by someone no it was a group hug.

Urgh.. it was a bone-crushing hug and I could not have breathed if someone had not separated them. I gasped while breathing in and out and saw two girls smiling at me.

Then they looked at each other and shouted in the loud voice.

"Nice to meet you."

I just stare at them and when they were about to say something Dan and Tate stopped them.

Then Dan introduced them as their sweethearts who have made them lonely in their absence. And the two girls were so cheerful that I do not need to seek entertainment.

Dan's girl name is Fiona and Tate's girl name is Lexie. They are crazy best friends and now they want me to join their group.

I do not know how am I going to get along but it seemed to be fun. Cres has some work to do so I was left with the two girls. We instantly become friends and they started sharing their childish memories with me which made me laugh a lot.

We were having fun but two persons were waiting for their attention. And I feel sad for them so I excuse myself to rest for a while. I then went to my room and stand near the window.

I took the view in front of me and I felt like someone was continuously staring at me but when I looked around I could not spot the person.

Time passes by and I took a shower which I could not take due to lack of sleep. I then changed into new clothes and dry my hair.

When I went downstairs, I did not find anyone so I went to the living room to watch T.V.

After few times, Anord entered the room but I do not spare a glance at him. I do not know what to say and if I see him I will want to know everything so I kept my eyes on the movie.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw him looking at me but he did not say a word and went outside.

I too felt bored and walk out to see him scolding the young boys. He gave them a lecture for a while and I wanted to speak to him but seeing him busy I wander around.

I walked and walked and I reached the place where I have not come before. I could not remember the correct path and it seemed like I am lost in the forest. I tried to find some clue or a trace of a person but there was none.

And I became tired of roaming around the forest while searching for the way. Then I heard some noises which I could not comprehend properly and my head started spinning.

The next second I find myself falling and my head hit something hard. I wished someone will save me but it was too late as darkness overtook me.

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