Alpha's Lost Love

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15.Clam down

Anord's POV:

I was shocked by the message I had received yesterday and immediately ordered people to search about them.

I wanted to talk to Ukrine but I was unable to speak about my reasons. She too did not talk to me and I too remained silent.

Then there was a problem created by the young boys and being their Alpha I need to take care of their issues. The problem is that the young boys were not attending their school and were involved in some illegal activities so to know more about it, I called them to the packhouse to teach them some lessons.

There I saw Ukrine looking at us while I had just called the youngsters to solve the problem and taking one glance at me she went towards the forest.

I wanted to follow her but I decided to give her some time to think about the things going around. And after punishing those brats, I started checking out some paperwork.

Today, Tate and Dan have taken a holiday as their mates have returned so I have to look at all the matters making me quite busy.

Uncle Jack has left this morning and promised to return soon. He seemed to know many things but he is hiding them from me. And when I had told him about the message he was not surprised to hear it which means that he might have known it before me and he didn't bother to tell me.

4 hours later I mind link Cresel to know about Ukrine. When I asked her about her there was no reply. I used my alpha tone and then she told me that Ukrine has been missing after lunchtime.

She then told me that she was doing her pack work and Ukrine was at the packhouse. I mind link other members and asked them about her but there was no answer.

Nobody knew where she had gone and what was she doing. I searched the entire packhouse but she was not there.

I told the guards to search the border area and they had found an unknown car but when searched inside it they could not find her.

I felt angry at myself as I could not protect her and it was my fault to leave her alone. She is not familiar with this area and the forest is very deep for her to find her way back.

I hope that she has not gone to the restricted areas where rouges are wandering around or even vampires who are lurking near the border.

"Search every corner of the forest and find your luna." I ordered my warriors and I too join them in the search.

I have to find her fast.

We went to the northern part looking around each area but there was no clue about her. I could smell her scent but there was something odd about it.

It's starting to get dark and before that, we need to find her. I sigh running towards the right and I found her lying on the ground. She was unconscious with blood coming out of her head along with her leg.

I immediately took her to the pack hospital and Doctor Diana started the treatment. If she were a werewolf then she would have recovered in a few hours but being a human was a disadvantage.

After the treatment, the doctor told me that due to stress and weakness she had fainted and her body could not take it so she had fallen down. Ukrine had fractured her leg and her previous wound in her head has been slightly open due to the fall.

But she assured me that it was a minor injury and she will be up soon. After listening to the doctor, I went inside the room to see her lying on the hospital bed surrounded by the machines.

And I recalled the time when she had not woken up for 5 days but this time I hope she will open her eyes soon.

Almost all pack members came here to see her and pray for her well-being. And 1 hour later she opened her eyes making me sigh in relief.

She tried to move but due to her leg, she was unable to do so. So, I was about to help her when she avoided my hands as if I have contracted some disease.

I back out concealing the hurt expression and Cresel who had just entered the room along with my beta, gamma, and their mates came forward to help her also received the same treatment.

"Who are you guys?" She questioned looking bewildered.

"What are you talking about, Ukrine? I am Cresel, your friend. We all are your friend." Cresel said convincingly.

"No, you are not my friend. Dad, Xeres, Sewz...." She shouted swatting away Cresel's hand.

"Calm down Ukrine. You will hurt yourself." Lexie said looking hurt.

"Noooo. Dad! Where are you?" She screamed shaking her head furiously.

Then the doctor came and started checking her. The nurse told us to wait outside which made me mad as I wanted to be with my mate but looking at the situation I waited outside the door.

After a while, the doctor came out and told us that she have gained her memory back but she could not remember us. She might remember us and might not so we need to wait for her to wake up again.

We all were hurt to hear that she will not remember us and may forget us. I clenched my fist trying to suppress my feelings and told others to rest but they sat with me.

A few hours later, Ukrine woke up and the doctor examine her.

"Alpha Luna has gained her memory and she is back to normal." The doctor coming out of the room.

"That's good. Does she remember us?" I questioned looking anxious.

"Yes but.." The doctor hesitated avoiding my gaze.

"But what?" I voiced out scaring the hell out of her.

"Alpha. She wants to call her dad and talk to him. She had begged me to call him and I cannot go against Luna's wish." She voiced out looking guilty.

"OK. You can call him." I said walking inside the room and she went to call Ukrine's dad.

We all went inside and she apologized crying out loud. She thanked us for taking care of her and cried louder saying that she missed her dad.

The girls appeased her and then one of the warriors informed me about Ukrine's father's arrival. I permitted the entry and we waited for him.

A few minutes later, a strange smell lingered in the hospital and a middle-aged man who looks like Ukrine entered the room along with a person whom I despised the most.

How dare he enter my territory?

I was about to take some action at him when I heard Ukrine calling his name sweetly. I was astonished to see them together.

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