Alpha's Lost Love

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16.What's the matter?

Slowly, all the memories flashed on my mind, and I, Ukrine Texel, finally regained the lost memories. And I wanted to meet my dad very much as I could not imagine how he had lived when I was gone.

He might have searched for me here and there and felt disappointed when he couldn’t find me. I feel sad for him and yearned to be in his embrace.

But a question lingered in my mind that is how he could not find me? I am not a small baby who can be manipulated and he is the powerful man in the state with the money and fame.

He could have found me easily using his connection but still, he was unsuccessful. I felt a pang in my chest when I thought of how my dad has disappointed me. I recalled my childhood days when I would wait for my dad to put me to bed but only a few times he could make it out.

Then I remembered about Linda who is like a mother figure to me and Adam, the fatherly figure might have difficulty handling the crying Linda.

Once Linda cries it is very difficult to calm her down so Adam and I will not let her watch emotional movies as it would make her emotional for the whole week.

Linda who adored me like her own might have felt distressed hearing the news of my disappearance. But Adam is there to take care of her. I have seen the love Adam had for Linda so she will be okay.

I miss you Linda and Adam.

I cried while opening my eyes and then I heard the nurse’s voice shouting for the doctor. Then the doctor came inside and started examining me.

“What is your full name?” Doctor Linda asked after examining my body.

“Ukrine Texel.” I voiced out wiping the tears off my face.

“Good. Why were you here?” The doctor asked another series of questions which I answered one by one.

“Lun... Ukrine you have fully recovered your memories now you can....” Doctor Linda trailed off and did not speak further.

“Oh! Yeah. You should not move your legs. We have plastered your legs so don’t try to get up. Also, avoid taking stress. And don’t let your head injury to open again.” She instructed writing something on the paper passed by the nurse.

“Doctor.” I called out after I saw her passing the back to the nurse.

“Yes.” She said while signaling the nurse to walk out.

“Can you contact my dad? I... I will write down his number. Please help m-” Tears flow out my eyes and I sounded desperate.

“Ukrine. Ok. Just tell me the number.”

I spurted the number which I have been implanted on my memory since childhood and she noted down on her hand.

“I don’t have a mobile phone right now bu-” I didn’t let her finished her sentence and urged her to hurry up.

Then a few minutes later, my saviors entered the room looking worried. I apologized to them for my behavior and thanked them for taking care of me.

The girls cried engulfing me in a hug and after few minutes I saw my dad who was looking worst entered the room.

“Dad!” I croaked out the second I saw him and he hugged my upper body as soon as he reached the bed.

We stay like that for a while and when I raised my head, I saw him, my special person. And I couldn’t stop my tears.

“Xeres.” I called his name, which I have heard in my dream.

He smiled cupping my face with utmost care and wiped out the tears. I then engulfed him in a hug and he whispered soothing words while patted my back.

Suddenly, a crack sound was heard and then I looked in that direction to find the big hole in the wall. I then saw Anord dashing out of the room with an angry look.

Other people too walked out with him. Ah... I forget about the other people inside the room. Then dad held my hand diverting my attention and he sat on the chair near my bed.

“Dad, don’t you miss me? Why didn’t you come earlier? Where were you?″ I could not hold back anymore.

“I miss you a lot, my princess. We have search for you in many places and waited for the kidnapper’s call but we didn’t receive any. Nobody has seen you that night and we couldn’t find anything.” Dad sighed while patting the back of my head.

“Yeah. I should have taken someone or told someone that I am going to the forest.” I said sounding guilty.

“Forest?” Xeres asked looking curious.

“Yeah forest.” I replied while nodding my head.

“What were you doing there? Why have you gone there and why are you like this? Have they done something to you?” Dad asked with a worried expression.

“Something catches my attention so I went inside. I walk and walk and then I fell hitting something and darkness engulfed me. And then I hear some howling or something which...” I could not say further as Cres came with my food.

“Cres. Meet my dad and he is Xeres.” I said pointing towards dad and Xeres.

She politely greeted my dad but she made an unreadable expression when she saw Xeres.

Xeres too looked at her with the same expression. And my stomach growled making me embarrassed and I ate the hospital food which was not so yummy.

Then I took the tablets and drifted to sleep.


I heard the voices of my father along with a female voice and I slowly opened my eyes. I then heard the doctor explaining something to my dad but my father was not listening to her. This goes on for few more minutes and I could not take it anymore.

“Dad! What’s the matter?”

“My princess you are awake. How was your sleep?”

“Fine dad. What are you two talking about?”

“Your father wants to shift you to another hospital. But seeing your condition I advise him to wait for some time.” Doctor Linda voiced out before my dad could speak.

“Ok. Then I will have to trouble you.” I said while smiling at her.

“No. Princess I want you to get good treatment and there are people who are waiting for your return.” Dad said while dialing someone’s number.

“Dad, I too wanted to go but I think my condition will worsen.” I said while pointing towards my leg.

Dad wanted to protest but I gave him no choice and he finally gave in. Xeres had already left a while ago and Doctor Linda called Tate to take my dad to their house for rest and Cres volunteered to stay with me.

It was already midnight when everyone left the room and I was about to sleep when I heard a crash sound.

Which drunkard have crashed his vehicle at this time?

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