Alpha's Lost Love

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Noises erupted in the silent night causing the patients to wake up from their slumber and the crash was so loud that I couldn’t get back to sleep.

“What happened?” Cres who was sitting on the couch at the side stood up walking towards the window.

I curiously looked at her and saw her looking down the window. I waited for her to recount the happening when someone shouted my name.

“Ukrine.” A female voice boomed inside the hospital disturbing the peaceful night of the patient.

“Hey. Don’t shout like that.” Another voice sounded and my guess my confirmed.

That voice.

How could I forget that voice, the voice which I have been longing to hear?

I missed them, my best friends.

Wait. My mad best friends were the ones who had created the commotion to see me.

“Typical them.” I muttered listening to the sound of approaching footsteps.

Charles, Swez, are the best of friends I could ever have. I can imagine how worried they might have been worried when they couldn’t find me.

They might have gone crazy so that they have broken here like freaking thieves. But it can be avoided if my dad had brought them along.

And I wondered what tricks they might have used to take out the information about me being here and now they are seriously going to murder me with their words.

Yeah, they may be my best of friends but they wouldn’t hesitate to murder me. They would burst out accusing me of being an idiot and making the adventurous trip turned into a search trip.

And I feel bad for Charles. He has been constantly planning for the trip and the activities we would be doing along there but I am the party popper.

Poor Charles. He has always wanted to become a traveler and roamed around the world but due to his parent’s business, he had to enroll in business school.

He seems to be mad about it at the starting of college but soon he began enjoying it with Sewz. Sewz, she is the one because of whom he completed his studies, and if not for her he might have dropped out.

And talking about Swez, she is the wild one. She is always stubborn since the days I have known her.

If she wants something then by hook or crook she will get it. That doesn’t mean that she is selfish but she can be a bitch to the person she hates most.

Then with a loud bang, the door was opened and I saw her standing at the door along with Charles with a worn-out expression.

Swez scrutinized the inside of the room and when her gaze landed on me, she ran towards me and hug me sideways. I was laying down on the bed with my legs wrapped in the cast and I felt suffocated when she wrapped her head around her neck.

If Charles did not separate her them I would have died of suffocation.

Swez apologized when she pulled away and Charles side hugged me breathing a sigh of relief. “We finally found you.”

“I miss you Ukrine. You do not know how worried we were when we could not find you. We asked around but nobody had seen you. We had searched the whole forest but still, we could not find a single clue about your whereabouts. I-I am sorry I could not protect you. Sorry that I left you alone. If we have not gone on his stupid adventures trip then we wouldn’t be separated.” Swez voiced out trying her best to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“An-And thank god we find you. If you weren’t found then I do not know what I would have done.” A lone tear escaped from her eyes and she caresses my hair as if telling herself that I’m in front of her.

Tears flow out from my eyes as her words touched my heart. And no one is to be blamed as I was the one who wants to go on that trip and I went to the forest without telling anyone. And I feel guilty when she took all the blame on her.

“No, you are not at fault. I am the one who is to blame and I have learned my lesson. To live without knowing who you are is the worst thing one could ever experience.” I sighed recalling those days.

“And how come you guys are here?” I asked looking curious.

“How? Is that even a question? Your mad friend had done many mad things to reach here.” Charles shook his head while looking at Swez.

“Swez. What have you done?”

″Your dad. He did not inform me that he has found you. When I call your home to know about your dad’s health, I find out that he has gone to see you. I pleaded with Linda to give me the address and called Charles to tag alone. But he took an hour to drive here. I couldn’t tolerate anymore so... I drive the car.” Swez gave a sheepish smile to me and looked down not meeting my gaze.

“Seriously. Swez you drove here by yourself?” I asked holding her left arm.

Swez is a horrible driver and I feel sad for Charles.

“If I had not turned the wheel to another side then we will not be able to meet you. Your sweet friend would be admitted to the hospital.” Charles voiced out avoiding the harsh glare Swez was giving him.

“Shut up Charles. I drove better than you as with your speed it would take us ages to reach here.” Swez defended shooting daggers at my poor friend.

“So the crash...”

“I crashed his car against the dumping box.” Swez said not sounding sorry.

“I would have parked the car properly if not for the security of this place. We have to take permission to enter and you know I can’t wait so I drove in my style and reach here. The people here are also rude as they di.....” Swez trailed off when saw Cres, whom I have forgotten about.

“Oh, guys she is Cres, my friend. Cres, she is Swez and he is Charles. My besties. ” I said pointing towards them.

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Cres greeted while smiling politely.

“Hi, Cres.” Charles smiled back at her.

But Swez remained silent and I nudged her to greet Cres.

“Hi.” She muttered glancing at her.

I smiled looking at my besties and I wanted to go back but something is holding me back here.

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