Alpha's Lost Love

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18.Bad dream

Someone was holding me tight and crying but I don’t know who is the person. Why I could only hear the voice but couldn’t see anything?

There was darkness everywhere and I tried to open my eyes but fail miserably. That person begged me to come back but I don’t know-how. And it’s a desperate male voice who is constantly calling my name and begging me not to leave.

The sound seems familiar, the same husky voice which creates something weird but nice in me. Then I recalled Anord’s voice.

And the next second I opened my eyes to see there person looking at me with a worried face. Cres gave me a glass of water and Swez helped me to drink it.

“Bad dream?” Charles asked breaking the silence.

“But how? I mean have you experienced something dangerous. Ukrine, did they do something to you?” Swez asked shooting daggers at Cres.

“Hey. It’s just a nightmare and it’s not that I couldn’t have it. And do not forget that many things have happened which have scared me.” I tried to sound as normal as possible.

“That’s the problem Ukrine. You will not be able to overcome the fear and it will hunt you. You will be so lost that..” Before she could say further I cut her off.

“Wait. You have nightmares but never spoke to us. Why didn’t you share with us? You know we share everything.” I shook my head looking hurt.

Swez was trying to speak but she sighed not meeting my gaze. Then Charles’s hungry stomach distracts us. Cres invited him and Swez to have breakfast but Swez declined the offer.

I told her to go but she said she wanted to stay with me. So, Cres took Charles with her and reminded Swez to give me the medicine.

Ugh... the medicine has damaged my taste bud and I miss my ice cream a lot.

Swez picked up the medicine from the side table and helped me take it. And I am sure that she is hiding something from me and she is not comfortable sharing it with me.

Maybe Charles has some idea, I must ask him and know what is troubling my bestie.

And Swez kept quiet all the time and excused herself to go to the washroom. Then I saw some men outside my room who seemed to be guarding the room.

Who might be behind them?

Anord. It must be him as he is the boss of this place. I have seen everyone following his order. But where is he? He hadn’t come to see me and that hole in the wall.

What was that?

How can he do that?

And his his hands okay? It might have fractured like mine. Then I saw the smiling face of Tate in front of me which made me come back to reality.

“Thinking about someone. Huh.. the feeling of really sucks.” He teased keeping the bags on the side table.

And before I could reply, the washroom door opened making a sound that caught our attention. Swez stopped midway looking at Tate and he too was looking at her.

Both were looking at each other like they have met before and were clarifying their doubts. Most importantly shock was evident in their face.

I was busy taking in their reaction that I don’t know when my hand touches the side table and a spoon fell down interrupting them.

“Tate, I am feeling hungry, and don’t stare at my best friend like that. I will tell Lexie about it. First, give me my breakfast, and Swez, he is Tate.”

“Hi.” Both said in unison and Swez walked towards the bed.

Tate smiled at me and gave us breakfast. I finished the breakfast and Swez too finish it at the same time.

Swez was looking uncomfortable and

I asked her if she wants to go out but she shook her head in denial.

I sighed turning my gaze to Tate and saw him looking at the front wall in deep thoughts.

And what’s happened to my beastie? She seemed different as I have always seen her being strong and nothing can disturb her but there something is disturbing her which I am not aware of.

Then Swez phone rang but she just ignored it. It rang again and I told her to pick up the call but she just makes weird faces.

“You can leave us alone. I am here to take care of her.” Swez said pressing the switch off button on her mobile phone while ignoring me.

“Thanks. But I want to stay here.” Tate answered smiling at me.

“Swezla is right. We are thankful to you but we wouldn’t need it anymore. We are leaving for town.” Dad’s voice came from the door and he walked inside the room.

“Yes, Uncle. . We should leave and take her to the city hospital. I will call Charles.” Swez hurriedly switches on her mobile supporting my dad’s words.

I gave a suspicious look to Sewz as she never agrees with what my dad says as he only knows work and work, nothing more than that.

“But you have agreed to stay until she gets better.” Tate said voicing his dissatisfaction.

“Yeah, but it will not be good. I don’t think we should trouble you guys. The rules here are different and it’s far away from the town. It will take time to contact someone when something happens.” Dad said taking out his mobile from the jacket’s pocket.

“But Dad, we need to follow the rules wherever we go and I don’t think it’s good to leave.“I tried to reason out.

“Ukrine, try to understand. This place is full of danger. I mean it’s in the outskirts of the city and there are many wild-animals attacks. I don’t want to risk your life.... our life.” Swez replied almost pleading with me with her eyes.

“I don’t think your reason is correct as to where ever we go there will be problems and Dad you told me to fight back right but now you are backing out. Give me the good reason then I will leave.“I said in a stern voice.

“Ukrine,..” Swez was about to say something when Dad yelled at me.

“Enough you two. If I am saying we are leaving then we will. No more arguments.” His voice made me flinch and I felt hurt.

Tears were about to flow out but I suppressed them. I won’t go until I find out the reason for my closeness to this place and till I uncover his secrets.

Anord. Wait for me, I will find you.

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