Alpha's Lost Love

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500 years ago, the story has begun and is continued. Someone was waiting for her while another got his soul mate. Someone was expecting her to be his but unexpectedly another has her. Years ago, love had played the most important role in the war and now the war is again to begin for the so-called emotion called love. Everything is fair in love and war, so let's see what will they do to have love? Two lovers, one love, two Kings, and one Queen. Who would find their lost love? Whose love will she accept? A love story you have never heard before, which will make you know about Lost Love.

Fantasy / Romance
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1.Proud of you

I was climbing the long stairs to reach the castle when someone shakes me and I fell down the stairs. While I was standing someone pulled the duvet off my body making me groan in annoyance.

I rubbed my eyes as the bright light made my sight blurry and I saw Linda hovering over me with a huge smile plaster on her face. She then pointed towards the wall clock and my eyes became wide awake as I'm getting late for my graduation ceremony.

A huge smile plaster on my face when I think about the graduation ceremony. I, Ukrine Texel, am going to finally pass out, of the university and get a bachelor's degree in business studies. I have been waiting for this day for the last four years and now I couldn't believe that today is the golden day of my life.

Then I scurried to the bathroom and took the shortest shower I have ever taken and wear a knee-length gown bought by my dad from Paris.

I prefer a natural look so I applied the blush and mascara finishing with nude lipstick. I then unlock my mobile and message my friends stating that I will reach there soon.

I then applied the serum on my waist-length wavy hair partitioning it at the side and wore the Gucci heels pairing it with a matching black clutch.

I then descended the stairs and walk towards the dining area. Linda had already served the breakfast and I devoured the mouthwatering waffles with my morning coffee.

And after bidding goodbye to Linda, I went outside to find Mr. Wilson who was already waiting for me standing near the BMW.

"Morning Mr. Wilson." I greeted smiling at him and walked toward the car.

"Good morning, young miss." He replied opening the backseat door for me.

"Thank you." I said and hopped inside the passenger seat.

"Young miss, Sir will meet you at the ceremony. He had told me to drive you there." Mr. Wilson said after sitting in the driver seat and I hmm in acknowledgment then he drove the car out of the Texel mansion.

I took out my mobile from the clutch and pouted when I saw zero notification.

Have my friends already arrive or they are still getting ready?

I then dial Sewz's number and waited for her a second then the call was received.

''Swez, where are you?'' I asked her the second she accepted the call.

''On my way. These earrings are making me mad.'' She groaned making me chuckle and I hung up the call telling her to meet soon.

Then I remember about the party, we had yesterday. It was the best party we had in our lifetime. We had danced, sang and played weird games. Although I haven't had alcohol and was sober, yesterday's party made me feel wild and wonderful.

20 minutes later, the car came to halt and Mr. Wilson opened the door for me to step out. I looked around to find the students in their best dress with huge smile plaster on their face as today is the last day of our university life.

On the way, I greeted some girls and teachers with whom I'm familiar and walked to our favorite spot. When I reached our favorite spot, I saw him playing games on his mobile. I then slowly walked towards him and snatched his mobile making him yell at me.

"Damn you. I was about to complete the level." He scrunched up his nose and I roll my eyes with a boring look.

"Whatever!" I said turning around and then he pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.

He is Charles, my best friend. He, me, and Swezla are best friends. I have met them in high school and since then we are good friends.

We share our secrets, made fun of each other, argue, and love each other. Most of the time we spend time together in our secret place.

And Charles seems to have some liking towards Swezla but Swezla doesn't entertain such feelings. But anyhow if they end up together then I would be in the ninth cloud. I'm rooting for them since I saw the way Charles looks at Swez and it's just adorable.

We then walk towards the hall and met Swez on the way, who was looking like Victoria secret model. She is incredibly beautiful and her smile made her look more gorgeous.

She engulfed me in a hug and started her story of being late. We then heard the announcement and went to the hall. The venue was decorated with balloons and colorful papers making it look welcoming.

We then took our seats and the ceremony started with the principal sharing her few words. Then one by one, student's names were called to receive their certificates which was the happiest moment to witness.

Parents also cheer for them and I miss my mom. I could imagine how happy my mom would be if she was here, but unfortunately, I lost her when I was four years old. Anyway, she might be watching me from up and giving her good wishes.

I looked around trying to find my dad and saw Charles's mom wiping her tears seeing Charles at the stage, receiving his certificate, and posing for the camera.

His dad was giving him thumbs up with a huge smile plastered on his face. And I smiled when I saw Charles looking my way while showing off his certificate.

At that time, I find myself alone even though I was surrounded by hundreds of people. But I was happy, we all were happy and I was yearning for my mom each passing second.

I love you mom, wherever you are.

And finally, my name was called and I walked up to the stage and received my certificate with good remarks. When I turned around to pose for the photo, I found my dad smiling at me with a proud look.

He mouthed me love you and I also mouthed back love you too. After taking the photo, I ran towards my dad and engulfed him in a hug.

"Congrats Princess. I'm so proud of you. Zara would be so proud." He said pecking me on my forehead and hearing mom's name I kind of become emotional but it went away as soon as my friends came to congratulate me.

"Congratulation to all of us." We three said in unison and snapped pictures to remember this wonderful day.

We soon bid goodbye to each other as our parents have arranged the party to celebrate this day with our close ones and went home with our parents who were immensely happy for our good.

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