Alpha's Lost Love

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19.My soul mate

Anord’s POV:

On my birthday I got the message that contains the picture of him and Ukrine. Her phone was damaged but hopefully the technician recovered some photos.

And then I saw him in the hospital which made to lose my senses and I was about to pounce on him when her words stopped me.

Seeing her in his arms, I couldn’t help but punched the wall to vent out the burning anger. I so wanted to rip his throat and kill him there but she came in between us.


I was so devastated to see her smiling sweetly at him and my wolf was whimpering in sadness. I haven’t thought that they would be so close to each other. I was always alone and now also I will be alone.

But why does it always happen to me?

Just why?

I didn’t want to get attached to her but the mate bond is making me weak.
The king of werewolf is turning into a pathetic lover.

“What lover?!” I scoffed cringing at my thought.

No. It’s not love. It’s just the stupid mate bond.

“You are STUPID. Don’t blame the mate bond.” My wolf growled at me.

I sighed trying to forget the bitter memories but many emotions surges inside me making it difficult to point out the genuine feeling.

Today I have a pack meeting with the Blue Stone Pack but I have sent Dan instead of me. And to cool down my head I have come to the forest.

Glancing at my surrounding, I stripped down my dress and hide it in the bush. Then I transformed into the wolf form.

Due to the Alpha blood following inside me, my wolf is big and we communicate with our wolves through mind links as we are one body two souls.

“Alpha, someone is here to meet you.” I was just about to run when Tate mind linked me and releasing a sigh, I went to the packhouse after wearing the shirt and pants, I had hidden in the bush.

When I reached there, I smell the scent that almost made me to lose my true self. Clenching my fist, I went upstairs and opened the office room door to see her staring at the photo frame hung on the wall just beside my desk.

Sensing my presence, she turned around and I saw pure hatred for me in her eyes. And those eyes reminded me of my mother who had told me to took good care of her.

Her, my sister, Swezla Petren who had left me years ago. But still, her words have a great effect on me due to which I couldn’t confront my mate.

My estranged sister just stared at me and stand still looking at my face. But I averted my gaze and walked towards the mahogany desk. Then I sat down on the chair and the vulnerable images flashes on my mind.


I felt uneasy and sick. I didn’t know what was happening and the pain did not lessen. My whole body started paining and some changes were happening inside me which I couldn’t understand.

I was 12 at that time and uncle Jack was the one who was taking care of us. I cried in agony emitting a dangerous sound, which scared the hell out of me.

“Anord. Control yourself.” A strong voice muffled my scream.

“Just focus and don’t react.” Uncle Jack shouted trying to calm me down.

“Ahhh....” I cried out loud and tried to withstand the pain but the pain was unbearable.

Slowly, my bone started cracking and I changed into a wolf. My hands were replaced with paws and my skin was covered with fur.

Finally, I transformed into a wolf form. Although it was painful, I felt happy that I transformed into a full werewolf. My wolf began to talk with me and we eventually became accustomed.

Then I heard some low whimpered from the corner of the room and saw my sister who was around 9, holding her favorite doll looking at me with a horrified expression.

I smiled walking towards her but she slowly moved back. I paused then walk forward and tried to touch her but she shrieked emitting a heart-wrenching cry.

I tried to stop her but then I remembered that I was in my wolf form so I ran to my room and changed into the wolf form.

Then I went to the room but still, her cries hadn’t stopped. Uncle Jack tried everything things possible to make her smile but she didn’t stop crying.

“Swez. Look what I have brought for you? Here is your favorite candy. Be a good girl and stop crying.” I tried to coax her by diverting her attention and sat down beside her but she ran away before I could even touch her.

I was about to follow her when uncle Jack told me to give her some time.
Days pass but my sister didn’t talk to me, so one day I confronted her and her reply broke me down.

I had never thought that my only blood relative would be so scared of me that she thinks of me as a Monster.

Her each word pierced my heart which has so much love for her and even after trying everything I could, I couldn’t make her change her view.

A few days later, she had a high fever which almost took her life and she felt repulsive whenever she finds me near her.

She wanted to go far away from me so I send her away. Uncle Jack had a human friend who knew about our existence and he was childless so his wife and he agreed to adopt Swezla.

I love her so much that for her happiness I bear the pain of her loss. And the couple liked her in a first meeting and Swezla got attached to the woman so they take her to the city.


The last time I have seen her was 11 years ago and now she has transformed into a beautiful girl and looks like our mother.

Well, the thing is Swezla is a human so she can stay in the city like normal human. When she was 4 months old, somebody had poisoned her which made it impossible for her to feel her wolf form, and then our parents were killed along with our citizens so she couldn’t understand our kind.

Till now she could not understand me. Us.

I couldn’t withstand the defending silence so I spoke to her.

“How are you Swez? Hope you are fine and how come you are here?” I asked trying to sound normal.

And I still care for her and ache for her sisterly love.

“I am not here to chit-chat with you. I just want you to let her go.” She said not bothering to conceal the disgust in her voice.

“Her! Whom are you referring to?” I asked even though I know the she, she is talking about.

“My best friend, Ukrine Texel, who has been here for a month. She is ill and needs better treatment.” Her voice softens when talking about her.

“She has already been treated and for her health, she needs to stay here.”

“I know a lot about you guys so just let my friend go. She is already in pain so don’t add more.”

“What about her?” I questioned back wanting to know Ukrine’s thoughts.

Does she also wants to leave?

“Her. She seems to be attracted to you and wants to recuperate here. But when she will know the truth she wouldn’t be able to handle it. I can’t see her in pain so you let her go.”

I was happy when I heard her first sentence but the next second triggered me.

“What if I don’t?” I asked with my Alpha tone as she is telling me to let my luna go.

And my wolf was so damn angry and he was burning with rage.

“Why do you want to keep her? She is a human and you are the Monster. You are no match for her.” She yelled while glaring at me.

“You want to know the reason. Then listen. Ukrine Texel is my mate. My soul mate, my luna, and my queen.” I burst out losing my calm.

“Impossible. You’re lying.” Her face morphed into a painful look of shock.

“I-if that’s the reason then reject her. My best friend can’t be with you and Xeres is way better than you. You are the monster who will put her life in danger.” When she finished her sentence, my wolf took control and I gripped her neck.

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