Alpha's Lost Love

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20.The truth

Dad left me.

Dad’s assistant called informing him about an important meeting

in Paris and Dad was adamant to take me with him but being me, I denied him.

And I still couldn’t believe that the one person who loves me so much left me in this unknown place.

I kind of feel bad but he left because of me. He had tried his best to pursue me but I remained firm in my decision.

Finally, after many arguments and reasoning dad gave up and Swez volunteered to stay with me here.

I know that dad is worried about me but one thing I couldn’t grasp is that both dad and Swez are talking about danger. I mean which place is not dangerous.

If we need to live then we need to face it, right.

Also, I still couldn’t comprehend my reason to stay here but something is holding me up.

Two days later after Dad left, I got discharged from the hospital and Cres took me home, not mine but theirs but it felt oddly good enough.

Swez and I shared a room and she acted weird so when I asked her the reason she changed the topic. But eventually, she opened up and shared about her adopted parents.

They were the ones who had called her when we were in the hospital and

I didn’t ask in detail about the problems between her parents and her as she did not look comfortable.

Whenever she is ready I will hear the story. I just advised her to make a wise decision and don’t hurt herself or others due to which she will regret later on.

Also, there is that dream, or I should say nightmare, which visited frequently during the night. Now, I could a vague figure of me and a guy. And his voice is somewhat familiar with Anord.

I have been distracted by it and wanted to share it with someone but I could not voice it out.

In these 5 days that I have recuperated here, almost everyone has visited me, except Anord. He seemed to have forgotten about me.

“Anord,” I muttered with a sigh.

Then I averted my gaze towards other side of the bed where Swez was sleeping and chuckled seeing her in deep sleep as she had just gone to bed after helping me sit on the wheelchair.

Then I decided to stroll around in the wheelchair. For convenience, Cres has settled us on the first floor and I easily go out without anyone’s help.

After a while, I stopped at the intersection of the forest and the cool breeze hit my skin make me feel fresh and alive. Then I heard some rustling sound and I became alert.

I turned around my head to see the two big dog-like creatures looking intensely at me. I bite my lips to avoid screaming and I sat still in the wheelchair.

The creatures advanced towards me and then another big dog came and pouched on them. I came back to my sense and back off to the safe distance.

They fight for a while and the bigger dog who had come later brutally bites on their neck and he won the fight.

In a blink, the winner dog dashed into the nearby bush and I tried to process the things that had happened in front of me.

Suddenly, someone pulled my wheelchair and take me away.

I yelped at the sudden action and shouted to stop but the person didn’t listen.

I tightly grasped the handle and turned around to see the angry old man whom I had meet at Anord birthday. I was about to speak when he stopped near the lake and I was in awe to see such a place as I have never known its existence.

“Ahem.” The clearing of the throat broke my trance and I recalled the big dog from earlier.

Then I looked up at him with a questioning gaze and as if understanding my thoughts he took a long breath and looked into my eyes.

“Look Ukrine, I am Jack. Anord’s uncle and I am going to share something new and shocking. So listen carefully and then ask questions.”

“What were those?” I asked ignoring his words.

“Do you know anything about supernatural beings? I mean werewolf, vampire, witch, fairies.” He said taking in my facial expression.

“Umm..kind of. I read about them in school. Anyways what about them?” I became curious to know more about it and I need to be calm.

“They are not some stories. The thing you have read are real. That enchanted world exists and now you are in the enchanted world full of werewolves, vampires, and many more.” He paused giving me a second to react but I just look at him.

“The creatures before were Werewolf. Half-human and half wolf. You are now in the world of werewolves.” He said devoid of any expression.

“What werewolves? How come we are not aware of it?”


Is he serious?

He was about to say something when he pauses and after looking at me he continued. “We hide our identity from humans as we wanted to save our race and we will put humans in danger. So we live far away from them in the deep forest. Only a few people know our identity and now you are one of them.” He said looking at me.

“Oh, I see,” I said processing things he had told me.

“I haven’t ever thought that those fantasies would be true. But I promise you that I will not tell anyone .” I have no option but to promise him.

They didn’t seem to be bad people...wait bad supernatural beings. Also, they had shelter me when I was homeless.

“And Ukrine, you have to stay here. You can’t go back now. This place needs you and Anord need you. It’s high time you know the truth.” He said in a firm voice.

“Why I should stay here? I already told you that I won’t speak a word to anyone. And why will Anord need me? ” confusion was evident in my voice.

“Well, Anord is the king of the werewolf and you are his queen.” He said looking into my eyes.

“I... What?” I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

That’s a lot of information to digest for a day.

“How can I be his queen when I am a human and he is a werewolf?” I calm down and tried to think rationally.

“You will know about it soon. For now, let’s take you back and Anord is losing his mind.” He took me towards the home and he muttered something like stupid mate bond.

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