Alpha's Lost Love

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21.Wolf man

“Mate bond?... Mate?” Those words rang on my mind.

“I’m in a werewolves world. Werevolves.” I shuddered when realization hit me up and I chuckled thinking about my classmates.

Actually, I kind of knew about their existence not in a direct way but I have some assumptions.

When I was in the elementary school, we had a new neighbor who was an old lady who looked like my late grandmother.

She was my late grandfather’s sister and one summer she spend a month with me making me get attached with her. Unfortunately, she left after a month and then I met her in her funeral 3 years back.

Anyway, that new neighbor reminded me of her so I frequented her house to free load her delicious cookies. She had a young miss as her caretaker and she spends her days in her garden while reading books.

She didn’t mind that I visited her and would share old tales about fairies and paranormal begins which used to fascinate my younger self. Almost every weekend will be spend on her garden while listening to the tales.

I was so much into it that I used to dream about those supernatural creatures. Maria, the old woman, even gave me books from her collection for me to read and I would stay up late to read them.

The books mostly contains about a beast turning into a human form and searching for his partner. The first book I read was about a beast who had ran away from his home in seek of adventure and got lost on the way while climbing up the mountain.

He was a bit naughty and fearless so he entered inside the forbidden path which causes him to stumbled on a strange world. He made up his mind to explore the world and ended up offending the deity of that world.

The deity was so angry that he curse the beast to lose his orginality. He would turned into a human and had to encountered the ups and down of human life. His beast form would still be within him and he was to send to the human world.

The beast begged for forgiveness and tried to redem his mistake but the deities words couldn’t be taken back. Nothing help the beast to avoid the curse and at last he was send to the world of human.

He didn’t know much of humans and only heard some gossips hear and there which he uses for his survival. He had thought that he would go back once the diety’s anger has burn out but it became a wishful thinking.

He was left alone to fend on his own self in the human world and he stay hidden in the forest while hiding his true identity. He was trying to adjust himself when his body transformed into a beast and he scared the humans who had helped him.

He was a carnal beast and the human body couldn’t withstand his beast form which made him insane. He experienced so much pain that he regreted running away from home and dearly missed his family.

But it was too late for him to realize his mistakes. He cooped up inside his house while trying his best to withstand the pain and when he was at his end, a fairy’s kiss ended his suffering.

That fairy was from the strange world who was also left to fend in the human world and the beast and the fairy, who was the mate of the beast lived together starting the lineage of the supernatural creatures.

I was mesmerized by those story that I decided to share it with my desk mate who used to be my besf friend yet she made fun of me in front of my classmates. They laughed calling me crazy and I eventually forget about that story.

Few days later when I went to Maria’s home to return the book, I saw something which my younger self couldn’t depicher.

That day I first ran into the garden looking for Maria but she was not there. I ran off to the kitchen and halted midway when I heard noises coming from inside.

Someone was crying in agony and I slowly tiptoe towards the half open door. Taking in a deep breath, I peek inside to see the caretaker sprawled on the ground.

The scence before scared me and I hide behind the door to calm down my heart. Then a ear splitting scream came out of the kitchen and mustering up the courage I peek inside to see a big white dog looking down at his paws.

I wandered my eyes inside to look for the caretaker but she was nowhere to be seen. I was confused and then I heard footsteps approaching so I dashed out meeting Maria at the front door.

I handed her the book and was about to ask her about the caretaker when my dad called me back. After that I went to the education trip and later when I came back, we had a new neighbor.

I asked my dad about Maria but he too didn’t know anything about her and then I changed school forgetting about Maria and her paranormal story.

“Where are you taking me? ” I asked when I could not recognize the room we had entered.

“Wait a second.” He stopped the wheelchair near the table and grabbed a book from the shelf.

“Here. Read it. You will find your answers.” He passed the book towards me and I read it.

The book tell about the story of a werewolf: half wolf and half human, how a werewolf evolved; which is similar to the beast story I had read before and how they live in pack.

Alpha is the head, Beta is the second head and Gamma is the third. Moongoddess determines their mate which they know by sniffing the scent and they would change into wolf form once their reach teenage.

They need to mark their mate to complete the mating process, which I just skeemed over and Luna is the mate of Alpha who is equally important for the pack.

I didn’t go into detail as I was curious to know more and knew about the existence of other supernatural creatures like vampire, witches.

When I looked up after closing the book, my gaze met with Anord’s Uncle and I couldn’t help but feel scare.

“I... I will not speak of it to anyone.”

“I swear....I wo-”

“Luna.” He spoke with utmost respect which confuses me.

“Me?!” I almost shouted as I couldn’t believe it.

Luna? Me? I scoffed giving are-you-crazy look to the old man. I may have accepted the werewolf part but the Luna part is too much.

“You are the Luna chosen by the Moongoddess and Anord’s mate.” He didn’t look like he was joking and the moments I had with Anord came flashing on my mind.

“You are telling me that I’m Anord’s fated person, his mate." The old man nodded confirming my words.

“Now that you have known about us, we have our queen, the queen of Werewolves, Ukrine Texel.” Another shocking news was exposed, which didn’t do any good to me.

“But what about Anord?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“You need to ask that yourself. He is waiting for you in his study.”

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