Alpha's Lost Love

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22.Peterion pack


Silence engulfed us as I entered his study. His uncle opened the study room door and left me to confront Anord on my own.

I couldn’t withstand the awkward atmosphere so that I wander my eyes around his study while stopping at the middle of the room. Like him, his study was dark and cold, not welcoming.

One would be scare entering the death room i.e his study. There were huge cupboards at the right whose shelf was stack with books giving it the picture of a mini library.

His table was full of paper works and he semmed to be working as his laptop was on. A photo frame on the table caught my attention and I wheeled the wheelchair towards the table then took the frame on my hand.

The frame was made of good quality wood and it showed the picture of a couple wearing royal clothes whose head was adorned with exquisite crown standing together side by with two cute babies at a side.

A little boy who look like a mini Anord giving his perfect smile and a small baby girl who look familiar but I couldn’t recall her.

Just then his foot step sounded making me to look up at him and I place the frame on it’s original place.

Anord stood few inches away from me and all he just stared at me like I was a yummy dish.Suddenly, his eyes dimmed and he looked sad.

What’s with his mood?

One time he seemed happy and the next time he was sad. He had mood swings greater than I had in my period.

“There are my parents, the late King and Queen of the werewolves and Alpha and Luna of the Peterion pack.” Anord trailed off while looking at the frame placed on the table and I knew that he was talking about the couple in the picture who were his parents.

“They were the great rulers and parents but..I lost them. They were killed in front of my eyes by our enemies and I couldn’t do anything.” He sounded emotionally sad and punched the table forcefully making a big hole.

“Anord, it was not your fault. It was their fate. I too have lost my mom but I have make do without her. We have to let go the bad memories and live our present life.” I held his clenched fists with both of my hands and caresses them while losing his grip.

“I cannot let it go Ukrine. It’s haunt me every night. The yelling of my mom and the painful voice of my dad kept ringing on my ear.” He avoided looking at me and my heart cried for him.

I couldn’t imagine how little Anord had withstand the pain but we couldn’t stop the wheel of destiny. No matter how much it hurt us we have to live on.

“Revenge. I want revenge and I will soon make them taste the pain they have given me.” He said with utmost hatred and I knew that I couldn’t stop him.

For a second, I wanted to stop him but if I stop him now and the same things happen later on then...

“Everyone left me Ukrine, everyone. Only my pack members and uncle James are there for me and my mate...” He trailed off while looking at me.

“I am sorry for my past behaviour. I should have tell you earlier but something kept me up. I don’t know how to express my feelings and emotions so I am sorry if you are hurt.” He spoke each word gently and sincerely making me speechless.

“I have waited for you for a long time and frankly saying I was quite disappointed to find you, a human as my mate but I realised my mistake and discard that thought. I-I am messed up Ukrine. Yo-you wouldn’t like to be mess u-” I cut him off; “I like to.”

Anord, he, the second I had met him at the hospital I was attracted to him and I want to be with him. Whether it’s the effect of mate bond or not, I want to know more about him.

Anord looked intensely at me and I was melting with his look. My breath hitched being so close to him and he bend down slowly tugging my hair behind my ear while gazing at my lips then to my eyes.

He leaned towards me, no my lips and automatically my eyes were close and I waited for his kiss but his lips touch my forehead.


I was disappointed when his lips touch my forehead but I kind feel happy. And now I could finally say that I am falling for the wolf man.

When I opened my eyes to look at him I found him smirking and I rolled my eyes as he changed back to his normal self. His lips arch seeing me making faces and I looked away from him.

Sadly, our cute moment was interrupted by Tate and it’s second time he has interrupted us.

“Cough. Sorry to disturb Luna. Alpha need to meet Alpha Jordan. You guys can continue afterwards.” He said while smirking at me and I blushed looking down at my hands which which were on my lap.

“Go.” Anord commanded sounding not so happy and I too went outside, irritated with his commanding voice.

I wheeled toward the dining room to fill my empty stomach and Swez was munching her breakfast along with Cres. They greeted once I sat down on the empty chair and hopefully Swez did not ask me anything about my absence.

Delicious pancakes smell wafted out of the kitchen and when Lucy brought it in the table I took the plate and devor it.

“Ukrine, tomorrow we need to visit the hospital. It’s time to get ” Swez informed and I nodded my head in acknowledgement.

The day went by talking with Swez about girl things and after having dinner we went back to sleep.

The next morning Dan took us, Swez and me to the hospital. After doing the checkup, I stand on my own legs

and Doctor Diana told me not to put too much pressure and be careful.

Afterwards, Dan took us back to Anord house and he left to do his work. I told Swez to go inside first and then I walked inside slowly.

Last night, I had wanted to tell Swez about Anord but first I want to ask him if I could tell my friends. Also they might freak out when I tell them about the whole supernatural story.

“Ukrine. Take this.” Tate called once I had seated on the sofa and gave me a piece of paper.

No one was in the living room and Tate had just came downstairs.

“What is this?” I held the paper and asked pointing toward it.

“It’s for you to see. Bye. ” saying that he left me alone with the paper.

When I look at the paper it says:

At 7:00 I will wait for you outside. We are going out for a date.

-Wolf man.

I laughed seeing the word date and I was looking forward to it. The rest of the day pass by with me having lunch with Dan’s and Tate’s mate as Swez left for the city and at 5 pm I started getting ready for the date.

I decided to wear the dress Cres and I had brought when we had gone for the shopping and after taking a shower, I wore the beautiful dress.

And when I was making my hair, something came inside from the window in a flash and before I could turn around, a sharp pain shot in my neck and I slowly closed my eyes.

Then I fell in someone’s embrace and that person lift me up.


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