Alpha's Lost Love

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I wanted to move my body but a sharp pain shoot inside me as if some bull dodger have crushed me. Then the intense light fell on my face making me to stir and I opened my eyes which I didn’t know were close to be blinded by the glaring light.

“How dare you to open the curtain? Close it now. And scarm.” A deep hoarse and manly voice shouted which sounded familiar.

I rubbed my eyes and slowly adjust my sight to see the room dark. I found myself laying on a king size bed in the huge room and I heard footsteps approaching the bed.

“Good morning, beautiful. Hope you had a nice sleep.” The person said covering my toes with the duvet.

“I don’t know who you are. Where am I?” I said clutching the comforter to my chest.

“Oh! Beautiful I am hurt. You don’t remember me.” He said slowly coming towards me and the person was none other than Xeres.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I recognized him and a huge smile grace my lips. He too smiled looking at my face and engulfed me in a hug.

It’s been a while since I have meet him and the last time was at the hospital. But....How come I am here?

Anord, where was he?

We were going out for a date and how come I end up here?

I pulled away and eyed Xeres, who sat down on the chair beside the bed with probing gaze. It seemed like he something good had happened but still an unknown fear lingered in his eyes.

“How come I end up here?” I asked after staring at him for a while.

“Why? Aren’t you happy to be with me? You seem to be quite suspicious.” Xeres asked me getting up from the chair.

“Suspicious?” I questioned removing the comforter off my body.

Then someone knock on the door.

“Come.” Xeres yelled sounding annoyed and the door opened.

In came a girl wearing maid dress holding the tray containing the food. and placed it on the table at the left corner. With a slight bow and a small smile, she left the room.

“Beautiful, the food has arrived so let’s eat it first and then we can talk. I will come after a while.”

He moved towards the door and turned around saying “If you need anything, you can call the maid. They are at your service. Fill your stomach.”

With that he left the room. I slowly get up and went to the bathroom. I then washed my face and brush my teeth with the new brush I found in the cabinet and wiped my face.

I did not look good and my hair was messy but I didn’t feel like taking a shower. So, I make a bun of my hair and notice that I was wearing the same dress as yesterday.

I had a peachy blouse and ripped jeans. It’s not something one wear for the date but I want to wear something comfortable. Also, the blouse suit me perfectly and I kind of want to impress Anord.

Anord. Where the hell are you?

I was depressed thinking about the date which I could not get to go and then my stomach growl making me to go back to room.

I didn’t know why but the room made me feel sick. It feel like I am in a disgusting place and I shouldn’t be here. No, the place wasn’t dirty but it was luxurious and gorgeous but I had a terrible feeling.

Anyways, I devoured the whole food and placed the plate down. After drinking water and resting for a while I decided to go outside.

I opened the huge wooden door and looked around to find a long corridor. It felt like I was in a palace but not as a princess but as a captive.

I didn’t see anyone around so I move where ever my feet take me. Somehow, I reached the stair case and descended down where I saw a man carrying some boxes walking toward my direction.

“Excuse me. Can you tell me where I can find Xeres?” I asked in a polite tone.

“Yes. His Majesty is in the hall. I will escort you there.” He said putting the boxes down on the floor.

He then led me to the hall and bow to take leave. It was strange to see them doing such respectful thing and it did not look like a ordinary maid thing.

Discarding the thoughts, I moved forward and reached the center of the hall, there I saw Xeres talking with two men.

From his gestures it seemed like he was giving command to them. Sensing my presence he made them leave after saying a word and he looked intensely at me.

“Have you kidnapped me Xeres?” I questioned looking pissed.

“Kidnapped? What makes you think that?” He sounded shocked.

“I was at the Anord’s place yesterday and now I am here. Don’t you find it odd?” I asked looking into his eyes to find out the truth.

“It’s not kidnapping. I want you to be safe and your dad is worried for you.” He said looking irritated.

“I am safe. Have seen some damage in me? And Dad has already given up.” I said.

“Ukrine, you are unaware about the world you are getting in. It’s not your place to be. He is the not the right person to be with. He will made you suffer. Think about the person you love. Swezla, Linda, your dad all are afraid for you. You..” He said with a worried tone.

“Stop Xeres you have had enough. I know what is good, ok? You are no one to tell me to do the things.” I raised my voice at him.

I didn’t know how but I lost my control. I was irritated hearing same thing again and again. It’s high time I stop them.

“I want to go back. Call Anord and ask him to take me. I feel suffocated staying here.” I became more furious and breathe heavily.

“Ok clam down Ukrine. I will let you go but I will come for you. Wait till then.” He gestured me to follow him and my eyes caught something enchanting, a beautiful portrait of a gorgeous woman who looked alike me but it looked an ancient portrait.

No. I must have lost all my senses or anger must have made me insane.

Dismissing the thoughts I followed him without looking around and a black Mercedes was waiting for us outside the front door.

Xeres made me to sit first and then he joined me. From the corner of my eyes I could see Xeres’s pisses off face but I did not give him a damn.

After riding for a while the car came to the halt and Xeres step out first. I too step out from his side and saw him glaring while looking in the front.

My eyes followed his gaze and I saw Anord and Tate standing beside a range rover. As they notice me, Tate gave me a smile but Anord was emotionless as always.

Was he not happy to see me?

“Beautiful, we will meet soon. Wait for me.” Xeres was saying but my focus was on Anord.

Then Tate came forward to escort me and I walked with him without saying a word to Xeres. Anord didn’t speak a word and helped me open the door.

Without speaking I sat down on the car and a thought cross my mind about the portrait of the woman who looked 99% similar to me and Xeres word “Will meet soon.” rang on my mind.

What is all the mess about? Is he really the Xeres I had known?

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