Alpha's Lost Love

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24. Captured?

I couldn’t believe that Anord had ditch me in the backseat. Tate was driving the car and he sat down in the passenger seat.

How dare he ignore me?

Did he wish that I would’ve been with Xeres?

Have I made a mistake?

Oh! God. I was frustrated by his cold demeanour. He always act as he want without caring about other’s feelings.

The ride was silent and Anord would gave me a short glance from the mirror and lost in his own world.

That’s it, I too remained silent and continued the silent game. Once we reached his house I get off the car and sprinted inside feeling angry.

When I entered inside the living room, the sight which greeted me was more infuriating than before.

Dan was strangling Charles with a death grip around his neck. Charles was trying hard to defend himself but Dan was way more powerful than my human friend. Fiona and Lexie were trying to break them but it was of no use.

“Dan, leave my friend. You might kill him.” I yelled at him and tried to remove his hand.

Then he look behind me and released his hand.

“Oh! Charles. Are you okay?” I patted Charles’s back as he was breathing heavily and his face was pale.

“Arw you mad? How dare you to touch him? Get away from us.” I yelled at Dan like a mad woman.

I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I hadn’t come earlier. I hugged Charles and let him relax. Slowly, his breathing became steady and I was pulled into someone’s chest.

The person groans making me tilt my head and Anord’s body heated as if he was fuming in anger. His hand was placed possessively on my waist and he was glaring at Charles. Seeing enough, I pushed Anord away and looked at Charles.

“Thank god, Charles you’re fine otherwise I would have lost my mind. Do you need water?” I asked him looking worried.

Just then Cres gave him the water and he drank it in a go.

“What was that Anord? Why were you behaving out of your mind? Can’t you see he is hurt?” I vented my anger at him.

“I don’t want you to touch any male except me. God dammit you’re mine and remember that, otherwise I would rip the man’s throat.” He looked pissed and beyond mad.

I sighed ignoring him as I too was angry and the one who was hurt was my best friend.

“Charles, why was Dan mad at you? What had happened?” I asked Charles ignoring the pairs of eyes which were boring holes at us.

“Ukrine! Swez, they have captured her.” Charles said with blazing anger and he looked okay.

“Captured? It can’t be. She is alright and might be at her room.” I said not believing his word.

“No, Ukrine. She is in the cell, they have captive her.” Charles said looking worried.

“I have came here to meet Swez but she was nowhere to see, so I heard one of the guards saying she is in the cell. I asked Dan to release her but we got into the fight.” He further explained.

“Anord, What have you done to her? You know she is innocent.” I shouted furiously at Anord.

“Why? Anord, why have you hurt her? I don’t think you’re a monster.” I shouted with venom filled voice.

“I’m not a monster and I will never hurt her. She is my sister dammit.” He said with anger filled voice and punched the wall beside me.

I was shocked with his act and more over by hearing him say “my sister”.

“Sister?! Then you’re a monster to do that to her.” Charles lashed out with hatred.

“Don’t you dare disrespect our Alpha, Charles.” Tate moved forward to pounce at Charles but I stopped him by spreading my arm.

“Enough of you all. Now, I want to hear truth and rescue Swez. She might be hurt and lonely.” I raised my voice while glaring at everyone present there.

“Ukrine, she wanted you gone. She had helped Xeres to take you away. She is no go-.” Lexie started but I cut her off.

“She might have some reason to do that. She is not bad and I love her a lot. I know my best friend. Anord, let her go.” I voiced out looking desperate.

“Dan, bring her up.” Anord ordered in his deep voice.

“But Alpha...” Dan continued but Anord hard glare made him to gulp and he walked away.

Then Anord take me to sit down on the sofa and I just sat thinking about Swez. Why had she lie to me?

Did she betray me?

No, Swez wouldn’t do that. I believe her and everything would be good when I hear from her.

Sounds of footsteps made me snap my head towards the entrance and I saw Swez walking inside together with Dan.

“Swez! Are you okay?” Charles went forward and engulfed her in a hug.

Swez started weeping and Charles soothes her by rubbing her back.

“I’m sorry Ukrine. I don’t mean to hurt you. I want you gone from your good. I want you to be safe and happy so I help Xeres. I just...” Swez pulled away and started saying once she had stopped crying.

“It’s okay Swez. But why do you want me gone?” I asked her with serious look.

“This world does not deserve you. Bad people live here and I don’t want you to get hurt. You’re my best friend and Anord doesn’t deserve you.” She said without regarding his feeling.

Anord growled and looked hurt but he didn’t pounce on her.

“Swez, I don’t know why you don’t like it here? But it’s me who want to stay here so don’t made them feel bad. I know about them and they are half human, so there is harm.” I voiced out my inner thoughts.

“They might be dangerous, Ukrine.” Swez said looking upset.

“Swezla, you were a kid when you witness the shift and got scared. But now you can see that we’re normal. It’s only you who couldn’t transform into a wolf.” Tate said trying to reason out.

“Anord, is Ukrine your mate?” Charles asked out of nowhere.

“Charles, how do you know?” I asked looking at him.

“Sorry, Swez and Ukrine. I’m too a werewolf. I wanted to share it with you guys but for your safety I hide it.” Charles said looking guilty.

“Charles! You lie to us. Best friends my foot.” Swez yelled looking mad.

“I know I shouldn’t have lied but I had too. Swez, give us a chance. I can’t live without my mate.” Charles voiced out with pained expression.

That was just the biggest shocking news of the day.

“Mate?! How can you think that I will be with a monster? Charles, I hate you.” Swez said with venom filled voice and ran outside.

“Swez!” Charles cried out loud and was about to run after her when Anord stopped him.

“Wait. Leave her alone. She need space and my men would keep an eye on her.” Charles let out a sad growl and sat on the sofa with depressed look.

I didn’t know that everyone has kept their secrets and it’s me who need to digest their big lie. The trip to Peterion pack had revealed lies after lies.

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