Alpha's Lost Love

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25.My ways

Everything was messed up and I couldn’t think of ways to talk with Swez. She was not talking with anyone and just crying her heart out.

After 3 hours of spending her time in the woods she came back with a sad and hurt face. Charles was so mad at himself and Anord was beyond pissed.

Swez seemed to have a very bad impact of Anord shift during her early stage that she could not get out of those bad moments. And Charles said that Swez could shift into a werewolf but chances were less.

Charles also declared that he wouldn’t leave her at any cost and he would be living at Anord’s place. He had already informed his parents and they had let him live with his mate.

Now I understand the looks Charles used to give Swez and he was overprotective about her. Seeing his love and care for her made me immensely happy.

With lots of thinking Anord gave Charles his permission to stay at his pack and he would served this pack as a warrior.

But first he needed to be trained and about Swez, it’s all depend on her. Finally, after lots of frutile attempts I manage to talk with Swez but she didn’t talk about Charles. It pains me seeing her hurt but it’s her own wish.

And most importantly she told me that she would give him, her brother a chance. Later on when I shared this news with Anord, he laughed hearing her sister accepting him.

Like that day passes away and dinner time came. Swez had her food in her room and Anord went to talk with her.

“I’m sorry Ukrine, for my earlier behavior. I had lost my mind.” Dan apologized looking guilty.

“It’s okay Dan. I understand.” I gave him a small smile and went towards my room.

While I was turning the door knob, I felt the presence behind me and I turned around to see Anord.

“I want to talk with you. Follow me to my study.” He said and waited for me to walk.

After making sure I was following him, he started moving.

“Thank you Ukrine for making my sister talk to me.” Anord said with a wide smile once we had entered his study.

This smile was genuine and he looked extremely handsome while smiling.

“It’s nothing. Thanks for letting Charles live here. He is glad you help him.” I just hope that Swez sort out her head and accept Charles.

“Ukrine, I want to take you somewhere tomorrow in the morning. Will you go with me?” He asked looking little bit tense.

“A date?” I asked looking curious.

“May be.” He shrugged his shoulders and gave me a sly smile.

“Ok. I will think about it. ” I answered smiling back at him.

“Are you two in good terms?” I asked thinking about Swez but he gave me a questioning look.

“You and Swez. I can’t believe that you two are related.” I continued while looking at his facial expression.

“Um...not so much but yeah she is comfortable around me now and she apologize for regarding me as a monster.” He said with a pained expression.

“I know it’s hurt you but you need to understand her too. I mean we aren’t used to such aggressive behaviors.” I clarified my earlier behavior as I too had label him as a monster.

“I’m sorry, if I have hurt you. I didn’t mean, you know..” before I could say further a warm finger was place in my lips.

Sparks erupted through my skin and was body was on heat. His one touch made my knees weaken. I felt like my oxygen was sucked out and my heartbeat accelerated.

We were in the middle of his study room and were standing only inch apart. I did not know when he came this close to me that he made me go all crazy.

My breath got hitched and I looked at his deep blue eyes which changes into black and then blue. His breath fanned on my face and then his warm fingers were replaced by his warm lips. He asked for the entrance and my mouth slightly opened and his tongue plunge inside mine.

Our tongues tangle each other and we tasted each other. He pulled me dangerously closer making my chest collided with his and his hand run in my back. I couldn’t get enough of him and pulled him closer, running my hands through his silky brown hair.

He groaned and made me feel the pleasure I had not experience. I moaned when he slowly traces kisses down my jaw and my neck. He groan more louder which create havoc in my system.

In the meantime his phone rang but he didn’t give it a damn but when it rang second time, he left me. We both were breathing heavily and he touched his forehead with mine and with a peck on my forehead, pulled his phone out of his pants pocket.

“If it’s not for this damn call then I wouldn’t have left you. We will meet tomorrow morning. Good night and sweet dreams.” He said while swiping up his phone screen.

When he looked from his phone, I blush hard and sprinted to my room. Ah...I forgot to ask where we were going tomorrow. With a shake of my head, I quickly change into my pj and drifted to sleep.


The next morning, I dressed up a little more as I know this is not the date so I wear a white tee and a jeans. When I reached kitchen, everyone was having their breakfast so I too had it and then followed Anord towards his car.

He opened the passenger sit and with a thank you I get seated. I then put on the seat belt and he too get inside. Sparing a glance at me, he started driving out of the woods and gave me my phone.

“Where do you found it?” I asked him feeling happy as I got my mobile back.

“I have my ways.” He said give me a mischievous smirk.

“You always have your ways.” I replied sounding irritated.

“Yeah, wait till I have on you.” He said giving me his devilish smirk.

“You...” I stuttered and blushed crimson red.

“Where are we going?” I asked him as we have been driving for almost 3 hours.

“You will see. It’s a long way to go.” He said giving me his perfect smile.

“You wanna use washroom.” He said when we stop near the gas station.

“Yup, I need to release.” I said unlocking the seat belt.

“I will grab some food then.” He said parking the car.

Then he went towards the shop and I went to the restroom. The area was far away from city so the place was empty and only few people were seen passing by making the place look deserted.

And I did not know why he had brought me here?

I peed and washed my hand in the dryer then I find presence behind me. I about to yell when a warm lips was put on mine. Instense pleasure shoot my body and I kissed him back.

The kiss was more intense than yesterday night and we broke away breathing heavily.

“Anord What was that? You nearly scare me?” I said once my was breathing was stable.

“I didn’t mean too but you were taking a long time so I thought of checking on you. Anyways, it was delicious.” He said while licking his lips.

“Anord! Shouldn’t we get going?” I said playfully hitting on his shoulder.

He nodded his head and we left the place. And after an hour he stopped the car and we get out.

“Anord. What are we doing here?” I asked looking confused as it was a forest.

“You will know soon. We need to walk from here to see her. She is waiting, so let’s go.” He said forwarding his hand towards me.

Who the hell is she?


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