Alpha's Lost Love

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26. Welcome to witchard

I did not want to hold his hand but his pleading look made me to follow him. I did not know if I should trust him but I was his mate so he wouldn’t harm me.

I gave a small unconvincing smile and walked with him. We walked for good 15 minutes and reached near the biggest tree in the forest. The tree looked old and it’s leaf were twinkling giving off a odd feeling.

I blinked my eyes twice and found it twinkling like a star. I then looked at Anord with a questioning and surprised gaze and he gave a light squeeze on my hand.

“We are here to see the witch. This forest is enchanted and very few know about them. We will enter through this tree.” He explained looking uneasy.

“Witch!? Moreover enchanted forest, seems interesting.” I sounded like a child.

“Are you okay with it? You’re not scare.” He asked rubbing his neck looking like an innocent boy.

I laughed out loud and took a step forward.

“I was a fan of fairy tale and now I can finally meet the ugly witch. They are dangerous but you’re with me so we will be alright.” I said giving him a assuring smile.

The witch were pictured as a bitch in the fairytale and I couldn’t wait to meet them in real life.

You a childish girl. My subconscious mind mock me.

Anord said something like we’re here to inform the witch and then the tree’s trunk opened like a door and we enter inside while holding hands.

The door closed with a bang after we had stepped inside and I felt scare but I roamed my eyes around the room but the room was pitched dark.

“Anord, are we really meeting dangerous bitch?” I sounded scare and I held his hand tightly.

“Yeah. Are you scare?” He asked pulling me closer and tightened his grip.

“Don’t Be. I’m here.” He continued which made me feel relax.

As we moved forward I saw a light coming from the center. There was a ball shining like an electric bulb and a lady wearing long gown was doing something with both of her hands.

I couldn’t see her face clearly as her back was facing us. She might be ugly and might scare me out. So I chanted build up the courage and act strong.

“Welcome to the Witchard Alpha Anord and Ukrine.” She spoke and her voice was sweet not creepy.

“You know my name.” I was astonished to witness her power.

“She knew everything and she will help us.” Anord said walking ahead.

When the witch turn around I was shocked to see a gorgeous woman with a flawless skin who looked like 6′2 inch tall with a perfect figure.

“Are you really a witch? I don’t think they would be this beautiful.” I spat out while gawking at her.

“This witch is beautiful and her name is Xinxin. Take a seat.” She pointed towards the chairs which faces towards us.

“I think I have already tell you about her nightmare. Xeres have something to do with it and that bloodsucker might be making a plan.” Anord said with gritted teeth.

“Bloodsucker?!” I asked looking surprised.

“Yeah! Ukrine he is a vampire and he wants you.” That was another shock which was unexpected.

“You will know in a while. Look at my eyes.” Xinxin said before I could had a big reaction.

I intake a deep breathe and looked at her eyes. I slowly get hypnotized and she absorbed my energy. Few minutes later, she turned around and I felt normal.

“I got it. Xeres has been waiting for Ukrine since ages ago. This time I don’t think he will let her go.” Xinxin voice out and Anord growled at her.

“Clam down Alpha. First let’s see the events of your past life on this ball. Ready.” She said giving us don’t-question-me look and we nodded our head in approval.

“Alpha you were call Kai and Ukrine you were call Wen then.” She continued and like a video player the glowing ball played the video.

As the video started I saw Anord and my face which was exactly similar to Kai and Wein which made me believe her words. Well, it’s 500 years ago when Anord, then Kai was a simple wolf and Xeres was the king of the Vampire.

At that time vampire and werewolf did not get along and they were ready thirsty to kill each other. I as in Wen was a wolf back then and I had the beauty with the power.

I couldn’t find my mate when I was teen so people believed that I wouldn’t have one. Some years after, during the pack meeting, Xeres saw me and he became attracted towards me.

His eyes were full of lust and wanted me as his queen but I rejected him. I was waiting for my mate and a month later I finally meet Kai in a party. Kai and Wein were so much in love that they were expecting their first baby.

As happinesses never last long, they were separated by the vampire king. He took Wein away and tried to make her his. Wein never gave up to the vampire king and get killed brutally with her unborn child.

On the other hand, Kai too lost his life due to the pain of his mates death. Xeres couldn’t cope with Wein’s death and he made the witch to bring her back.

The witch did some magic and told him to wait until Wen had reborn in a new body. Due to the curse Wein had given Xeres when she was in her deathbed, he couldn’t reincarnate and had to live on waiting for Wein.

Then the ball stopped playing the video and I took a deep breath.

God! Xeres was a devil and he killed Wein. Wein, my past self she died with her unborn child.

“You alright.” Anord asked with a worried expression.

I just nodded my head as not to trouble him and rubbed my hands which were getting sweaty on the jeans.

“Kai and Wein both have rebirth and now it’s up to you two to continue your story. I hope love wins at last.” Xinxin said with a sweet and encouraging smile.

“Thank you, Xinxin.” Anord said and we then exist from there through the same old tree.

We walked back to the place where our car was parked and get inside without talking with each other.

“This time I promise Ukrine, I won’t let that asshole take you away. I will protect you and our kind.” He said with pure determination and I engulfed him in a hug.

Emotion surges inside me and the scene of the death of Kai and Wein flashes on my mind. It was heart wrenching and sad. But it was our past not the present.

“We will be okay.” Anord rubbed my back in a soothing way and I relaxed in his arms.

I hmm discarding the thoughts and pulled away sitting comfortably on the seat. And Anord was about to ignite the engine when he got a call.

“Hello.” He said receiving the call.

“What?!” He paused and looked at me.

Then he ended the call saying we will reach soon.

“Ukrine, get out. Swezla, need us and we need to reach soon. I will shift in my wolf and I will carry you there.” He said and started stripping.

I turned around as he remove his shorts and the sound of bone cracking sounded and when I turned around I saw a big black wolf standing in front of me.

He was bigger than the one I had seen before and was well built. He came near me and nudged me with it’s snout. I did not feel scared as I know he was Anord.

So I ran my hands through his fur and he purr in joy. Then I climbed on his back holding on his fur tightly and we ran through the woods in a supersonic speed.

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