Alpha's Lost Love

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27. Brown Wolf

The ride on Anord back was fun but dangerous. The cool wind made me shiver but his body heat kept me warm. The speed with which we were moving was freaking me out but I just let him took the control.

When we reached near his territory, I walked towards his home after getting off him and he ran into the woods to transformed into his human form.

I heard Swez scream as soon as we reached Anord’s house and I instantly ran toward the backyard where I found her crying in agony.

Swez was crying out in pain and her screams horrified me. She was lying in the backyard on the sheet of clothes and was yelling in pain.

Charles was standing beside her looking worried and tense. My heart couldn’t see her in pain so I was about to go near her when Doctor Diana stopped me.

“Luna. It’s dangerous to go near her. It’s her first shift and her body will go through pain as she has exceeded the shifting period. She need to be strong and survive.”

A lone tear escape from my eyes as I see her in that vulnerable state and I felt helpless as I couldn’t do anything for her. Anord joined us after wearing his clothes and stayed they for her shifting.

He came to my side and squeezed my shoulder to assure me that she will be alright but I was freaking about.

It’s really difficult for them to transform into a werewolf. It’s better to be human as we do not have to go through cracking of bones and withstand extreme pain.

Finally, after few more minutes Swez’s body completely transformed into a brown wolf. Her fur was silky like Anord’s but she was not as big as he was.

She slowly moved towards Charles and nudged him while purring in happiness. Charles too transformed himself into his grey wolf after running behind the bush and they dashed towards the forest.

And that was the emergency which made us come running on Anord’s four leg and me riding on his back.

Then the doctor took the leave and we went inside the house. I was starving the whole ride so I went to the kitchen and had some cookies.

I moaned closing my eyes as its exquisite flavor burst into my mouth and found a presence behind me.

“If you continue for a second then I wouldn’t resist to taste them.” Anord came into my view as I opened my eyes who was looking at my lips while licking his lips.

And I blushed movjng away from him. It’s been a long time since I had gone to stroll so I asked Cres to join me.

Thankfully, Cres did not have any other work to do and she accompany me to roamed around their pack. We went around the pack house and chat with some women.

The women were very happy to see us there and we all gathering together outside in the open area chatting and gossiping about our mates. It was quite interesting to hear their possessive and lovely mates encounters with the human being.

More than men these wereman get jealous easily and they were very protective about their mates. Slowly the women went back to their house leaving me and Cres alone.

“So, you and alpha are in good terms. He seem to be smitten by you.” Cres said with a smirk.

“Umm...he is quite good.” I said with a sly smile.

“Quite good or irresistible. I hear your encounter with him in the kitchen. I was new to hear.” She teased me while wriggling her brow.

“Yeah, we kissed and he is irresistible. He is damn good but aggressive and way possessive.” I recalled how he had pulled me from Charles when I had hug him.

“All mates are possessive and Alpha are way possessive than other werewolf and he is the king, who we are we talking about.” Cres chuckled giving you-know look.

“So, I’m his first. I mean he has been waiting for me.” I asked looking curious.

“You should ask alpha, yourself. But yes, he has been waiting for his mate and now he won’t let you go even if you pissed him.”

Like that we talked and laughed along for a while and saw Swez and Charles once we went back to Anord’s place.

Also Cres told me about Swez’s shifting into a werewolf. They had thought that Swez have lost her wolf but her mate Charles helped her wolf to surface and now they were even.

When we entered the living room, there Swez and Charles were sitting side by side in each other embraced. That was the cutest moment they share as Swez would always soo away Charles when he would engulf her in hug.

Truly the mate bond makes the stubborn person to surrender.

“Ahh..guys you forget me? Am I cut off from the group?” I put my hands on the hips while trying to sound angry.

“Oh! Ukrine. How can we forget our love? Come and crash us.” Swez said

spreading her arms wide open for me.

We three group hug and it was bone crashing. And when I looked at Charles face he was looking like a tomato but Swez was neutral giving me a sheepish smile.

I was very that they end up together and found their happiness.

“Charles, you’re behaving like a love struck teenager. Look at your cheek, red-red like a tomato.” I teased him and he tried to defense himself but I teased him more.

“Don’t act innocent Ukrine. We know about you and alpha Anord. Kissing and...” Charles said which made me blush even more.

He knew how to make me embarrassed and I couldn’t meet their gaze. Suddenly, Charles happily announced that Swez and him were officially together and going to be more than best friends which dispersed the awkward atmosphere.

I laughed at his words and teased him till he left me alone with Swez. She was in nine clouds and seemed to have forgetten all her misery. Swez and Anord relationship were also getting along and they were being open about their feelings with each other.

Then Dan and Lexi arrived with a huge smile plaster in their face. Dan too was in nine clouds and he was way too protective over his mate and their coming baby. Lexie shared her encounter in the hospital about the doctor swap.

What happened was that Dan argued to change the doctor after seeing the male doctor and seeing the furious and possessive gamma the male doctor left the room and a female doctor was appointed.

Being 2 weeks pregnant Lexi had gain a little weight and becoming more beautiful. Then the dinner time came and we all seat around the dining table.

“Dan, you’re sleeping in couch tonight. I told you I can get the plate.” Lexie told her mate and Dan gave her a pleading look.

We all laughed at their conversations and enjoyed our dinner. After a few conversations we all went to our room but I did not want to sleep early so I went to Anord’s office.

There he was typing furiously in his laptop and the papers were scattered all over his table. Sensing me he gave me a heartwarming smile and gestured me to take a seat.

He then continued working and I was checking him out shamelessly. His eyes twitches when he was reading, his nose flare while taking a breathe and his velvety lips looked enticing.

Even with the spectacles he was looking breathtaking and I wanted to run my hands through his silky hair.

“Anord, it’s late and you need to sleep. Work can wait but sleep can’t so go to bed.” I sounded like a mother who was scolding her child.

“Yeah, it’s late so we should sleep but you need to cuddle with me.” He demand like a child.

“No.” I denied but he carried me princess style to his room and placed me on bed.

He had a power to make my no turn into yes. He lay down kissing me passionately before cuddling and we drifted to sleep in each other embrace not knowing what tommorow morning would be like.

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