Alpha's Lost Love

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28.Don't cry

Its best morning to wake up next to your love ones and have his protective arms around you. I snuggled in his chest and his grip tighten around me.

“Good morning. Sleep well? ” He asked while ruffling my hair.

“Nope. You snore a lot. I did not sleep a wink so I won’t cuddle with you.” I said sounding angry.

“I do not snore and your actions shows better than your words that how much you enjoy being with me, huh?” He replied with a playful smirk.

I just rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. While I was brushing my teeth with the new brush which I found in the counter, Anord entered inside without wearing his shirt.

His tone body and tight muscles made me gawk at him. I drooled at his naked upper body while he smrik playful at me.

“Isn’t the view great? If you cuddle with me then you will be greeted like this, my cupcake.” He said stopping an inch away from me.

“Cupcake?! You sure know how to give nicknames.” I said after cleaning my mouth with water.

“Why? Don’t you like it, cupcake.” He pulled my cheeks sounding like a baby.

“I haven’t thought that the king of werewolf can act like a Romeo.” I too pulled his cheeks and we engulfed in a hug.

I went back to my room to take shower and I got ready for the day wearing my usual clothes. Then my mobile rang.

“Hello! Linda. How are you?” I greeted sounding happy.

“I.. we..your dad is ill. Come to home Ukrine.” She sounded tense and worried.

“What happened to dad, Linda?” I was shocked and my voice quavered.

“He fainted and he...” Linda started crying and I couldn’t stop myself.

“I’m coming.” I ended the call and went to Anord office as he would be there.

“Anord, I need to go home.” I said once I entered his office.

“Home? But why?” He looked confused.

“Linda called saying dad is ill. She is...I need to be there. I’m leaving.” I was about to walk out when Anord stop me.

“I will take you there. Clam down he would be fine.” He tried to relax me and we to drive to my home as I stated the direction.

The whole ride I was worried about my dad. I felt bad for leaving him alone and I felt like I abandoned him. I prayed that he would be fine.

“Linda. Linda. Where is dad?” I shouted once I step inside the house.

There was a silence for a second and a maid took me to his room. There he was surrounded by machines looking pale and weak. I went near his bed and a tear slip from my eyes.

“Dad, I’m sorry. I’m a bad daughter who did not listen to you. Now I’m here I will never leave you again.” I said while holding his hand and caresses it.

“Oh! Ukrine. We missed you. Don’t cry.” Linda entered inside and engulfed me in a hug.

“He fainted due to his blood pressure and tension. He will be fine in a week.” She said patting my back.

After staying for a while we left his room and went towards the kitchen.

“Who was the gentleman with you? He was worrying about you.” Linda asked giving me a glass of water.

“Oh! shoot Linda. How could I left him? Where is he?” I asked putting the glass down and tucked my hair at the side.

“He is in the living room and I have told Rose to serve coffee to him. Is he your boyfriend?” She asked me looking curious.

I just looked at her and waited for her to continue.

“So, he is the one for whom you left us. When you were gone we miss you a lot and you never came to meet us.” She voiced out looking sad.

“No, Linda. Dad must have tell you guys everything. And that place need me. Moreover, I need that place and him..” I paused remembering about Anord.

“I understand it but you....Anyways, he look like a good guy. Hope you guys will be together forever.” Linda said a genuine smile and with a kiss on her cheek, I left to find Anord.

“I’m sorry. I just left you unattended and went to see dad.” I apologized once I enter the living room.

“No. It’s fine and your dad needs you. How is he?” He asked sounding concerned.

I told him, what Linda had told me and he gave a encouraging hug. Later I knew about my dad business which was going on a loss. He had lost his two contract and he was tensed about that. Being the only child of his, I decided to take over the company.

Dad opened his eyes at the night and we discussed about few things. He told me that he was worried about me and he wanted me to handle the company as I have the necessary requirements.

I agreed to him but I was hesitant about leaving Anord. I didn’t know how he would react when I told him about my responsibilities. But being my dad’s daughter I need to fulfill my duties and being his mate too I have some responsibility.

I was in dilemma for a while and I made up my mind to give equal time to both. I introduced Anord to my dad and he was not happy.

But when I told him about how I felt for Anord and how he makes me happy, dad decided to gave us a chance. Anord was more than happy and my dad knows about Werewolf, he did not share the details about how he knew and we did not ask him which made the situation more normal.

Anord left me with my family to spend some time and I joined the company. It was really difficult for me to handle the company and the contracts but with the help of the employees I recover the loss.

As day passes by Dad became healthy and was happy to see me work in his company. The more important thing was that I miss Anord a lot. I just couldn’t spend my day without thinking about him and he helped me a lot to overcome the loss by giving me pointers.

One day my dad unexpectedly asked me about our relation and I told him that we were knowing each other. The pack members send me cupcakes and cookies saying they miss me and somehow I like living with them than in the real world.

“One latte.” I ordered standing in front of the counter in Starbucks and scrolled through my emails.

“Here.” I grabbed the latte and turned around to see two bulky men looking at my direction.

It had been a week since I had seen those men and I had ignore them thinking they were just doing their work. But now I think that they were keeping an eye on me.

Were they looking for a chance to kidnap me?

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