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Alpha's Lost Love

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500 years ago, a captivating tale began and continues to unfold. One person anxiously awaited the arrival of their beloved, while another found their soulmate. Someone had their heart set on winning her affection, only to have her unexpectedly captured by someone else. Love had played a pivotal role in past conflicts, and now a new war is brewing, all in the name of this powerful emotion. In matters of love and war, anything goes, so it remains to be seen what lengths they will go to in order to claim love. In this story, there are two lovers, one love, two kings, and one queen. Whose lost love will they discover? Whose love will she ultimately choose? This is a love story unlike any other, one that will introduce you to the concept of Lost Love.

Fantasy / Romance
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1.Proud of you

I was ascending the lengthy staircase on my way to the castle when someone jolted me, causing me to tumble down the steps.

As I regained my footing, someone yanked the duvet off my body, provoking an irritated groan.

I rubbed my eyes to clear my blurry vision caused by the bright light, and there stood Linda, wearing a wide smile. She directed my attention to the wall clock, instantly waking me up as I realized I was running late for my graduation ceremony.

A broad smile spread across my face when I contemplated the upcoming graduation ceremony. Today was the long-awaited golden day of my life, as Ukrine Texel, I would finally complete my studies at the university and earn a bachelor’s degree in business studies.

I had been eagerly anticipating this day for the past four years, and it was surreal to believe that it had finally arrived.

Hastily, I scurried to the bathroom and took the quickest shower of my life. I then put on a knee-length gown that my dad had purchased from Paris.

Preferring a natural look, I applied a touch of blush and mascara, finishing with nude lipstick. Unlocking my phone, I messaged my friends to let them know I would be arriving soon.

Next, I applied serum to my waist-length wavy hair, parting it on the side, and slipped into the Gucci heels, pairing them with a matching black clutch.

Descending the stairs, I made my way to the dining area where Linda had already served breakfast. I eagerly devoured the mouthwatering waffles alongside my morning coffee.

After bidding farewell to Linda, I stepped outside to find Mr. Wilson waiting for me near the BMW.

“Good morning, Mr. Wilson,” I greeted him with a smile and walked towards the car.

“Good morning, young miss,” he replied, opening the backseat door for me.

“Thank you,” I said, hopping into the passenger seat.

“Sir will meet you at the ceremony. He instructed me to drive you there,” Mr. Wilson informed me from the driver’s seat.

I acknowledged his message with a hum and he drove the car out of the Texel mansion. I retrieved my phone from the clutch and pouted upon seeing zero notifications.

Have my friends already arrived, or are they still getting ready?

I dialed Swez’s number and waited a moment before she answered.

“Swez, where are you?” I asked as soon as she picked up the call.

“I’m on my way. These earrings are driving me crazy,” she groaned, making me chuckle before ending the call and telling her to meet me soon.

Then I recalled the party we had the previous day, which had been the best party of our lives.

We had danced, sung, and played quirky games. Although I had abstained from alcohol and remained sober, the party had made me feel uninhibited and exhilarated.

Twenty minutes later, the car came to a halt, and Mr. Wilson opened the door for me to step out. Glancing around, I saw fellow students in their finest attire, their faces beaming with smiles as it was the last day of our university life.

On the way, I greeted some familiar girls and teachers and headed towards our favorite spot. As I reached the spot, I noticed him engrossed in a game on his phone.

Stealthily, I approached him and snatched his mobile, causing him to yell in protest.

“Damn you! I was about to complete the level,” he grumbled, scrunching up his nose.

I rolled my eyes, unimpressed.

“Whatever!” I retorted, turning away.

But then he pulled me into a tight hug.He was Charles, my best friend. Charles, Swezla, and I were inseparable. We had met in high school and had been close friends ever since.

We shared our secrets, teased each other, argued, and loved one another. Most of our time was spent together in our secret place.

It seemed that Charles had feelings for Swezla, although she didn’t entertain such thoughts. But if they were to end up together, it would bring me great joy.

I had been rooting for them since I noticed the way Charles looked at Swezla, which was simply adorable.Together, we walked towards the hall and met Swezla on the way.

She looked like a Victoria’s Secret model, incredibly beautiful, and her smile made her even more radiant.She enveloped me in a hug and began recounting her tardiness.

We then heard the announcement and proceeded to the hall, which was adorned with colorful balloons and decorations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

We took our seats, and the ceremony commenced with the principal delivering a speech. Gradually, each student’s name was called, and they stepped forward to receive their certificates, which was a heartwarming moment to witness.

Parents cheered for their children, and I couldn’t help but miss my mom. I imagined how happy she would be if she were here, but unfortunately, I lost her when I was four years old.

Nevertheless, I believed she was watching over me from above, showering me with her blessings.Searching the crowd, I spotted Charles’s mom wiping away tears as she watched him receive his certificate and pose for the camera.

His dad gave him a thumbs-up, a beaming smile on his face. When Charles glanced my way, proudly displaying his certificate, I returned his smile.In that moment, despite being surrounded by hundreds of people, I felt a sense of solitude.

However, happiness enveloped me, as it did all of us, and with each passing second, my longing for my mom grew.

I love you, Mom, wherever you are.

Finally, my name was called, and I walked up to the stage, receiving my certificate along with kind words.

When I turned around to pose for the photo, my dad caught my eye, smiling at me with a look of pride.

He mouthed the words “I love you,” and I silently replied, “I love you too.”

After the photo was taken, I rushed toward my dad, embracing him tightly.

“Congratulations, Princess. I’m so proud of you. Zara would be proud too,” he said, planting a kiss on my forehead.

Mentioning my mom’s name stirred up emotions within me, but they quickly subsided as my friends came over to congratulate me.

“Congratulations to all of us,” the three of us exclaimed in unison, capturing pictures to commemorate this special day.

Soon, we bid farewell to one another as our parents had arranged a party to celebrate this milestone with our loved ones. We headed home with our elated families.

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