Alpha's Lost Love

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2.Come on baby

The second we step inside the house, dad excused himself to take the important call leaving me in the living area. The whole ride here, he was busy talking with his client and now he doesn't have any time for me.

I pouted when that thought crosses my mind and a smile instantly formed on my lips when I saw Linda coming towards me with a proud motherly look on her face.

Linda is the one who has taken care of me after my mom passed away and she stays with us with her husband Adam, who works as my dad's assistant.

She is like a mother to me and there is no doubt that she too cherished me as she has no children of hers.

"It's okay baby. He seems to be quite busy today." Linda tucked my baby hair behind my ear and I pouted making her pull me in her embrace.

"Congrats baby." Linda said giving a motherly look.

"Congrats sweetie." Adam's voice came from behind and we turned around to find him holding my favorite ice cream in his hand.

I hurriedly grabbed the ice cream from his hand and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you, Adam…..and Linda." I said when I saw Linda shooting daggers at me while eyeing the ice cream box.

"Your welcome baby." Linda said with not so welcoming voice as I forgot her once I saw the ice cream and I scurried to my room to devour it.

When I had just finished savoring the ice cream, the door to my room opened and Linda came inside holding bags in her both hand.

I scrunched my nose when I guessed what's inside the bags and Linda shakes her head making me roll my eyes.

"Linda!" I whined like a four-year-old child and Linda placed the bags on the bed while sitting beside me.

"Do I need to attend the party?" I asked even though I know the answer.

"Come on baby. It's just a party and your relative will be here. Your...." I cut her off and do the honor of completing her sentence.

"Father will be happy to see you there." I scowled thinking about the party that I had to attend tonight.

Then she showed me the dress I need to wear to the so-called party.

You will think what kind of girl I'm to not like to party but let me tell you this party will be more like a business meeting than a normal party.

It has always been like this and this time too it won't make any difference. My all cousins will ask me the same thing when they would meet me "When are you going to take over your father's company?"

God! I'm tired of replying to the same thing and they called them my so-called cousin. But they are just jealous of my dad and his success as dad is the firstborn and grandfather favor him the most and helped him to build his own company. Also, I'm his only child and will be the owner of the billion-dollar company.

Like father like son, they all are same and I feel quite out of the place when they talk about business or the holidays' destination they have been to. When I ask dad if he is not bored of his cousin then he would tell me that they are our family.

I laughed inwardly when he said that as they were forcing my dad to marry again when my mom couldn't find against blood cancer and left us alone.

But my dad didn't listen to them and busy himself by expanding his business. In doing so, somehow he mightn't have given me his time but I'm happy with the love he had for me.

In the end, I attended the party with a fake smile plastered on my face as not to disappoint my father and it was after all my graduation party.

I enjoyed the party as much as I can with my envious cousins around and then headed to my room once the party is over. And I drifted to sleep once I read the text from the special person.


The ringing of my mobile made me groan and I received the call after grabbing the mobile from the nightstand. I didn't care if I'm half asleep as last night's party has drained me.

"Morning to Ms.lazy ass." Charles greeted me with a mocking remark and I could hear Swez giggles at the back.

"Morning stinky boy." I said rubbing my eyes and Charles was about to retort when Swez stopped him while scolding him to tell me why he had disturbed my beauty sleep.

"Oh my! I forget about it." I said once I remember what plans we have for today.

"Bye Charles. I will be there on time." I hung up the call and dashed towards the bathroom.

When I went to have my breakfast, Linda greeted me morning and make me have my breakfast before doing anything.

And I munched on the delicious pancakes forgetting about everything. I'm such a foodie but I'm a healthy one though.

"Linda! You know I forget about the trip which Charles was constantly nagging me about for almost three years. I need to pack my luggage an-" She cut me off taking the plate from my hand.

"Go talk to your dad. Your luggage is ready." She said making me jump in happiness and with a peck on her cheek and thank you, I went towards my dad's office.

When I entered his home office, I saw him busying checking out some paper and his desk was a mess. He did not acknowledge me till I clear my throat and he just gave me a small smile greeting me good morning.

"Dad! You should arrange them in order otherwise you wouldn't be able to find them." I said while arranging the files scattered on his desk.

"You are just like your mother." He said with a sad smile and then we began talking about my mom.

Then I tell him about the adventurous trip I'm going with my friends and he told me to take care and enjoy the trip.

And at 2 pm, I meet with my friends near the bus stand which would take us to our destination and we all hit the road getting excited about the trip.

We are altogether 20 people going for an adventurous trip and if not for Charles, I would have never joined them. We traveled for 5 hours and then the bus stop at the hotel where we will stay for the night and it was surrounded by thick forest.

When I looked out of the window, I saw something moving towards the forest at such a speed that I couldn't comprehend what I have just seen.

Then Charles called my name telling me to step out of the bus to enter the hotel but my eyes drifted towards the side of the forest which was visible due to the full moonlight.

And I felt that the forest was calling me. Yeah, I know it sounded absurd but it was what I was feeling at that time.

My friend came to walk alongside me but I told them to go ahead and when everyone one busy talking about things, I dashed towards the forest.

I walked and walked while looking around where my legs take me and I reached the place where I assume to be the middle of the deep forest and it resembles the scene of some scary movie.

Then I wake up from whatever spell I was in and I don't know how I have walked this much. But there was this feeling that something big is going to happen soon.

I then came back to my senses and tried to go back but I don't know the freaking way. Damn, I'm lost in the forest and who knows what kind of animals live here?

Then I heard something which made me to ran away and I slipped on the leaves sprawled on the ground which made me lose my balance. I hit my head so hard that I growled in pain and darkness took over after I heard the howling near me.

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