Alpha's Lost Love

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29.I will mark you

I felt uncomfortable felling those bulky men gazes who were standing opposite of me.

“Cool down Ukrine. You have a training and you can beat them up.” I encouraged myself walked to the side while sipping the latte.

I avoided their gazes but those creepy gazes made me horrified and I tried to distract myself but nothing helped. I existed the cafe after finishing the latte and started walking away from those creepy men.

When I turned to move towards my car, I saw those men again.

“What do you guys want?” I yelled out of frustration kepping my guard up.

“You don’t know who I am. I can make you taste the shit with my one shot.” I acted calm and they just stare at me looking bewildered.

Then one of the guys took out his mobile and started calling his boss which I presume as they might be working for some bastard.

“Hey! You bastard, if you have some guts then come yourself let your men do the dirty job.” I shouted to the

boss as I snatch the mobile from his minion.

“Cupcake?!” A deep, manly and hoarse voice came from the other side.

It sounded familiar and that name, I shivered hearing that voice. I gave a blank look to the men as they we’re eyeing me with curiosity.

“Cupcake! They are my men and it’s for your safety. Don’t freak out.” The voice said making me sigh in relief.

“Anord! I don’t need such creepy men following me. I can protect myself.” I said with anger filled voice.

“But cupcake, there...” I cut him off.

“Tell then to leave or I will never come back to you.” I threatened him.

“No. You can’t leave. They are fo-” He was saying but I ended the call.

“If I ever see you following me then tell him that we wouldn’t see each other.” I warned those men and get I inside the car.

My phone started beeping and it’s a call from Anord. I didn’t receive the call and he was constantly calling me. I put my mobile on silence and drove towards the office.

I had a meeting with Mr.Morris so I spend 2 hours in discussion of the project. The project was going to be handle by him and we were the investor so after finalizing the terms I sign the contract.

Unexpectedly, he invited me for the lunch and I couldn’t decline so we went to the nearby restaurant.

Mr.Morris was in his mid-twenties and he was extremely handsome.

Actually, I too found him fascinating cause he was a gentleman and soft spoken. We ordered the food and started talking about our other project.

After the lunch, I was about to get up from the chair when my leg slipped due to the high heel I was wearing and Mr.Morris helped me by holding my shoulder.

“What’s going on here?” A deep, pissed off and manly voice came from front.

I stood on my own legs and looked up at the person to see the angry alpha boring holes in Morris head.

“Anord?!” I called looking surprised.

In a swift moment Anord pulled me towards him and snaked his hand on my waist pulling me closer to his chest. He leaned his face on my hair to inhale my scent and he calm down a bit. I too inhaled his unique body odor.

The clearing of throat made me snapped my head towards Morris and I pulled away feeling embarrassed.

“Anord! He is Mr.Morris, my business partner. Mr.Morris, he is Anord my...”

“Boyfriend.” Anord finsiihed off for me.

I looked at with shocked expression and he just gave me his signature smirk.

“Nice to meet you. You guys enjoy yourself. I have to leave now.” Mr.Morris said forwarding his hand towards Anord and with a handshake he left us alone.

Then Anord too take me towards his car and we drove off to the mall.

“Anord. What are we doing here? And why are you here?” I asked him once he parked the car.

“Why?! Aren’t you happy to see me? My girlfriend don’t miss me.” He said making a sad puppy face.

“I was longing to see my boyfriend.” I pulled him in a hug and we stay in each other embrace for a while.

After pulling away, he plastered his lips on mine and we kissed like a hungry people. I moaned as his tongue explore my mouth and became breathless once he stopped kissing me.

“I want to spend time alone with my girlfriend. Shall we?” He said forwarding his right hand and I grabbed his hand.

He then took me to the shopping mall and we buy couple clothes. Then we went to the cinema hall and it was hilarious to see the alpha, the king of the werewolf enjoying the movie without the care of the world. We too make out in there and his kisses made me want more. I couldn’t get enough of him and his kiss.

“Say you wouldn’t leave me for once. I couldn’t stay away from you.” Anord said once we were seated inside the car.

“Who tell you that I will leave you? I cannot spend a day without you, my boyfriend. We are going to be together forever.” He gave me a bone crashing hug and drove us away.

“Ukrine! We miss you a lot.” They all day in unison once we reached the pack house.

I gave them all a bone crashing hug and Swez told me that Charles had marked her. They were now the inseparable mate.

After having dinner, Anord asked me to stay there for the night and took me to his room. We then laid down on the bed in each other embrace.

“You smell so good cupcake. It drives me and my wolf crazy when we see the men around you. You’re our to protect and we would do that.” He said kissing my neck and he kissed the sensitive part in my neck which made me moan louder.

“It’s the place where I will mark you. Then your scent will be cover with mine and no one will dare to look at what’s mine.” He said scuking on that spot.

“Then, mark me. I want to smell like you.” I said and he looked at me for the confirmation while his eye color changes.

A sharp shoot inside me as he licked that spot and I then drifted to sleep due to lack of energy in the embrace of my mate.

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