Alpha's Lost Love

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30.Get lost

Xeres’s POV:

That was not how I have planned to have her. She had ruined all of my plan and now I have to correct it. She will be the reason for my madness if she leave will me alone this time.

She was the only one who had made me this desperate and I cannot lose her again. I had waited fucking 500 years and no sane person would have waited that long but I have waited and it’s time to have what I had long for. Even that filthy werewolf king cannot take her away from me.

After the long wait the first time I had seen her was on the first day of her high school. That day was the first time I had ever smile after hundred years. She looks same like her and there is no doubt that she look less beautiful than she looked hundreds of years ago.

When I had reached near her she had just smile and asked me to take her to the dean office. At that time I had a meeting with the chairman of her school regarding the property issue.

I had approached her looking at the butterfly birth mark on her right wrist but she didn’t recognize me and how would she when it had been several years.

Man! She has become more pretty and gorgeous. I had to hold the urge to touch her. Slowly, we became close friends and she shared her feelings with me.

I had wanted to take her with me in my world but I refrained myself from revealing my true identity. The day had came when we would be together when she had graduated but she went on the fucking adventure trip.

I had tried to pursue her to not to go but being her she couldn’t refuse her friend request. Seeing her happy I too gave up and thought that it’s the last time she would spent her time with her friends.

Like the huge storm, her disappearance made my world upside down. I was so angry at myself and her that I lost my mind and became blood thirsty maniac.

If I were not the king then my followers would have thrown me in the dungeon. That would have been the different case but now no one can defy me. Soon she will be my queen and I her king.

I do not want to let her see me as a devil but she must have known the truth and now I only have to make her come back to me.

After several years the war will begin for her and I know that the werewolf king will not let his precious mate go but this time I will not take no as an answer. She will be mine and no power can take her away from me.

If only she had not gone to the forest then she wouldn’t have met him and knew anything about him.

But no problem, by hook or crook she will be my queen. 500 years was worth waiting and we will have our happy ending this time.

I will kill the clan of werewolves if needed and destroy everything that comes in between us. She is the forbidden fruit which is just for me to eat.

“Master, she has gone back to the pack. They soon will start mating if...” One of my subordinate says bowing his head down with respect.

“Shut your filthy mouth, before I snap your head. They will never mate. Not now and not in the future. This time she will purely be mine. Mine. Get lost.” I roar like a mad lion.

That werewolf will not mate now as he knows that it’s not right time to do so and it’s not the good thing to do yet. There is no doubt that he had accepted her but still I have some doubts to clarify. If it is how I have imagined then my work would be more easy. I don’t have to do much to let her leave him.

When she had decided to die instead of becoming mine, that time she had hurt me a lot. She do not know how much I had cried seeing her life less body. But even in her last stage, she had told me that she only loves her mate.

How could she say that when I fucking love her? She had.. broken me into a weak vampire.

She had made me do things which made my clan question my position as their king. I had tried everything to make her come back but she didn’t wake up. She just left me alone with my love and I too did not gave up. I summoned the witch to make her come back but that bitch too didn’t do her work nicely.

Due to her magic, I was cursed to live waiting for her. That bitch of the witch just told me that she will come back when the right time comes and all I need to do was wait.

I had not thought that the waiting would be fucking 500 years. I only know that I have survived that long just to get her. She......she is now my only obsession.


Sometimes, I want to laugh thinking that the vampire king is madly in love with a mere woman. But I only know that my love is for eternity and just need to be accepted by her.I am fully prepared for the day when I will be with my lost love.

Oh, how much I have missed her? She has not done good by going back to him when she knows that I will be angry.

Live, how much you want to live happily with your so called mate Ukrine but remember that I’m coming for you. I won’t let you go away fro me for a slightest second from now onward.

I have already done the mistake of letting you live your life without me but now its time for you to become mine.

If you cannot be mine then you can’t be with him. I will never let that happen. Ukrine, the day you had came to this world, you are to be mine and no one else. You are my queen.

Only mine.

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