Alpha's Lost Love

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31.Where is the damn mark

I felt something heavy on my waist and I stirred trying to remove it but it pulled me back.

Slowly, my shirt was pulled up and a hand trailed on my stomach. I shivered and squirmed my legs together. Sparks erupted on my skin making my body to heat up.

My lower region was on fire and his hand was not doing any good so I threw away his hand and sprinted to the bathroom in a supersonic speed. To tell that I was lazy was a big complement as I did not feel like leaving the comfy bed and warmth of his body.

I took a deep breathe after I release myself with a force and washed my hands. I looked at the mirror to find a dull girl with a nested hair looking half asleep. I washed my face with the cold water and made my hair into a bun.

While I was placing the towel back at its place I recalled something from the night before. I traced my finger through my neck but I didn’t feel any pain.

I looked at the mirror and didn’t find the marking. I remembered telling him yesterday to mark me then how come it’s not there? I was dreaming or had I lost my mind.


I remembered Anord telling me that he wanted to mark me and then I had agreed to be his. But where is the damn mark?

I felt something, something I haven’t thought I would feel yet I felt the feeling of disappointment. I just stared at the mirror slowly tracing my fingers there waiting for the mark to appear but it didn’t work.

Releasing a heavy sigh, I searched for a new brush in the cabinet and I brush my teeth.

“Anord! Why you’re not picking up your phone?” I yelled from the bathroom as the phone had been ringing since I was brushing my teeth.

I did not get a reply and the phone was constantly ringing. I step out from the bathroom to wake him up but there was no one in the bed.

The duvet was sprawled at the middle and the bed was not made. I saw the phone in the night stand ringing vigorously but when I step towards to get the phone, it stopped ringing.

Then it hit me that I had spent more than 30 minutes in the bathroom and that’s too in his bathroom. He might have gone to use another room.

Shaking my head in annoyance I walked out of the door and I walked into my room. As soon as I had entered inside I sprawled on the bed and kicked off the slippers.

Then I closed my eyes and tried to calm down my erratic thoughts.

“Maybe it was just a dream.”

“Or it’s not the right time.” I tried to ressaure myself trying to lighten my mood.

I was in no mood to go outside but my stomach grumbled so I went downstairs to feed my hungry tummy.

I did not take a shower but I changed my dress and made myself look fresh.

I greeted everyone once I reached the dining table and everyone had a happy face seating beside their love once. I ate my breakfast listening to their bickering and laughing at their antics.

But still I found something in me missing. I was laughing but it was not from my heart. It seemed like my physical body was there but my soul was somewhere else which I even did not know about.

“Hey, Dan! Seems like Lexie is being a stubborn child and making you suffer with her pregnancy hormones?” I said putting the rapper in the dustbin.

“Hello, Luna. Yeah! She has been quite childish and overly emotional. I am having hard time but she made me to love her more each passing day.” He said giving me a sheepish look.

“I’m happy for you two. Oh..and have you seen Anord? He is missing since the morning.” I asked wiping the cream off my hand with the tissue.

“Alpha! Uh...he didn’t came for breakfast and I too haven’t seen him nor he...” He said thinking where Anord might be.

“It’s okay. He is not a kid to get lost and would return soon.” I said with a small smile.

“No. Alpha sometimes become a kid. I mean he do not let anyone to know about him and would spend less time here. But when you have come he hadn’t done that. Oh..yeah he might be running in the woods. You can check there.” He said carrying the plates filled with muffins for his mate.

“Thanks Dan. I will check there.”

I walked through the woods and heard rustling sound. After walking ahead I found Anord strolling in his wolf form.

He stopped once he saw me approaching him and looked intensely at me. My hands itched to run through his soft fur so I slowly rub his fur. He pur in my touch and snuggles with me. I felt like I was hugging my big teddy bear.

After a while he ran behind the bush transforming into his human form and I couldn’t stop drooling over him as he came towards me. He was just in his shorts and his upper half was in display. He gave me a playful smirk and pulled me into him.

“You’re phone was ringing and you didn’t bother to take it.” I said while holding his hand.

“It was not important and I was taking shower. And why did you run away from me?.” He said making circle in my wrist.

“Umm.. I was holding my nature call but your touch made it worst and if I had not run then I would have pee in your bed.”

“It would have been nice.” He said with a coy smile.

“Seriously?! I would have die from embarrassment.” I said while hitting his chest playfully.

“Stop hitting me otherwise they would think I let my mate win over me.” He said holding my hand near his chest.

I removed my hand from his hold and looked at him to find him looking at the front. I too looked at the front and saw a castle in its glory. My mouth was parted and I gawk at the castle like to check if it was my illusion.

“Close you mouth cupcake otherwise flies will enter.”

“Is it real? A castle?! It wasn’t there before.” I voiced out looking surprised.

“It is here cupcake. It was and is...” He said making me walk forward alongside him.

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