Alpha's Lost Love

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32.I'm sorry

“It’s been a long time your highness. Welcome Luna to the Petrenion castle.” A bulky man said in a respectful tone with a bow.

“Roman.” Anord called receiving the man’s greeting and I just nodded my head.

“Petrenion castle?” I asked looking surprised.

“Yes. It’s name after the city and it’s hidden from the outside world.” Anord said walking further and I followed him.

“Oh! It’s beautiful and...” I said mesmerized by the beauty of the castle.

I eyed each and every corner with admiration and intake the beauty of the incredible art. It looked similar to the castle shown in the faily tales but it was enchanting.

We then walked through the long corridor and the maids whom I recognized due to their clothes halt their work to bow to their king.

“This is the place where I lost everything including myself. Here, my parents were killed brutally and I couldn’t do anything. I cried calling mom but she just made me to run. I wasn’t strong enough to protect her. I’m a runaway kid. I..” He said in a sad voice while remembering the bitter memories.

“We were so happy Ukrine but...I’m not fitted to be the king. I’m not...” He looked sad and sat near the throne.

“No. You’re perfect for the title and you would be a great king. The whole pack love you and you have the ability to make them happy.” I said sitting beside him and hugging him from the side.

“I wish I could change the time. I just didn’t want to lose them but I need to live as my mom had made me to promise her that I would be the next king.” He said while hugging me tightly.

“Then why didn’t you fulfill her promise?” I asked slowly running my hand on his back.

“I had lost myself until I find you. I was disappointed to not find my mate soon and somehow I do not want one too.” He said putting his face on the crook of my head.

When he said that I felt a pang on my chest as if something hard pierced me. I had not thought that I would get to hear it from him. And I zoned out while staring at the beautiful ceilings.

“....I’m sorry.” I heard him say after a long silence and I just looked at him with wide eyes.

“Huh?” I asked with a questioning gaze.

“I’m happy to meet you after years of waiting. Thank you for coming into my life and helping me to get some sense.” He said with adoration in his eyes.

“Anord!” I called after a minute.

“Hmm...” He said in response.

“Can I ask you something? Will you give me an honest answer?” I asked in a low voice.

He snapped his head towards me and gaze at me for a second then gestured me to continue talking.

“Are you not happy with me as your mate?” I asked the question which was bugging me from yesterday.

“What are you talking about? Ukrine. Why did you think that way?” He said looking bewildered.

“You’re special to me cupcake. I’m thankful to moon goddes that she grant you as my mate. I’m more than happy. Now, I think I finally know what to do.” He said pulling me in a possessive hug.


“I don’t think red goes well with yellow.” Serenity said with a pout.

“Why do think so?” I voiced out in a pissed tone.

“Well, they too are bright colors and it will look odd.” She said batting her eyelashes and showing her manicure nails.

“That’s a good thought hon but it’s depends on how the person like to wear.” I said giving a yellow clutch to Cres.

I was in the pack house with the ladies and we’re here to make Cres ready for her date. She had worn a sexy red dress with curly hairs. She was looking absolutely gorgeous and Tristan won’t be able to take his eyes off her.

“Yeah, I agree.” Swez said with a bright smile.

“Okay then. Good luck to you girl. Make me proud.” Serenity said pulling Cres into a hug.

Talking about the annoying girl aka Serenity. She is the alpha of the Charles’s pack and friend of Cresela. We did not get along well and it’s the second time I had met her.

After giving a once over to Cres, I walked towards the kitchen and I heard someone talking in a hushed voice. It was female voice and I was familiar with that lady. I wasn’t interested in their talks but when they took my name I become stiff halting in my place.

“...Ukrine must be hurt.” Lexie said in a sad voice.

“She must be and anyone would be Lex. I don’t know why Alpha is not marking her. He was happy to see her and now what’s holding him back.” Fiona said sounding agitated.

“Alpha sometimes do not show what he feels and nobody can predict his thoughts. If he wants Ukrine to be his Luna then he would have make her already.”

“Yeah and Serenity. Why did she came back now?”

“She must have been disappointed as she couldn’t be the Luna and our Queen. She too hadn’t found her mate so Alpha was going to mate her.”

That piece of information made me to feel like my whole world had been upside down. I hold the doorframe tight as I felt like I’m short of oxygen.

He really was going to give my place to her, that annoying little bitch.

When I had met her first at the dinner, she had given me a look of hate. Now I understand why she had not like me at first and glared at me. I thought that she dislike human but it’s total different story here.

Lexi and Fiona did not see me as they were far away at the corner and I was at the doorstep. If I hadn’t listened to them then I wouldn’t have know about the whole matter.

I turned around to go to my room when I saw Anord and Serenity in the living room. A lone tear escape when I saw two figure laughing holding each other hand and talking sweetly. That scene made me broken from inside and outside.

I felt a huge pain in my chest and collapsed on the ground. I clutch my chest tightly with my hands and tears slip from my eyes like a river.

“Ukrine! Ukrine?! Are you alright? Why you crying like this?” Fiona was first one to approach me.

“Alpha! Look she is crying.”

Anord came running towards me and asked me if I was hurt while helping me to get up.

People came around and asked me questions but I was in no mood to answer their freaking questions.

I just did one thing that I thought would make me feel good. I slapped my mate, their Alpha and the king of werewolf, which made everyone to gasp in shock.

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