Alpha's Lost Love

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33.Stay happy

“Get away from me. You bloody cheater.” I yelled at Anord who was blocking my way when I was going towards my car.

“Ukrine! Just listen f-” Anord was trying to reason out but I stop him.

“What to listen? That you don’t want me and you are happy with Serenity. I was so happy to be with just mess it up.” I lashed out at him.

“You know Anord, I thought that I will be happy with you and you too wanted me but it’s seem like I have made a huge mistake. For you, I left my dad and my life but still you are not comfortable around me. I can’t be with someone who does not trust me.” I said passing by him and threw my luggage in the backseat of the car.

“Stop Ukrine! Don’t....” He said pinning me to the car and looked deadly at me.

His eyes were bulging with anger and it looked like he was trying hard not to rip my head off my body.

“Don’t what? You wereman, I just feel disgusted to be around you.” I said with pure hatred.

“Is that so?” He asked looking intensely at me while trying to sound calm.

For a second I get lost in his eyes. His eyes was changing its color and I saw different emotions in it. I tried to see the truth in his eyes but it was like he blocked me.

Then I recalled his word “I was disappointed to find you as my mate.”

I closed my eyes tightly and tried to avoided his penetrating gaze.

The close proximity made my breath hitched and I wanted to hug him tight and hear him say that it’s not true but when I looked into his eyes it was emotionless.

With utmost strength I push him and walked towards the driver seat. I wanted to go away from here. I wanted to forget everything, everything about him and his place.

Some part of me still wanted to be there but when the person to whom I’m related did not want me then I had no right to stay there.

“Luna what are you doing?” Tate asked with a surprise voice.

“Ukrine! Wait you can’t go like this.” Swez stood beside me and held my hand making me turn towards her.

“Swez, I will miss you a lot. Charles you too.” I said and we three group hug.

“Stay happy.” I said to them with a small smile.

“I’m thankful for the care you have given me and I will never forget your kindness. But now I must take a leave.” I said to looking at Tate, Dan, Lexie, Fiona and other pack members who were looking at my crazy state.

“Please don’t go.” I heard Dan said but it did not matter because the one who need to say was standing still without showing any emotion.

With a small sad smile I turned around and get inside the driver seat. My heart was beating at high speed and my ears wanted to hear Anord voice saying not to leave me. But that did not happen instead he just gave me a blank look and let me go.

Anger, pain, frustration, hurt, devastation and many more sad feelings I was feeling but that didn’t matter to Anord. He might be happy that he did not have to pretend anymore. He just wanted me for his wolf nothing else as I would give him more power if I became his Luna.

That’s what made me mad and when I leave then he can live happily with Serenity. I dislike her but she would be perfect for him as she is a alpha, beautiful and a werewolf.

With a last glance at the my friends, I drove my car out of there. After a while, I stopped my car at the middle of a deserted area and cry my heart out.

If I had listened to dad then this day wouldn’t have happened. He had told me that it’s not the right place for me to stay but I didn’t listen to him.

I was such a bad daughter that I left him when he was sick and at the time when he needed me the most. Regret was what I felt and tears were slipping from my eyes like a never ending waterfall.

I clenched my chest and cried out loud which made the people in the passing car to look at my side with confusion.

“Miss. Are you okay?” A cop asked me while knocking on my window glass.

“Ahh...Yes.” I managed to voice out while wiping the tears from my face.

“That’s good. Anyways, miss this place is dangerous so it’s good for you to leave soon.” The cop said with a concern in his voice.

“I was about to go.” I said igniting the engine and drove to my father house.

On the way I clear my mind getting rid of the thoughts of Anord saying that I deserve better than him and I would not tell anyone about them.

Yeah! I wouldn’t as no one would easily believe me and their secret were know to some authorities only. And Lexie had once told me that if I dare to tell anyone then the person and me both would lost our lives.

After driving for another hour or so I halt my car at the entrance and get inside with my luggage. I saw Linda walking out of dad’s office so I went inside.

“Dad. I’m bac....” I stopped mid sentence when I saw the person whom I had least expect to see.

“Ah....princess. We were waiting for you.” Dad said pulling me into a hug.

“Me?” I asked with a surprise look.

“Yeah! Swezla told me everything. I’m sorry.”

“No Dad it’s was my mistake t-” I was cut off by a deep hoarse malice voice.

“I had told you but you didn’t listen. ” Xeres who was in black from head to toe said with a happy smile.

“You? What are you doing here?” I rudely asked.

“He is here to invite you.” Dad said with a small smile.

“For what?” I asked with a big eyes.

“You will see. And it’s my time to leave. Happy to see you back here.” Xeres smiled and walked to the door.

“Tell me what is it otherwise I won’t come.” I said out loud which made him to stop on his track but he did not turn around.

“It’s what your dad wants you to do and you will know soon.” with that he left the room.

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