Alpha's Lost Love

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“What did he just say dad?” I asked dad with a pissed tone.

“Princess, he has invited you to lunch tomorrow morning. Someone will come to take you at 11am.” Dad said in a firm voice.

“But Dad....” I whined like a child while making faces.

“I know everything princess but he need you to show something and he promised he will take care of you. I think you should go.” Dad said looking intensely at me saying that it’s up to me to decide.

I was exhausted and devastated from my earlier encounter and again I had to encounter another. Then Dad left the room as he got a call and I strode towards my room. I kick off my shoes and sprawled in the bed.

A lone tear slip from my eyes and Anord face flashes. His sharp jaw line, plump lips and captive eyes which made me want to kiss him again and again.

I remembered how he kiss and hug me. I felt a sharp pain in my heart and I closed my eyes tightly to forget everything.

After sometime I found someone shaking me and asking to get up but I yelled to go away. My head was hurting like hell and so did my chest so I refuse Linda to have dinner.

She tried to make me get up but I didn’t budge. I slept on my stomach with heavy heart and head.


The intense light made me to wince and I slowly open my eyes to find that another day is up. Linda was looking at me like she had seen a ghost and she was the one who had opened the window.

“Damn, Linda. Why did you wake me up?” I said while rubbing my eyes and sat up on the bed.

“Have you check the clock? It’s 10 already and you forget you need to go somewhere.” She said putting fresh flowers in the vase.

“Oh shit! I overslept.” I said getting up from bed and wore my slippers.

“Are you alright? You didn’t have dinner and slept till now.” She asked in a concerned voice.

“I’m fine Linda and it’s just headache. I need to take a shower.” I said while squeezing a smile and walked towards the bathroom.

I strip my dress and get inside the warm water which soothes my skin and made me feel relaxed. Yesterday night I had promised myself that I will not remember anything about the past and concentrate on my projects.

I had to make my dad proud by helping him in office and I had to take over the company.

I did not know where Xeres was taking me for the lunch so I wore a white shirt with a denim. If I was happy or excited I would have gone for a skirt but I was depressed.

I loosen my hair and did a light makeup to get rid of my ghost face crying from yesterday.

Exactly at 11 a.m., Linda came to tell me that someone was there to take me and at that time I was putting on my shoes. Then I hurriedly grab my mobile and went downstairs as not to keep the person waiting.

“Princess. Have a nice time?” Dad said giving me a peck on my head as I greeted him.

Then I walked towards the front door with a nod and there a black Ford was waiting for me to hop on. The person waiting was not Xeres but a man who work for him.

As he saw me he opened the door for me to get in and he drove the car once he settled down.

“His highness is waiting for you in the Vorech.” He said after few minutes.

I just gave a small smile with a nod of my head and looked outside the window to ease my mind. I was looking at the houses and people outside but that was only for my eyes to see as I didn’t notice anything. My mind was blank and didn’t even notice when the car came to halt.

“Thank you.” I said getting off to the car.

As soon as I step outside, a girl wearing a maid outfit came towards me and with a respectful bow spoke in a sweet voice.

“Please follow me miss.”

I smiled walking behind her and she stopped on a pathway to the place where Xeres was standing and showed me the way. Saying thank you to her I walked towards Xeres.

He was wearing a black shirt and pants with a black jacket. He came forward once he saw me and gave me a bright smile.

“It’s great to see you here Ukrine. I’m sorry I couldn’t come to receive you.” He said taking my right hand and placed a kiss.

“It’s not a problem. This place is beautiful.” I said looking around as he lead me towards the sitting area.

There was a table at the center with two chairs decorated with flowers and it looked welcoming.

“Not as beautiful as you.” He said with a sweet voice.

I just gave a small smile and he pulled a chair for me to settle down. The arrangement was good but it would be better if we were to have dinner as the lighting would make it more irresistible.

“Can we order? You must be hungry.” He said pointing towards the menu.

“Yeah sure.” I said looking at menu and order few dishes.

“This place is called Vorech and it is the place where we bring our date.” He said looking intensely at me.

“I’m not your date.” I said sounding mad.

“Yes you’re.” He said in a stern voice.

“No. I’m not.” I retorted but the topic ended as our food arrived and we eat in awkward silence as he was the only one talking and me nodding my head.

“I had told that Anord is not what he shows.” He said once we were heading towards his castle.

We were at the south wing and heading towards the east.

“Let’s not talk about it.” I said while halting on my track.

“I won’t if you stay here for a while.” He said looking expectantly at me.

“I don’t think so..” I hesitated while avoiding his gaze.

“Please.” He said with a pleading eyes and somehow I ended up nodding my head.

“Good. They will be happy to see you. Let’s go.” He said making me walking beside him.

Who the hell are they?

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