Alpha's Lost Love

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35. Don't you guys

I couldn’t believe that I followed him as if being possess by the beauty around me. That place was just out of the world, I mean it’s just..I couldn’t express in the words.

It was different from Petrenion castle and it was dark as if no source of light was available. Only a ray of light came from one corner and it illuminates the whole place.

The maids were weird as if they were possess with something evil. The way they look at you was very dangerous and the silence was killing me.

I did not know with whom he was going to introduce me and I did not feel like asking him.

I saw him glancing at me from time to time while walking but he did not speak a word which made me feel at ease.

Actually saying I did not feel anything expect some kind of uneasiness as I had been in the supernatural world and somehow I had been used to it.

Xeres had not told me anything about him being a vampire but I knew that he already knows that I’m aware of his truth and the silence was mademe calm.

Then we walked through a long corridor and entered a room with the antique sofa and the rich carpets sprawl on the floor.

We weren’t alone in that room, there were others too who were engage in their conversations that they did not notice us.

“Hello everyone. Today’s guest has arrive.” Xeres said in a authoritative voice and gave a beautiful smile to me.

As if to show respect, everyone stood up and gave a beautiful smile. There were altogether 10 people along with their partners in their best dress. And they were staring at me as if I was some kind of alien.

Yeah, for them I was an alien or I must say their food so I felt uncomfortable with their gaze and I was thankful that they didn’t show me their fangs.

By their appearance they all look like a typical vampire and they were quite beautiful. It was also due to their features that I became friends with Xeres. Everyone like beautiful things and I adore him but I did not have intense feelings for him.

“Wow. Honey you’re so gorgeous. I’m Amelia by the way.” One of the blonde came forward and engulfed me in a hug.

“Thank you. I’m Ukrine Texel. Nice to meet you Amelia.” I said in an awkward tone as her identity made me felt scare.

“Guys come and introduce yourself. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable. Your gaze is making her afraid.” Amelia said going towards other people and holding the hand of one of the male with whom she was sitting before.

“Ukrine you don’t have to feel uncomfortable they’re my family and they like you. Don’t you guys?” Xeres said in his deep voice and walked me towards the sofa.

“Of course we’re happy to meet her after so many years. Now finally we can see you happy.” One of the lady said standing from her seat and coming towards me.

“I’m Laura. He is Ron my mate. We are glad you came here.” She said pointing towards her mate.

I did not know that vampire too have mate. I wanted to ask how vampire can be matted to werewolf as Xeres wants Wein to be his mate before but I just wave it off.

Then I got to know others name as Luca, Erin, Troy, David, Lily, Rain and Dawn. I shook hands with the males and hug the females.

When Erin was hugging me I felt her teeth grazing on my neck. For a second I thought she would bite me and I was stiff but then she broke the hug and smirked at me.

Then I sat beside Xeres and the maid served drinks but I refuse to take as I do not drink alcohol. I also got to know that they were each other mate and had mated years ago.

They spoke with high respect to Xeres as he being their king. And they were his sisters and cousins and certified vampires.

“You must stay and attend today’s party.” Amelia said with great enthusiasm.

I got to know that in the evening they had a ceremony to celebrate and after that a party will begin. It’s always celebrated once in twelve years which makes them to interact with different vampires.

“It would be great but I shall leave. I was here for lunch though.” I said in a low voice.

“No. You must come to the ceremony and I’m inviting you. Xeres might have forgotten to tell you.” Dawn said with a bright smile.

“Yeah Ukrine. You must stay and I will talk to your dad and tell him about the ceremony. You can also stay tonight over ad it would late at night.” Xeres said looking intensely at me.

“But I-” I was cut of by Amelia saying that I shouldn’t miss the once in years ceremony and must attend it.

And I tried to reason out but those stubborn vampire made me to agree.

“Okay, then let’s go and look out the dresses.” Erin said with not so happy voice and we all followed her.


“Oh! Ukrine. You’re looking so pretty. Xeres do have a nice choice.” Laura said with a bright smile.

Indeed I was looking beautiful in a pink ball gown studded with rhinestones which was personally bought by Xeres from where I didn’t dare to ask. And others were also looking beautiful.

Then they take me to the hall where the ceremony was taking place. The ceremony ended in two hours and it quite was strange but I just observe their ritual like a guest.

Afterwards the party began and Xeres introduce me to his people. I didn’t know why he introduced me to them and just get along with him. And I was glad they did not bite me and suck my blood.

“Hello Ukrine. Nice to meet you again.” Serenity said with a teasing look and suppressing my disgust I greeted her with a hello.

I was shocked to see her there and pulled Xeres to the side while asking him about her. And he told me that it was the gathering of werewolves and vampires.

That meant I might run into Anord. Thinking about the possibility I decided to get away from there.

“ I’m with Anord. He is talking with Travis.” I heard Serenity said to one of the lady as I was passing by.

“Oh. Love just make everything possible even when we are not mates.” The lady replied with a smile.


I thought Anord loved me but it was only me who had love him. The bitter truth stab my heart and a lone tear escape from my eyes.

Why Anord?


Then I looked at Serenity and saw her smiling like a love struck teenager. Averting my gaze I left the hall as I was not ready to face Anord.

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