Alpha's Lost Love

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37.Come with me

“Did you slept well beautiful?” A deep and hoarse voice asked me from the center of the dinner table giving me a bright smile.

“Yeah. Thanks for letting me stay.” I said while giving a small smile although it’s hurt to smile.

I took a seat at the middle of the table as the table was so large and long that it would be able to fit large mass of people and I want to stay away from them.

The table was cover with silk showcasing its richness and expensive dinner sets were placed on it which screams of royalty.

I still couldn’t get over the things that had happened yesterday night. I couldn’t believe that I love a werewolf and had been loving since I had met him.

It still hurts to know that I was the only one feeling it and the pain didn’t the subsided a bit.

When I had left the party I bumped into Xeres and he took me to his favorite place. The place was breathtaking but I was so indulge in my pain that I didn’t care of my surrounding.

Once again I cried my heart out and told myself to become strong. Then aj had told Xeres to leave me alone and enjoy the party but he denied me and sat with me while I was trying to forget everything.

For once I thought that I would ask Xeres to erase all my memory as vampire possess that ability but then again I decided to cherish the good memories only.

“Good morning Ukrine. Hope you enjoy yesterday night.” Amelia greeted me with a beautiful smile and sat across me along with her mate who just nodded at me.

“Good morning Amelia. I enjoyed it.” I said taking the glass of juice to drink.

Others too join us and we all started having our breakfast. There were different types of dishes placed across the table but they were only taking drinks which confused me.

I tried to focus on my food so I took the fork and a knife and cut the pancake during which I cut my finger and blood started to flow. It was just a small cut but I make a loud sound.

“Ouch!” I screamed which made everyone to look at me.

And I was pressing the napkin on the wound when something passes by me in the supersonic speed and crashed on the far away end of the room with a loud thud.

I was startled and saw a girl body which was none other than Erin who was lying on the floor unconscious or maybe even dead.

I gasped in shock and looked at the side to find Xeres standing by my side with an unreadable expression.

“Are you okay?” Xeres asked me and took my wounded finger in his hold while inspecting it.

“I....” words were not formed and my throat seemed dry as I had witnessed the unexplainable situation.

What had just happened?

“How could you do this to your sister? You killed her.” A loud, mad, deep voice came from the side where Erin was lying and it’s none other Luca who looked furious and was holding Erin’s body in his embrace.

“She was going to kill Ukrine. If I hadn’t seen her coming then she would have suck her blood.” Xeres said in a anger fill voice which made everyone flinch.

“What?!” I was beyond shocked and surprised.

Erin was going to....Oh! God.

“How do you know that she was going to kill her? Maybe she was trying to help her.” Luca yelled at Xeres and glared at me which made me look away as his eyes were bulging like a fire and it was burning me.

“I have seen her eyeing Ukrine differently as if she was disgusted with her sight. I haven’t killed her yet but will do if she or anyone try to lay their finger on her.”

“She will regain her consciousness in ten days. Take her to the room and everyone leave.” Xeres used his outmost loud voice which made my eardrum hurt and I shivered in fear.

Luca carried Erin bridal style and took her too his room not before glaring at me and others too left the room leaving me alone with the angry vampire but his anger was not towards me which made me feel a little bit better.

“It will hurt a little.” He said placing antiseptic on my wound and wrapped a band-aid around it.

I didn’t even know when he brought first aid and clean my wound. I was just staring at the chandelier blankly.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized and gave a sad face.

I just nodded my head and removed my hand from his hold which he was holding for awhile.

“Come with me.” He said forwarding his hand for me to take but I just raised my eyebrows in confusion.

Then he gestured me to take his hand and I didn’t had choice other than following him.

I took a hold of his hand and he began walking towards the dark hallway. I could see him looking tired and stress but he hide it without any suspicion.

I knew he was trying to subside his anger and did not want to let me see it so I just followed him and maintained a good silence.

“Here we are.” He looked at me and gave a beautiful smile.

We halted at the front of the big wooden door which seemed to be locked from long time as it was quite difficult for the maid, who had just came to open it.

Then the door opened and we entered inside to find it spotlessly clean and free of spider webs or other dirty things.

It was a big room and there was nothing else other than paintings. I mean only one persons painting and that’s none other than me.

I looked at each and every painting and find the same face but in different positions.

When I went in one of corner, there I found photographs of me. It was of my high schools years and there were all pin on the wall like a collection. I looked at each and every picture and found out that there was no single photo that was missing.

The photographs were of me sitting alone, going for shopping, laughing with friends, at cafeteria and at other places. I sighed in relief that I was not stalk in my bathroom.

“How is it?” A happy man voice came and Xeres looked at me with a proud look.

“What the hell Xeres? You have been stalking me.” I sounded pissed and glared at him.

“No. I was checking i-.” He began but I cut him off.

“Checking? Huh, you have kept my photographs like a serial killer keeping track of my each and every detail. You’re such a creep.” I yelled at him and huff in annoyance.

“I just want to know if you are okay as I don’t want you to get hurt. I love you and don’t want to lose you again.” He said placing his hands on my shoulder and tried to calm me but I pushed him away.

“Love? Do you even know it’s meaning? It’s obsession what you have for me.” I shouted looking straight into his eyes.

He was hurt to hear it and then began clenching his knuckles until it began white and yelled in frustration which made me to shut my ear with both hands.

“I have waited long and it’s time for you to be my love.” He said giving me a devilish smile and laughed out loud like a maniac.

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