Alpha's Lost Love

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38.I will get out of here

“LEAVE ME XERES . LET ME GO. I WANT TO GO HOME.” I pleaded to the merciless vampire but he dragged me to gods knows where and my wrist hurted from his hard grip.

“Dad will be waiting for me Xeres and you have told me that I can leave today. Let me go.” I yelled at him and tried to wriggle out my hand from his grip but his hold was too strong for my liking.

When his laughter had subside he had tried to pull me in his embrace but I had pushed him and tried to go away but he caught me and pulled me out of that place and had been dragging me to gods knows where.

This time I totally regretted staying here and first coming to his place. I should have decline the offer when I knew about his obsession for Wein and him being a crazy five hundred years old vampire.

He is such a creep who has got my pictures and told me that it was to keep me safe. I feel disgusted with his touch and wished that someone could save me. But it’s none of use as no vampires would help me as they couldn’t defy their mad king.

His age is around my great, great and many great grandfathers and he wants me to be his love. How disgusting and ugly it’s seems but no he is still fit and young that make him look like a man in his late 20′s.

He then pushed me inside the room where I had spend the night yesterday and I fell down on the floor. If not for the floppy and soft carpet I would have wounded my butt. As I looked up, I saw Xeres glaring at me furiously and with a threatening gaze he closed the door behind us.

“What are you doing? Let me go.” I shouted while getting up and mustered up my courage to speak harshly at him but he didn’t seem affected as he just gave a playful smirk.

“You will stay here from now onwards until I announce you as my queen. You gonna love it.” He said sounding happy.

“Queen my foot. I will not be the bloodsucker’s queen and will leave this place soon.” I said sounding mad and clenched my fist.

“You wounded my heart beautiful. I was your special person, wasn’t I? Anord is the villain here.” He said trying to come towards me but I moved back getting away from his reach.

“Yeah you were my special person but I don’t think that person would kept me captive in his place. You are the not the Xeres I had met before. You are insane.” I shouted at him with furious eyes.

“I’m insanely in love with you and I don’t want to take the risk again so I will make you mine once I have all things clear up.” He said giving me a smirk.

“You’re obsessed with me and that was with Wein too. It was just lust that you wanted to fulfill and the same is with me.” I said with a disgusted look.

“Wein is my first love and I have waited enough for her as she came being you. Now it’s time to do the deed. Be ready to come to my world.” He said taking a deep breath and looked straight into my eyes.

“How could you love when she was a werewolf and you are a bloodsucker?” I asked the question which was killing me to get answer.

“I had already think about it. I would mate with her and she would eventually become mine. We would have spend our life happily and live in peace.” He said with a dreamy look.

“She would never have been with you as she had waited for her mate and in the end too she end her life rather than being with you. You can’t live happily after doing sins so you have been cursed to live forever.” I lashed out with gritted teeth.

“You know much more than I thought you do. I was not cursed but am living to wait for Wein which is you Ukrine and you will accept me sooner or later. Now be a good girl and stay until I come for you. Don’t cry out loud? I don’t want to see my queen’s swollen eyes.” He said sounding concerned and with a last look at me, he sprinted out from the room and locked the door from outside.

I yelled out loud to open the door and bang on the door but nobody came for my rescue. I searched for my mobile but it was out of battery and unfortunately there was no charger.

I tried to lookout for a window or a small door which I would use for escape but I found none. I bang on the door several times till I get tired.

I sighed in frustration and fell down on the floor near the edge of the bed. Tears slipped from my eyes and I cried like I do not know anything other than crying.

I hate crying but I couldn’t suppress the tears that were threatening to fall as I felt hopeless and there was no one to blame. The dark room did nothing good but made me even more irritated.

I have known from the start that Xeres is dangerous and will do something stupid and now he kept me captive. Then my gaze fell on something red which was shining beside my pillow.

When I looked at it, it was a small pouch which was giving to me by one mysterious lady as a small gift when I had come across her while going to my room.

I then put it in my pant pocket and tried to think of escaping this place. If I ran from this room then also the guards would capture me and take me to Xeres and he would be more angry and will do something stupid. I hope dad wouldn’t believe his lie and come to take me.

The hope of dad or someone coming to rescue me go in vain as I remained inside the room for two days and there was no sign of people around or I must say vampires.

A maid would come and place food for me and leave immediately without sparing me a glance which made me detest the room, the palace and moreover Xeres.

How could I survive being in same place as the insane vampire?

* * * * *

“Beautiful! It’s not good to skip food. You will be sick and look how skinny you have become.” Xeres said trying to touch my face but I moved away from him.

“Don’t you dare touch me, you insane vampire? Go away from me.” I yelled out while glaring at him.

“Okay but not until you eat your food. Your father asked me if you’re eating well and I told him that you’re more than happy. Don’t make your father sad seeing you like this?” He said while placing the plate in front of me.

“Where is dad? Has he come to take me? Please let me see him.” I said in a pleased voice to make him consider me but no, he just turn away from me and went towards the old cupboard.

“No one will come for you Ukrine. Your dad is happy to hear that you’re with me and talking about your mate, he will never come to get you and don’t even think about it. You have no choice other than staying here with me being my queen.” He said with a smug look.

His words pierced my heart and it was somewhat true that dad would believed him while Anord would never care.

“You can’t keep me captive for long. I will get out of here. I will fight back until my last breath and wouldn’t let you make me weak. You’re just a maniac who just want to fulfill his desires and lust forgetting about the world.” I yelled out loud causing my throat to hurt as I had not eaten nor drank form two days.

“I love you and you will also love me once you become mine.” He said while holding my shoulder and made me flinch at his touch.

I threw his hands away and shoved him with the pillow hard that he feel on the ground as I was in the bed.

“How dare you bi.. ” He stand up and was about to bang my head against the headrest then there was a loud noise coming from outside.

“Master! We’re ambushed.” A worried voice came from the door and Xeres sprinted out in a speed that Erin had used but fail miserably to harm me.

But that bloody bloodsucker didn’t forget to locked the door and I was captive again.

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