Alpha's Lost Love

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3. I'm feeling horrible

The sound of someone talking made me open my eyes. I couldn't adjust to the light so I closed my eyes and opened it again.

I feel pain in my head and when I touched my head I found a bandage wrapped around my forehead. I tried to get up and was about to fall when two hands wrapped around my back and supported me.

When I looked up at the person, his sight was breathtaking. He was like a Greek God. I couldn't describe him in words. He is beyond perfect and very charming.

Our eyes were locked and we stared at each other for a while. Then the clearing of throat disturbed us and he looked away while helping me lay down in the bed.

And from the corner of my eyes, I saw his eye color change from yellow to grey, which was quite odd. Then a lady wearing a white coat walked towards the bed and stood beside the bed.

"May I?" She asked looking at the man who has just helped me and waited for the man to stepped aside.

Then the lady gave me a warm smile and took my left hand. She checked my pulse and then checked my eyes.

I could not understand what the hell was happening and I just let her do her work without protesting as I could not recall a thing.

As if understanding my discomfort, she introduced me as a doctor and her name is Diana. She seems to be quite friendly and her smile was welcoming.

"How are you feeling?" She asked checking out the machine at the side and I lay down resting my head at the bedrest.

"Frankly saying, I'm feeling horrible." I said while touching the bandage wrapped around my forehead.

"Yeah. You would feel like that as you have injured your head badly. Anyways, can you tell me your name?" She asked in a concerned voice as if I don't know my name.

"I...I.." I couldn't say further as I couldn't remember my freaking name.

What the hell is going on? How couldn't I say my name?

"It's alright. Relax lu..." She stopped herself from speaking further as if she was going to say my name and looked at the greek god who was giving a death glare towards her and if I heard clearly then he might have growl like an animal.

How can a human make an animal sound?

The doctor is right I seemed to have seriously hurt my head and poor me cannot remember my name. A sharp pain shot through my head which made me hold my head in pain and the doctor removed my hand and inject me with some medicine.

My hands felt weak and I couldn't help but let the doctor lay me down in the bed. My eyes searched for the Greek God who was inside the room and I saw him standing at the door.

Our eyes met and my sight became blurry. Then I saw him walking out and the doctor followed him. I wanted to call them but the medicine made me weak and I drifted to sleep.


The sound of pulling the chair alerts me and I regain my consciousness. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a girl of my age smiling at me.

She has beautiful facial features and her brown eyes made her look cute. I tried to get up and noticing my action she helped me to lay on my back by putting the pillows behind my head.

"Thank you." I voice out sounding grateful.

"You're welcome." She said handing me a glass of water.

Then she gave me a bowl of soup and I have it like I haven't eaten in ages. Seeing me eating fast, she told me to slow down otherwise I will choke.

After finishing the food, she took the tray and placed it on the table. She sat down in the chair near my bed while looking at me with amusement.

''You are very pretty.'' She said with a genuine smile plastered on her face and I just said thank you.

"Your welcome." She tried to imitate my voice and we both laugh out loud.

After laughing enough, I glanced around my surroundings and find hospital accessories.

"I'm in the hospital?" I asked to confirm my guess and she hmm in acknowledgment.

I tried to remember where I was before I hurt my head but I couldn't remember anything. I put a lot of pressure but I still couldn't retrieve a fragment of memory.

"Stop. You are hurting." The girl hurriedly grabbed my right hand and rubbed it while trying to calm me.

"Oh! I forgot to introduce myself." She shook her head looking embarrassed and I squeezed her hand stating that I'm okay.

"I'm Cresel Cilard." She smiled showing her perfect white teeth.

"I..." The smile on my face erased when I recalled the bitter truth and I sulked clutching the edge of the duvet.

"It's okay. Doctor Diana said that you will get your memory back someday." Her words made me have some faith.

"You had severely injured your head and it's good that he found you at right time. And you will get recover soon."

Cresel said in a firm voice and. I decided to believe her.

"Washroom." I muttered glancing around the room.

"Let me help you." Cresel stood up and take me to the wooden door at the side.

" can..." I supported myself holding the washroom and Cresel walked out the door understanding my unspoken words.

I turned around to look at the mirror and saw the dull girl with a tightly wrapped bandage around her forehead wearing a hospital pajama.

I touched my pale face and carefully washed my face as not to wet the bandage and then I wiped my face with the towel hanging on the wall.

When I walked a step, my legs hurt and I limped trying to reach the door. Then the door opened and Cresel came inside looking worried.

"You should have called me." She gave me disapproving look and helped me walk out.

"You are not fully recovered so rest." She made me lay down on the bed and pulled the duvet over my body.

"I a-" I was about to say that I'm okay when the door opened and three handsome men entered in their full glory.

Two of them have a smile plastered on their face but the greek god from before was emotionless, he was difficult to comprehend like a long passage.

''Hello, I am Tate.'' One of the guys introduced himself and I smiled nodding my head.

''Hi, I am Dan, and...he is Anord.'' The second guy introduced and the name Anord caught my attention.

Subconsciously, his name rolls out of my tongue and all of them look at me with amusement.

I couldn't handle such attention so a blush crept on my cheek making me look like a tomato and the atmosphere become quite odd.

After a few seconds, I regained my composer and greeted them with a hello, which was a mere whisper but they seemed to have good hearing power.

"Ukrine." Dan broke the awkward silence gaining my attention.

"Huh." I said looking bewildered.

"Your name. Hello! Ukrine." Tate said shaking his head at Dan and Dan shoot daggers at him.

"Ukrine?!" I asked with some uncertainty.

"We found the bracelet near the ground where you were lying so it should be yours as we didn't find anyone around and the name was engraved in it." He said in a duh tone and everyone nodded in agreement.

Ukrine. That's my name but what the hell I was doing in the forest and how I have injured my head?

"Are you ready to go?" Tate asked with a huge smile as if he has been waiting for this day.

"Umm..where?" I asked giving blank look.

"Home." Anord voice out in his husky voice and shiver ran down my spine making me still for a moment.

"But I...I don't know you guys." I blurted out looking at the strangers who were looking expectantly at me.

But I regretted the second I look at Anord eyes as a sad light passes through his eyes which disappear as fast as it has appeared.

"It’s up to you. You cannot stay here longer and you have no place to go.” Anord said stating the facts and looking at the way they have treated me till now, I decided to go with them.

Home. I'm coming.

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