Alpha's Lost Love

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39.Where is Anord?

I heard voices from outside like yelling, cracking of bones, scattering of things, breaking of glasses, snarling, crashing and howling.

I could also hear scream and screeching sound then I heard ruffling sound just outside my door.
I became shocked and shivered in fear.

I did not have a slightest idea of what was happening outside that made those freaking bloodsucker yell in pain and then I remembered that there had been a attack.


No. I just hope that no will enter my room. I did not want to fight with those creepy supernatural being.

Much to my dismay the door opened and a well built lady came inside breaking the door into half. My mouth parted slightly and I looked at the lady with fear.

How could she break that door with so much force?

Is she the Wonder Woman?

Then it hit me that it’s supernatural world and anything is possible. And before that lady could come near me, I tried to grab something to defend myself but I did not get anything other than the table lamp. I was about to hit the lady with it when she saw me and held my hand.

“Ahh...” I screamed in pain as her grip was so strong that it would’ve broken my bones.

“I’m sorry Luna but we need to go from here. Let’s go.” She tried to drag me but I did not move.

“Wait. Who are you and where are we going?” I asked in a small voice as if other would hear us.

“I’m one of the warriors, Jen. I’m here to take you back to the pack. We all are waiting for our queen.” She said massaging my wrist and then I felt somewhat relief.

“But I’m not your queen. I don’t w-” I was cut off by her.

“Sorry luna but can we speak while getting out from here? Those bloodsucker might have known I have come to get you.” She said while grabbing my hand a bit softly and I followed behind her without speaking a word.

We slowly move out of the room and walk through the hallway. Suddenly, I step on something hard and when I looked down I saw the head lying down which was not the good site to witness.

I shrieked and Jen covered my mouth with her hands to not let the vampire see us but unfortunately the bloodsucker heard us and we had to hide around with great difficulty.

There were blood everywhere, lifeless body in worst condition and things scatter everywhere. The palace which used to scream of its perfection and uniqueness was now a place of battle field.

I tried not to scream or puke by seeing the dead bodies. They were not only of vampires but also of some werewolves.

That made me to feel bad and moreover guilty. I did not know why but the people who hadn’t know me has given their life to protect me.

I recalled their selflessness and how they had given me love when I was at their pack. They had never spoken bad of me and had always like my presence but I left them saying that their alpha, their king cheated me. Then also they came to rescue me when my own father didn’t bother to check on me.

“Why are you here? Why to give your life for me?” I asked the lady with tear filled eyes.

“You’re our luna, our queen and most importantly it’s our duty to protect you. Without you our kind wouldn’t be able to survive. So, let’s take you out of here.” She said while shielding me from the danger.

“Where is Anord? Did he know?” I asked feeling certain a pain in my chest but I managed to ask without letting the tear slip.

“Alpha is the one who had given us order and he has gone to take revenge. We’re here to avenge on the bloodsucker for killing our late king and queen. This time we will surely win.” She said with a determined look.

Really! Anord has made them to come and rescue me. A small smile crept on my lips but slowly replaced into a frown when I realized that he is just here to take revenge and he will want to avenge me for insulting him in front of his kind as no king will tolerate such behavior.

When we were at the front of the east wing there were more lifeless bodies scattered everywhere. I had to walk carefully as not to step on them and feel more disgusted.

I was happy that we made it to the front but then a vampire came flying into our direction and was about to grab me when the warrior got hold of me and fought with him.

“Luna run. I will take care of him.” She shouted and turned into a werewolf.

I just stood there looking scared and worried. I did not want to leave her alone as she wouldn’t be able to fight with that bloody bloodsucker and she was my life savior. I tried to think about something but I couldn’t grasp anything.

“Thank you so much.” A lone tear escape form my eyes then I found someone hold on me.

“Ukrine! What are you doing here? Let’s go.” Dan told me looking worried and dragged me out from there and I saw the warrior getting bitten by the bloodsucker.

“Dan help her.” I said while trying to pull away from his grip but he hold me tight.

“I’m here to take you safe and sound so just keep walking Ukrine. Alpha is pissed off with your behavior already and don’t make it hard for him.” Dan yelled with a disappointed face and did not let me go.

“Why would he be pissed off Dan? It was m-” I was cut off by Dan again.

“Ukrine you will know soon and just kept quiet. We need to get out before anyone get to know about us.” Dan said in a frustrated voice.

“How is Lexie? And the baby?” I asked as I could not get my mind out of the bodies that were lying in the worst condition.

So I asked him to distract my thoughts and was curious to know about them.

“Lexie misses you a lot and so does the baby. We all miss you Ukrine and most importantly our Alpha. It seems you haven’t eaten anything.” Dan said while looking at my face.

Before I could answer anything we were attacked by three vampires and they circle around us. Then Dan immediately changed into a werewolf and tried to protect me.

Then another wolf jump into the circle and I know it’s Tate as his wolf will be bigger like Anord. I held the hem of my shirt in fear and tried to calm my breathing.

They started to jump into one another and tried to bite each other. I saw how mercilessly Tate rip one of the vampire head and Dan too rip another vampire’s hand.

It was a horrific scene and it was difficult to hold back my scream. Suddenly, Dan leg was bitten by the vampire and blood flow from it. He then killed the vampire and shifted into the human form.

I was about to help him when Tate who was still in the werewolf form told me to follow him. He was so adamant to take me that I had to gave up the thought of helping Dan.

Dan also told me that someone will help him and he will surely come back. Then I was followed behind Tate and I ran forward as soon as I heard Anord’s voice.

“You have started the war and now it’s my turn to end the war, bloody bloodsucker. You had killed my family mercilessly and now it’s your turn to die.” Anord said in his alpha voice.

Anord was half naked wearing his shorts and Xeres was all in his black. Xeres had a small cut on his left cheek and he was looking furiously at Anord.

And I couldn’t see Anord face as his back was facing my front. I was at the door so I could see both of them and in the corner I saw my dad who was staring at them with a blank expression.

Dad had known all about this?!

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