Alpha's Lost Love

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40.I love you

“Dad!?” I voiced out bewildered as to find him in the corner of the room which seems to be some kind of hall.

“Tate go and help Dan. I will stay here with Anord.” I said in a loud voice.

“But luna...” Tate tried to reason out but I cut him off.

“Just go Tate.” I said in a angry tone which immediately made Tate to go without any arguments.

“Ukrine! Oh! Princess. Are you alright?” Dad said coming towards my direction but fell down on the ground
as he step on the wooden stick sprawl on the ground.

“I didn’t expect to see you here Ukrine. Now it would be better to let you see your mate lifeless body.” Xeres said with a devilish smirk and pounced on Anord but Anord dodges quickly.

While I was walking towards my dad, Xeres grabbed my hand and he encircled his arm around my neck making me face Anord. Anord was looking a complete mess as if he hasn’t eaten or slept in days and was eyeing me with sadness.

He hadn’t trim his hair nor had he shaved his beard. There were dark circles underneath his eyes and he looked skinnier than before.

I could see fear and anger in his eyes and when our eyes met I could see longing and love for me. I just couldn’t take my eyes off him and we were lost in our own world till Xeres decided to broke our moment.

“Just let us go. Otherwise I will kill her and the war will be for nothing.” Xeres said sinking his fangs on my skin.

Anord was tongue tied and so was my father. Anord looked at me with pained expression and I knew tjat he was trying to think straight and trying to get rid of Xeres but he was unable to decide what to do.

When Anord was about to speak, I dug my nails into Xeres’s thigh and he loosen his grip on my neck emitting a loud hiss and I shoved him to the floor but he maintained his balanced and clutches his thigh in pain. Then Anord lunged towards him in his wolf form and they began to fight.

Thanks to my long manicure nails which did the good job.

When I was about to walk towards my dad I felt something on my pants pocket. Then I remembered that it’s a pouch which Jen had given me at the party night.

I finally recognized the mysterious lady at the party night. I fished out the pouch and opened it to find a small dagger.

If I had seen it other day I would’ve admire it and glance at in awe but now when I looked at it carefully it seems to be a silver dagger which was about my fist length.

It perfectly fitted in my hand and was quite cute to look at. My chain of thought broke down when some familiar hisses in pain.

When I looked ahead I saw Anord in the wolf form hissing in pain as Xeres seem to have wounded his leg. That scene horrified me and I ran towards them which was not the good idea as Xeres pulled me into his embrace and tighten his hold on my waist.

He was about to drag me towards the other end when the black wolf who was hissing in pain a while ago came to fight with him.

“Ukrine stab the dagger in Xeres heart.” Suddenly, Dad voiced out loud.

Xeres was about to pull the dagger out from my hand then I dodged and stabbed him in his heart. Xeres yelled in pain and tried to pull the dagger out but being the silver dagger it forze his heart.

I was looked at him with horrified expression when suddenly Xeres held my hand and was about to pull me toward him then Anord wolf pushed me in the far away corner causing me to fall down with a loud thud.

Like that I saw the insane bloodsucker, Xeres disappear into the thin air. Then Dad came to my side and pulled me into his arms. He hugged me and stroking my hair he assure me that everything thing will be alright.

I felt immense pain in my leg and found out that I had sprain my ankle. Dad helped me to stand up and told me that he was sorry that he believed Xeres.

I just told him to forget everything and engulfed him in a bone crashing hug. Our moment was broken by Tate who called Anord’s name.

When I looked at them both of them were had shorts only and Anord left arm was wounded. I pulled out of dad’s embrace and limped towards Anord who when saw me walking clutching my thigh hissing in pain and stood in front of me in a second.

“Anord you...” I was saying but he scope me up in his arm and carried me bridal style.

“Anord you are wounded and it must be treated soon. You are hurt so put me down.” I scolded looking at the wound in his left arm but he just kept walking ignoring my words.

Tate opened the car door and Anord get inside along with me in the backseat. Dad too get in and seat at the front and Tate drove us away from the awful place.

Anord asked for the first aid and dad gave him the box and Anord took out the spray and place my sore leg in his lap and apply the spray.

The sore region felt cold and I felt relief. I grabbed the box from his hand and put the antiseptic on Anord’s wound and wrapped it with the bandage.

Anord didn’t say a word nor he hiss in pain but looked into my eyes and did not blink his eyes for once. I too was lost in his eyes which show relief and happiness but there was slight pain in there.

Then I realized my behavior towards him and I also had slap him in front of his kind. That guilt made me to avert my eyes and I felt pain in my heart.

“I’m sorry Anord. I h-” I was cut off by the warm finger place on my lips.

“’s okay. Just lie down.” He said patting towards his lap and I just lay my head down with a last look at him and he gave me a small smile.


“May you all rest in peace and your sacrifice is worth for our kind.” We all said at the same time and pray for the warriors who had given their lives to save me.

Anord held my hand and gave me a encouraging smile as not to feel guilty. I put my head on his shoulder and the bell rang in respect to their sacrifice.

I still couldn’t forget the lifeless bodies of them laying down in the floor in the horrible condition. We were at the graveyard and the warriors families were shedding tears for their lost one and I too couldn’t control my tears.

It’s been three days since that incident in Xeres’s place and everything was coming back to its place.

Dad was the one to inform Anord that Xeres had kept me captive and Anord made Jen to give me the dagger as it was me who could only let Xeres free from the curse and his insane obsession. Dan too was fine and he had a stitches in his leg which will heal fast.

Anord had explained to me after taking me back to the pack house. At first I thought myself as a villain but Anord told me that he didn’t mind it then it was a relief to my heart.

How stupid of me to think he and Serenity had a thing?

I apologized to him thousands of times due to my guilt but he told me that it’s because he has a stupid mate. For that he got beaten by me with a pillow.

Everyone was happy to see me back and I too was happy to meet them after the terrible days of living with Xeres.

Lexie gave birth to a cute little girl yesterday and Dan is in cloud nine. I had expressed my guilt of letting the warrior sacrifice their lives for me but Anord just brush it off saying it was their duty to protect their queen.

Talking about it, Anord is going to introduce me to the whole werewolf kind as his mate, his luna and his queen.

I was ready wearing a beautiful blue princesses gown and Swez came to take me to the hall. She squealed seeing me in that dress and complemented saying that tonight Anord could not resist but mark me.

We entered the hall and Anord came to take me to the center of the stage and then he was declared as the king of the werewolf and next I was introduced as the queen of the werewolf.

We were congratulated by alphas, lunas and our friends along with the pack members and then we enjoyed the party.

“You know you are extremely beautiful.” Anord whispered into my ear and I blushed harder and looked at my drink to avoid anyone seeing me like a tomato.

“You seem bore. Shall we ditch this party and continue ours? ” He said while forwarding his hand for me to take.

I placed my hand on his and then he took me to one of the room and walked towards the window. When I looked through the window, fireworks exploded in the sky and the view was breathtaking.

Anord back hug me and placed his face in the crook of my neck and inhale my scent. It tickles as his nose brushes against my neck and butterflies erupted in my stomach.

“Anord!?” I called him in my sweet innocent voice.

“Hmm” He said pulling me even closer to his body.

“Mark me.” I said with a small smile.

“Huh?! ” He said turning me around and look into my eyes.

I just gave a beautiful smile telling him that he had heard correct. He was just staring at me with a confused look when I pull him into a kiss and then we kiss passionately.

Our tongue molded into each other and we began exploring and tasting each other. We poured our immense love and longing for each other in that kiss and Anord lay me down on the bed.

Anord trailed kisses from my jaw to my neck. He found my sensitive spot and I moan in pleasure.

He placed one last kiss and shrunk his canines in my neck which made me to yelp in pain but he slowly kisses me and the pain subsided and my body carve his touch.

I slowly tuck his shirt up and he held my hand for but when our eyes met we know that we want each other now and it’s high time we mate.

Then we made love and there was not a single moment when he did not show me his immense love. He worshiped each and every part of my body and made me feel beautiful. .

“I love you.” I said while kissing his jaw and played with his hair.

He was taken aback for a slight second then he said the word which made my heart swell in happiness and a smile crept in my lips which says it will be never disappear.

“I love you my mate, my luna, my queen and moreover my lost love.” He said kissing me like their is no tomorrow.

I fall in love with this wereman more and more that I forget about the whole world. Now he is my world and I’m his.

I’m alpha’s lost love and this was our story.

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