Alpha's Lost Love

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“Anord!?” I groaned when I feel pepper kisses in my face.

I turned around facing my backside to Anord and enjoyi my sleep. But that didn’t stop Anord from disturbing me. I felt his hand slowly tucking the hem of my T-shirt and crassness my stomach making me to slowly open my eyes.

I held his hand and turned around to see him giving me a playful smirk. He pulled me into his arm and kiss my head slowly while rubbing my back.

I snuggled into his embrace and kissed his naked chest which made him to pull me up to his level. He tucked the loose strands of hair behind my ear and attacked p my lips.

I gripped his hair tightly and kissed him hungrily. I couldn’t get enough of his kiss and each time it felt like a first time.

Then I felt something bitter coming towards my throat and I pulled away from the kiss and ran towards the washroom.

I threw out every content of my stomach and felt little dizzy. A rough and warm hand slowly rubbed my back which soothes me a bit. I looked back at the person and it’s none other than my mate looking worriedly at me.

“It’s happen all time but still you always get worried.” I said rising my mouth and wiped it with the towel pass by Anord.

“I can’t see you in pain cupcake.” He said in a sad voice.

“It’s not what you said when we made love. I’m five months pregnant and it’s called morning sickness. Every woman during this period experience it.” I said while stripping my clothes to take a shower.

“I can’t wait to meet our pup. Don’t be hard on mommy.” He said placing his hand on my stomach and gave me his beautiful smile.

Then he pulled me into a long kiss and we ended up making out in the shower. The day when I told him that he is going to be a father, he couldn’t control his emotions and become more overprotective about me and our baby.

The Anord who used to be lonely, dangerous and cold is now a responsible husband, brother, alpha and king. My dad is happy to see us together and he urged us to get married like my mother had wanted.

We married like my mother had wished and only few people came to our weeding as I didn’t wanted a big one.

In werewolf world we were already a couple and in the human world we also became a married couple.

Dad had made me the CEO of the company and told me to take care of it which I refused at first saying that it wouldn’t be appropriate but Anord told me that we will surely managed it.

The day I give him the biggest news of his life, he had take all the responsibilities on him and had not let me do a single thing. He had already made the room for our baby and bought each and everything thing himself.

“Anord where are you going?” I said as he was about to open the door.

“I’m bringing breakfast here.” He said giving me a beautiful smile.

“I want to eat with everyone please.” I said giving my best puppy face as he would told me that it wouldn’t be okay.

After making puppy face for a while he finally gave up and scoped me up in his arms and headed towards the dinning area.

As usual Lexie and Dan were giving each other loving gaze and Swez was scolding Charles as he had woken June, their first born who was crying in her mother’s arm.

“Finally, after seems like years brother let you come down.” Swez mocked me with a slight smirk.

I huff at her and sip my plain water. I chuckled seeing how Swez has changed from a stubborn girl to a loving mother who was trying to calm her daughter and was glaring at her mate from time to time.

“Laugh how much you want but you will also be in this phase. Anyways, How is my nephew doing? June gong to get littboth. (going to get little brother)” Swez said in baby tone to her daughter who giggle in response as if she couldn’t control seeing how hard her mother was trying to make a baby face.

“Baby is good and wants to meet sister June soon.” I said rubbing my swollen stomach.

We still haven’t determined baby gender yet but Swez and Charles said it’s little Anord. Anord and me haven’t thought about it but Anord said that it doesn’t matter as the baby is ours and we will love him or her immensely.

After having the breakfast, Anord left to the meeting room as he had a important call to receive but not before telling Charles to take me to my room. I somehow refuse Charles to take me to the room as I wanted to see Anord. I just wanted to be in his embrace and that’s what we both me and baby wants.

So Charles walked me to the meeting room and left once I went inside. Anord was speaking in his phone when I entered the room and he felt my presence as he turn around and gave me not so welcoming face.

I pouted and ignored his gaze as I did not want to pull him into a hug. Just looking at his handsome face made me irresistible to touch him or kiss him.

“Ukrine I told you to rest. Cupcake just go to the room.” He said shoving the mobile in his pant pocket and walking towards me while frowning but I showed him my tongue and walked in another direction.

“Ahh...Anord!?” I said clutching my stomach as I felt something wet down.

“What happen Ukrine?” Anord said coming to my side and held my arm.

“My water broke. Baby is coming.” I said while gripping his arm as a sharp pain shot in my lower back and it was unbearable.

Anord just stay there holding me and rubbed my back while looking confused as if what had just happened. The pain was so unbearable and my stupid mate was not doing anything.

“Take me to the pack doctor. It’s...” I whispered with gritted teeth.

Then Anord scoop me up in his arm and all I remembered was laying down on the bed. As it was of werewolf’s baby so the baby grow quickly and gave birth faster than human do.

I heard Anord growl in anger to the male doctor and Tate tried to hold him back. That was all I could see from my clouded vision as sweats was dripping from my face.

“Alpha calm down they’re just doctor and luna need you now.” Tate reason out and Anord ran back to me.

With great difficultly and utmost pain I finally pushed the baby and we heard a crying sound. I sigh in relief and looked at my baby who was covered in blood and one of the doctor was holding it. He gave me a slight glimpse of my baby before the nurse took the baby to clean.

“Congratulations Alpha and Luna,it’s a boy.” The young doctor said with a bright smile and left the room for us to cherish our little moment.

“Are you okay?” Anord asked with worried voice.

I nod my head and a lone tear escape from my eyes which his wipe it and gave me a slight peck on my forehead and he held my hand lovingly.

“Its so cute. Awe my baby. Our Zenith.” Anord said scooping our son, who had just bought back by the nurse from before, in his arm and pecked his forehead with pure adoration.

He gave me our son to hold and I fall in love with him. He has got his father’s blue eyes and my brownish hair color. He looked at Anord with his small cute eyes and made a cute sound from his small mouth

“Dad is impatience to meet his grandson and now he will bring the entire avengers toys.” Anord said kissing my lips and our boy disturb our little make out session with his baby sound.

And Dad would surely clear out all the toys shops and it felt good that Anord too think my dad as his. Everything was clear between them and us.

“The whole werewolf would love to meet our son, their future werewolf king.” Anord said with pride and sounded like a old father.

He sure will become a good dad.

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