Alpha's Lost Love

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4.We welcome you

Anord's POV:

I couldn't believe that I have found my mate after so many years and she is in hospital having no memory of her past life.

I couldn't understand why a werewolf king is mated to a human as it is rare to have a king of werewolf mated to a mere human.

But the moon goddess might have planned something big for me to have a human mate. Not that I'm complaining but it's just that it would be hell difficult to introduce her to our world.

The world where we live is different than their human world and here danger lies in each second of life. The world is magical but due to the evil thinking of the being, the world is far more difficult to survive, and having a human mate adds a whole new term to danger.

And the mate bond seems extraordinarily strong that half of her pain was experienced by me. Also, I have never thought that my mate would be so beautiful yet strong.

Daina, the pack doctor has told me that it would be difficult for her to wake up after having the operation and she might become a coma patient but she wakes up making my wolf go crazy for her.

I have been waiting for my mate since I was eighteen but to my disappointment, I never found one. I traveled almost every corner of the world and at last, she came to me but not in a good state.

But her good looks did not get overshadowed by the injury. And her eyes are very beautiful that when I look at them it made me drown like I have drunk alcohol.

Fuck. I'm sounding like a lovesick puppy.

And I clenched my fist when I recalled the happenings of the night we have found her.

That night, I was about to go for a pack meeting when one of my warriors mind-link me informing me that rouges have entered our north territory.

I gave them strict order to hunt them down and suddenly, my wolf became crazy. I shifted into my wolf form and ran towards the forest.

I became mad at my wolf but when I ran for a while I smelled something good like strawberry and blueberry and it wafted my nostril making my wolf howl in happiness.

I sniffed the scent walking towards the right and found two wolves starting at the girl laying on the floor. My wolf gets excited calling mate in my mind.

Then I saw the two wolves who were about to attack her so I jumped towards them and attacked them with my alpha power.

Being the king of the werewolf and the alpha made me so strong that my wolf outnumbered the two prick and I bite their neck taking their precious life.

When I had just killed those rouge, Dan and Tate along with the warrior ran towards me and they were shocked to see me drenched in blood.

I have never killed the rouge as it is my warrior duty to look after the territory but when it comes to my mate I didn't give a damn.

And I felt horrible when I saw her lying injured on the ground and if I have arrived a second later then those pricks might have killed her.

My wolf calms down once we look at our mate and I shifted in the human form. I wear the shorts passed by one of the warriors as not to scare my mate.

I then carry her bridal style and mind link the doctor Diana to get ready and take her to the pack hospital.

She had lost so much blood and had a severe injury in her head that after the treatment she remained unconscious.

My wolf blamed me for not finding her earlier and we felt distressed seeing her lying down on the hospital bed.

The doctor shifted her to the room and I accompanied her while holding her hand. Her presence made me feel good and I hoped that my presence would help heal her fast.

Days pass by and after 5 days she moved her fingers. I informed the doctor and she checked her. Then the doctor told me that the injury was severe and she has lost her memory.

Then she finally wakes up and I could see that she too feel our mate bond as she was looking intensely at me. And when she pronounced my name, it sounded perfect and she is a shy one.

My wolf dance chanting mate and I had to control myself from pouncing on her. I thank Cresel who is Tate's younger sister through mind link as she had taken good care of my mate.

Well, Tate is my Beta and Dan is my Gamma. We are best friends and they were happy when I told them about her, my mate. They two have already started their family with their mates and now they have gone to visit their parents.

"But I...I don't know you guys." Her voice made me come back to the present and her words pained my wolf.

He wanted to confront her but I stopped him. I don't want her to know the truth as she has lost her memory and she is not in a good condition to digest the strange fact.

"It’s up to you. You cannot stay here longer and you have no place to go.” I let her decide as I do not want to force her to accept me.

"You have just regained your consciousness and it may take time for your family to find you. And even though we are strangers, we welcome you to our home." Tate tried his best to convenience her.

''Ok. You guys have to help me look out for my family.'' She finally agreed and Tate asked me what to do through mind link and I replied to just nod.

I then went to meet the doctor and she told me about her medicine and her health. Then we all settled on my car and Dan volunteered to drive the car.

The whole ride she remained silent looking outside the window. I glanced at her through the mirror and one time she caught me looking at her.

I just glance away as if it didn't happen and then I heard her asked Cresel about the time. When we reached the packhouse, I told Cresel to take Ukrine to the room beside mine.

I mind link Cresel to look after her and then I went to my office along with Tate and Dan. I ordered them to double the border security and told Dan to investigate about her.

How had she arrived here and what had happened before I found her?

While I was talking with them, Cresel mind links me saying that Luna is sleeping. My wolf liked the respect she is showing but I don't want Ukrine to know about us.

"We must hide the truth from her. You cannot call her Luna." Not yet.

''Alpha, how could you do that? She is our Luna and we respect her.'' Tate question looking dissatisfied.

''I know you do but she is a human who doesn't know about us. And if we were to tell her then she will be scared.'' I replied in a firm voice.

''Ok, but she will find it soon.'' He replied taking the file from the table.

''I know but not now.'' Saying that, I went towards my room.

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