Alpha's Lost Love

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5.How did they find me?

The doctor told me to rest and not to think much but I couldn't stop thinking about my past life.

It is killing me from inside as I freaking don't know who I am? Other than my name I don't know the slightest thing about me and I do not want to go with these unknown people but now the whole world is unknown to me.

I am helpless and could only receive their kindness. I am fortunate to have met them otherwise I would not be here sitting comfortably in the car.

And what if they have not found me? What if some wild animal had feasted on me? Different scenarios played in my mind and those thoughts scared me.

I just hope my family will come soon and take me to my home. Till then I have to depend on Cresel, the girl who is sitting beside me, and the three men who have decided to help me.

In this strange world where I have zero knowledge of my past life, these people seemed to be kind enough to treat my injury and shelter me.

But there is this feeling called fear of never knowing the real identity of mine. This whole memory lost part is a lot to take in and I do not know how to react. And the main point is what if no one comes to take me back home? What if I am an orphan left to fend for herself?

Negative thoughts clouded my mind and I take a long intake of air to calm myself down.

I was sitting in the backseat near the window along with Cresel and Tan. Since the car has been driven from the hospital nobody has spoken a word and everyone seemed to have their own thoughts.

I'm not complaining that they are not paying attention to me but rather I'm thankful to them as I'm still trying to digest the fact that the people inside the car are the kind strangers who have helped me and now I am going to live with them.

Then I notice the Greek go... no Anord staring at me through the rearview mirror. I double-check to confirm my guess and sure enough, he was staring at me.

But when I caught him red-handed he avoided my gaze and pretend as if nothing has happened.

What's going on with this guy?

I shrugged my shoulder looking at the back of his head and when I had enough of staring at his head, I looked outside the window.

The sun had already set and the sky was getting darker. I did not see anything except for the thick trees and when we have travel for a while, some buildings came into the view.

"What time is it now?" I asked looking at Cresel who seemed to have turned her head to look at me and she then looked down at her wristwatch and tell me the time.

Then the car entered inside a huge metal gate and then small houses came into the view. The light was on most of the houses and I heard some voices of people.

Then the car stopped in front of the house which was bigger than the ones I had seen from inside the car.

"We are here." Cresel said with a huge smile plastered on her face and helped me to get off the car.

"Cresel. Take her inside." I heard Anord's voice the second my feet touched the ground and I raised my head to see him walking inside along with Tate and Dan.

"Shall we?" Cresel asked looking expectantly at me and I nodded my head looking at the entrance.

Cresel supported my arm and helped me to walk inside. I have a small wound on my feet which pain while walking so we slowly walked inside and she helped me to climb up the stairs.

When we reached the top of the stairs, we turned left and she took me inside a room. The room was simple with a bed, a dresser, a closet, and a couch and the wall were painted in blue color.

"This is your room." Cresel said helping me sit down on the edge of the bed and she too sat down beside me.

"Thank you so much. If you have not found me the-" I was speaking when she interrupted me mid-sentence.

"No no. I'm not the one who had found you." Cresel shook her looking embarrassed.

"Huh?" I asked looking confused.

"Alp... Anord was the one who had find you and then the guys had taken you to the hospital. It should be them to receive their thanks." Cresel explained and I noted to thank them later.

"Oh! Then how did they find me? I mean in what condition I was in." I asked sounding curious.

"You were lying down on the ground and blood was spewing out of your head. If Al-Anord had not arrived at that time then you...." She did not finish her sentence and sigh holding my left hand.

"Anyways, what do you think about this room? Is it to your liking?" She asked trying to diverting my attention.

"Yes. It's good." I said while roaming my eyes around the room.

"That's good then. And you will also come to like this place." She smiled looking at my satisfied face.

"Mmm...what's this place called?" I haven't heard her mentioning this place's name before.

"Peterion. This place is far away from the cities and only a few people know about this place." She said while looking at my facial expression.

"So..." I didn't continue as she understood what I have wanted to ask.

"Our ancestors have found this peaceful place so we are the inhabitants of this beautiful place. Once your wound has healed then I will take you around." Her eyes gleam when talking about this place and I became curious to find more about this place.

"And you should not try to think about your past. I mean let it occur naturally and till then start the new phase of your life. In the new place with the new people." Cresel words touched my heart and I decided to accept the new me.

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