Alpha's Lost Love

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6.Tate, you are married?

Cresel words have given me a new power and I think about going with the flow. I don't know when my memory will come back or even if I will remember a bit but I couldn't change what had happened so I need to be happy with what I have got.

Till the time my past becomes clear I'm going to enjoy the moment as it is. At least, I have got a chance to survive and I won't leave this chance. I'm thankful to God and to my savior for giving me this second chance to live.

I don't know if I was a believer of God or let alone remember him but now I seemed to thank him every second.

Well, crying and mourning about the whole memory loss thing won't help so I think about good things that might happen and the possibility of finding the new ray of happiness.

It took me 3 days to walk properly and my wounds healed faster than we all have expected. But the medicine didn't leave my side, moreover, the doctor had added another medicine for me to eat before eating my breakfast.

My head does not hurt anymore and I feel relax and energetic. Cresel has stayed with me all the time and supported me whenever I need her help. And I feel safe and sound with her around.

Most of the time I either lay in the bed or sat on the chair near the window to have some fresh air. From there, I could see people walking around but they didn't seem to care about me and some people bow their heads whenever our eyes met.

I find it quite odd but dismiss it thinking that it might be one of their tradition to greet the stranger or I must say, guest.

And while staying here I do not need to think about anything or complain as all my necessities are fulfilled before I know I need that thing.

When I would tell Cresel about how grateful I'm towards them then she would tell me that it is their responsibility to take care of me as I'm a guest at their place.

Cresel is the only one who would be with me all day and we would play some indoor games and sometimes she would tell me about her childhood stories. She would crack jokes here and there and I would laugh out loud clutching my stomach.

The other guys had also come to know about my health condition and after a while, they would leave saying that they need to go to work. Also, I have thanked them for saving my life.

I was happy with the hospitality they had shown and the Greek g.. Anord seems to have fancy me as I could find him staring at me longer than necessary.

And when I will smile at him, he would remain still like a rock and leave the room after few minutes without saying a word.

That man has some serious problem.

Finally, on the 7th day, I decided to start a new phase of my life. Though it was uncomfortable, I wanted to try it out.

I just wanted to forget about my unknown past and be happy in present. And I don't want to feel like a loser who can't do anything in life.

"Hey." Cres short for Cresel came inside the room and she guided me outside.

We pass through the long corridor and then we climb down the staircase. I was feeling nervous to meet new people that I hold the hem of the t-shirt tightly.

After climbing down the stairs she took to the dining area which look more like a canteen. The room was filled with people who were eating and gossiping.

Sensing my presence, they snapped their head at me and the room was dead silent. I felt uncomfortable and look here and there trying to hide my nervousness.

Then Cres grabbed my hand and took me near the table beside the window and gestures to sit. After settling myself, I could still feel their stares and then Anord came and he sat down beside me without speaking a word.

And I don't know why but his presence made me feel good. Then Anord stared at the people and then the people started eating their food.

Cres gave me a plate full of pancakes with maple syrup drizzle on the top and it was so delicious that I munched on them like a hungry child.

Anord chuckled witnessing my childish act but I just enjoy my food while ignoring him.

Then a thought crosses my mind as I was not nervous as I was before and it's about the people dining inside the room.

Why are many people here?

I mean Cres had told me that the four of them live together in the same house. So, they should be their neighbors and here neighbors have breakfast together?

Do I need to go over to other people's houses early morning? Seems like it is their culture or.....I couldn't think of anything so I plan to ask Cresel.

''Um.. Cres the food was delicious. Thank you.'' I said showing my brightest smile.

''You are welcome and it's Lucy to whom you should thank.'' She pointed towards the kitchen where Lucy would be.

''Oh, then I take it back.'' I tried to tease her.

''No, you can't and I can also cook better.'' Cresel had a smug smile plastered on her face.

''Really. If you don't mind, can you tell me why there are so many people?'' I asked in a small voice as Cres was sitting beside me.

''We are having breakfast together.'' Tate answered but I don't know how could he have heard what I say to Cres.

''How are you feeling? Is your wound healed properly?'' Dan asked closing the bottle cap and I looked at him.

''Much better than before and the pain is gone.'' I sounded happy and Dan nodded his head.

''Tate, that's my pancake.'' Suddenly, Cres yelled standing up from her seat.

''Nope, it's my and... you can make another.'' Tate said while eating it.

''You're lazy Tate. How can your mat... I mean your wife handle you?'' Cres shouted sounding mad.

''Wife? Tate, you are married?'' I haven't thought that he is a married guy.

''Yeah, I am, and better not drool over me.''

''Never in my wildest dream. I have a better choice.'' Tate is like a brother figure and he seems friendly.

''Good then I am saved otherwise she will great angry and what about Dan?'' He asked smirking at me.

''Dan seems to be a good person but he is not my type.'' I said while smiling at Dan.

''Oh! Then is Anord your type? After all, he is single.'' Tate questioned me and I looked at Anord who was also looking at me with an unknown emotion flashing in his eye.

''Stop wasting your time and get to work.'' Anord spoke after a minute and he stood up walking away.

Is Anord my type?

No. I will never like such an arrogant and rude man but what if he is? I dismissed that thought and think about a new beginning at a new place.

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