Alpha's Lost Love

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I enjoy the new place and the new people. I met Lucy and thank her for the wonderful breakfast.

And I got to know that she is the cook of this house and she had made that food especially for me which touched my heart.

Yesterday, Cres had brought the cookies made by Lucy and I almost bite my fingers when I took the last bite of the last cookie. Her cooking skills are amazing and I have gained some weight.

Thanks to Cres, who is slightly fatter than that her clothes fit me perfectly otherwise I have to wear tight clothes which would be quite awkward.

And I still find it odd as to how could they be so nice to some stranger but discard those thoughts after seeing the things they have done for me.

So today, I have wake up early and decided to stroll outside without the company of Cres. I wear the loose tee and black jeans which Cres had given me and pair them with a converse.

Then I walked out of the front door and walked into the forest at the side. The cool and fresh air soothed me and I like my decision of waking up early.

It's green everywhere and the surroundings looked beautiful.
I walked through the thick lush trees and find a presence beside me.

When I looked at the side, the person was none other than Anord who was in his jogging suit looking like a sexy piece of meat.

And I enjoyed his presence beside me and we walked alongside each other maintaining a pace. There was an awkward silence and I couldn't think of anything other rather him.

''Good morning.'' I greeted to ease the silence.

''Morning. Where is Cresel? Why isn't she here with you?" He scolded me like I'm a freaking child.

''Why? Is something wrong?'' I asked trying not to sound mad.

''It's dangerous. There are wild animals around here.'' He said trying to sound concerned while looking at my face.

''Oh! thanks for reminding me.'' I said sarcastically trying to sound grateful for the reminder but fail miserly.

He then muttered something about me being stupid and I didn't speak further as if I speak then I will rile him up.

And after walking for few minutes, he tells me to go back and I was in no position to argue so I went back home to have a delicious breakfast.

We just reached in time and had our breakfast without speaking about the morning encounter. Then Cres and I went up to my room.

"We have watched..... wait let's go shopping. It forgot that we need new clothes for you." She stooped in the middle of the stairs and grabbed my arm to stop me from walking.

"No. I'm okay with wearing your clothes." How can I let them buy me new clothes?

"I'm not taking no for an answer. We must go and if you see me as your friend then you will. And a friend is the one who helps other friends in need." She stubbornly rooted to her words and I gave in nodding my head.

''But, we need to ask Alpha.... Anord.'' Cres said trailing Anord.

''Alpha?! First name? And why do we need to ask him?'' Is he the grumpy boss or something?

''Umm..he takes care of us so technically he is the boss.'' She said emphasizing the word boss.

''Ok, then let's go, girl.'' I sounded excited as we are going for shopping.

We then walked near a big wooden door and Cres stare at the door like talking or thinking.

Before I could ask her what she was doing, a voice interrupted making me shiver in fear.

''Come in.'' The voice demands attention and I roll my eyes imaging him giving orders to everyone.

We then entered inside and the room was big with a bookshelf at the corner, a sofa at the side, and the table at the center.

He was sitting on the sofa looking at the papers and the sight was exceptional. He was looking very handsome and then he shifted his gaze towards me.

I averted my gaze to look around and the abstract painting which caught my attention. I was busy admiring the surroundings that I just heard the last part and the two men who had already entered the room who were appointed for our security.

''Bodyguards? We don't need them.'' We aren't two years child who will be lost.

''Yeah, not two years but an immature one.'' He smirked putting on the air.

"What? How could he hear my thoughts? Was I loud?" I mumbled feeling ashamed and I saw Cres nodding at me.

''Immature? How can you call me immature when you are the one.'' I retorted without thinking of the position I'm in. I was their guest and I'm showing my tantrum towards them.

''Well, you are crossing your limits. Just take this card and they will go with you.'' He spoke with an angry tone.

''Thanks but no thanks. I can manage.'' With that, I turned around and was about to go when he held my wrist and I collide in his chest.

His smell wafted my nose and his touch ignited sparks which made me feel uncomfortable. I then pushed him but he didn't budge. He placed the card in my hand and tell us to leave. I wanted to argue but Cres dragged me outside.

I controlled my anger and remained silent for the whole ride. Cres was also lost in her thought and two men were at the front, one driving and the other was keeping an eye on me.

I just glared at them and looked outside. In a while, we reached the mall which is in the city area. It looked crowded as people were rushing here and there.

Cres took me to different stores and we picked up many dresses. I did not want to use Anord's card but Cres insisted and I gave in.

After buying enough, we decided to stroll around and went to the ice cream vendor. When I was about to grab the ice cream Cres took my hand and dragged me into the car.

She did not let me break away and she looked worried. I tried to ask what had happened but she told me to get in the car. We then drove away and Cres told me that Anord wants us back.

''Seriously. I couldn't eat the chocolate ice cream." I pouted thinking about the ice cream.

''Yeah, sorry but it was an emergency.''

I just nodded and about 20 minutes later, we reached home. And there was nothing urgent. He had just wanted me to come back earlier.

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