Alpha's Lost Love

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8.Who are you?

I tossed here and there on the bed but sleep didn't come to me. I looked around the room to divert my mind and my gaze goes to the window which I had opened earlier.

There I saw something moving behind the grass which made it clear due to the moonlight and I get up to close the window.

When I was about to close the window, I saw bright yellow dotted light in the bush which looks like the golden eyes staring at me. I was startled to see it and wave it off thinking it was an insect.

I went back to bed to have some sleep but I couldn't get the ticket to the dreamland. My body was not tired or fatigue so I stroll around the room trying not to disturb anyone as they might be having their beauty sleep working all day and here I'm not doing anything and still couldn't sleep soundly.

I tried the exercise which would help me to sleep, the video that Cres had made me constantly for two hours but it just a waste of my precious time.

I seriously need to ask them about the job I could do and busy myself as it's better than to stroll around the room like a maniac.

I have tried helping Lucy in the kitchen but she shoos me away saying that I shouldn't do such a thing. I had just wanted to help them out they but they are showing way more respect to me.

I feel like a burden to them but they seem to be happy around me. It was as if they make me happy then their boss will be paying them more.


My mind then clouded with the thoughts of him and it made me feel mad yet happy at the same time. I like the concern he showed for me but I do not like the way he spoke to me.

He might be the boss but he shouldn't boss around me. I then feel thirsty and I went downstairs to the kitchen.

I opened the refrigerator and drank the water after taking out a bottle. Then I saw the person who had ruined my day, he had just walked into the kitchen and he too looked at me.

And I glared at him as I find him looking at my legs. I was wearing the pajama which ended above the knee. I ignored him and placed the bottle inside the refrigerator after closing the bottle cap.

When I was about to close the refrigerator door I saw the ice cream box. I did not want to have it but I was carving it so much that I take it out and opened it to see chocolate ice cream which I had wanted badly.

I put it on the table and grabbed the spoon and devour it. Anord laughed looking at me and his laughter made me feel good. He was looking more handsome when he is happy than being rude.

''What! Am I a clown? " I asked as his laughter was not dying.

''Yeah. A CLOWN.'' He mocked with a sly smile plastered on his mouth.

''Then, you are a...joker. A rude, arrogant joker.'' I hissed placing the half-finished ice cream box back in the refrigerator.

Then I felt his presence beside me and I was about to way around when he grabbed my arm and licked the corner of my lips.

I was taken by his action and kind of enjoyed his touch. My whole body was on fire and I forget about everything.

Then someone cleared their throat interrupting us and Anord removed his hand and pretend as if nothing had happened.

And the intruder is none other than Tate who was smirking while looking at me. I blushed running towards the stairs and I flopped down on the bed as soon as I reached my room.

I breathe a sigh of relief and after a while, I drifted to sleep.

I was walking in the forest when someone called my name. The voice sounded familiar and I feel emotional.

''Ukrine, my baby.'' A lady wearing a white gown called me.

''Who are you? Do I know you?'' I asked looking confused.

''Of course. You are my daughter and I am your mother. Come here.'' She gestured me to walk towards her.

''Mom?! I have a family. Where are we?" I cried while walking towards her and hugged her tight.

''Love, you do have your family and you are in a safe place. You will soon meet them and get the answer.''

''When mom, I am tired and it's making me weak.'' I cried more and she stroke my hair.

''Soon. Have patience and you never lose hope. Believe in yourself and wait for your dad and Xeres.'' She cupped my face and kissed me on the forehead.

''Xeres, who is he?..... Mom.'' I shouted when her figured disappeared in the thin air.

''Take care and find love.'' I could only hear her last word and couldn't say goodbye.

I cried and screamed running here and there but I couldn't find her. Tears continuously flow out my eyes and I feel vulnerable.

Then someone shakes me and holds me in their embrace. It made me feel safe and secure. That person whispered soothing words and it made me calm down.

I slowly opened my eyes and found Anord stroking my hair. I hugged him and cried like a baby. I regained my consciousness and pulled away from him.

Then Cres came and she hugged me and asked me if I was okay. I just nodded and she told me to sit on the bed. I drank the water and Cres hold my hand.

''What happened Lun...Ukrine? Are you okay?'' Tate's voice came from the door.

''Yes. I had a nightmare. I met my mom and she just disappeared.''

''Oh, it's a dream. Did she tell you anything?" Dan asked looking concerned and they seemed to be awake by my screaming.

''Yeah, Take care and find love were her last words.''

''Find love?! What does it mean?" Tate asked with a puzzled look.

''Umm...she also tells about Xeres but I don't know who is he? And before, she could answer she disappeared. I lost her and couldn't even say goodbye.'' A tear dropped from my eyes and I wiped them.

''Xeres, who could he be?'' Dan questioned looking at Anord who was standing at the side.

And after saying few words, they left the room except for Cres. Then I drifted to sleep in hope of finding the answer.

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