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I'm coming for you

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The world has become a dark place where evil creatures sneak around in the shadows. Without their queen alive, how will the werewolf population survive? The power that exists, can it be controlled, or will it lead to the destruction of the Earth? *** Join the journey through Aleida's life beyond control, if you haven't read book one and two yet, I highly recommend doing so. You will not understand what is going on otherwise when the books build on each other. Series in order: 1. Big girls don't cry. 2. I will be back. 3. I'm coming for you. 4. Loving the leech Pic from: h****://unsplash.com/photos/7vMwD4qfSnY

Fantasy / Drama
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White light and a world I didn’t think existed. One purpose I fulfilled and now need to move on from. A woman in a long silvery dress, Evita, our moon goddess. Which way should I now go, and what should I do now without those I love? I look down on a world I once shared with them. Every creature I’ve ever met and helped. The river I’ve drunk from many times on hot summer days. The sons I share with my mates. Everything I miss and want back. It’s been days since I died in my mates’ arms. I want to ask for a chance to go back, but I don’t know if I can. It’s our goddess who determines our purposes and destinies in life. Her will is the one we follow aimlessly while she has everything predetermined for each of us. She hasn’t said a sound to me, and I haven’t dared to use my vocal cords to ask her. I’m trying to find the courage to raise the issue and negotiate with her. What stops me is the reverent respect I have towards her, the goddess who gave my race life and who watches over us. How am I supposed to ask for more than anything she’s already given me without appearing ungrateful? Evita sits under a tall and stout oak in the shade, enjoying the paradise she created. My legs lead me slowly and hesitantly towards her. Not until I stand right in front of her on my knees does she opens up her bright eyes to look at me. My gaze is down into the ground, she is my creator, and thus it’s my duty to submit to her. She’s my superior, and her words are my law. Surprisingly enough, she brings her hand to my chin and gently lifts it until our eyes meet.

I wondered when you’d venture out to talk to me, Aleida,she says with a smooth voice.

Forgive me, goddess. I didn’t mean to bother you,I answer with my gaze at the ground again.

There’s no need to submit. You’ve fulfilled your purpose and thus done everything I asked you to do without complaining a single little time. Something inside you is missing, and you come to me to ask to fulfill the void, right?Evita asks with a smile playing on her lips.

I want to go back to my family,I explain in barely a whisper.

And why on earth would you want to go back to that place after everything that has happened? she asks and kirks an eyebrow at me.

Because they need me.

The slight smile turns into a big one, and she shakes her head with a chuckle. Evita’s hand takes mine, and I follow her deeper into the beautiful haven that she has created. She closes her eyes and brings her hands up high into the air. Her chest rises considerably and then falls as she draws in a deep breath.

Your ability to put other’s needs in front of your own is admirable, but you have a choice to make,she says and opens her eyes to look at me.

What kind of choice? I ask in curiosity.

You see... When you died, the puppies inside of you died too. I can grant you to go back to the life you lived or put your puppies back where they belong, in their father’s arms. But I can only grant one wish and nothing more.

I look at her with wide eyes. I don’t believe what I’m hearing. Pup? Puppies? I was pregnant when I died!? I start to pace back and forth, tears pooling in my eyes. My sweet little puppies who never got the chance to be born... I turn to her, knowing what I’m going to choose.

I want the puppies to go back; I’m sure I’ll be fine here. Watching them grow up,I smile weakly, and a tear fall.

The goddess chuckles and wipes my tear away. Her smile blinds me in the bright sunshine. Once more, she takes my hand into hers, and we walk back to the oak tree. She releases me and turns to look at me with a complex expression this time.

Okay, Aleida. Since you’ve fulfilled all I asked for, and you’re a pure soul, I will send you back with your puppies. The choice was only a test to see if the death has stained what was once pure or not; apparently, it has not. You get this chance, but it will cost you. Nothing is free, and even though I don’t want to have to demand anything from you after everything you’ve done for me, I have to—I must preserve the balance of nature. First of all, you must undergo the transition from werewolf to hybrid, which you can’t avoid. Victor forced his blood in you, and since he was half vampire, you will turn. That’s a situation you have to get through on your own, where I can’t mentor you. Listen to your wolf; that’s all I can say. The second is that both your pregnancy and childbirth will be an ordeal for your body. Worse than usual. The moment you turn, your puppies turn. You’ll endure more challenges and darkness than ever before. Learn to control the force; otherwise, you’ll perish,she says, slamming her hands together.

Wait! I have so many questions!

It’s no use; I fall into the light and lose conscience.

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