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13. Chaos

Aleida’s POV

At first, everything goes well; everyone finds a partner, even me. Lucas immediately comes up to me and asks if I can imagine sparring with him; I accept, of course. We stand in our positions, and I take adequate time to examine his movements. Although he’s a newborn vampire, he knows how to move and is good at determining what strengths I have. He’s probably a boxer, wrestler, or something similar in essence, i.e., before he turned. No average person has this knowledge of their own and other people’s bodies unless you’re trained. It’s fun to spar with him, and he smiles every time he gets a blow to my body. However, I notice that the longer we spar, the more his eyes begin to change color; he’s about to lose control. When I get a perfect blow to his ribs, his eyes change color completely, and he attacks. I don’t want to have to shift, but I don’t have a choice. It only takes a second for me, and I roar so that the whole forest shakes when I throw myself at Lucas. He’s not prepared for my reaction, and I take this opportunity to take over the situation. I grab his neck and push him up against the wall of the house, showing my teeth. Lucas throws himself back and forth in an attempt to get loose, but I won’t allow it. Only when he calms down and regains control do I put him back on the ground. He looks ashamed and has tears in his eyes. I knew it wouldn’t take long before something like this happened, hence the training. I just wasn’t prepared for it to be me who would spar with an insecure newborn. There’s no anger, and I’m not disappointed either; we will experience this more times, neither we want nor not. I shift back and notice that all the training has stopped abruptly.

This, my dear friends, is the reason why training is important. I’m in control of my hybrid, but next time it isn’t certain that your opponent is someone who possesses the very same control. You must train yourself to control your power instincts, especially when it comes to another race. I’m fifty-fifty, which also makes my training more difficult but, at the same time, more mastered. From today on, you train every day, I say and start walking towards the packhouse. And a warning to all of you, never try to force me to submit because it simply won’t happen.

I wave Blake, Lucas, and Luis to follow me. Both vampires find it hard to avoid looking at my naked body, and I laugh at their reaction. It’s to expect for us werewolves to show us naked as it is to show ourselves with clothes. But other breeds don’t have the same problem since they don’t shift. The men follow me into my office and sit down while I pick out a shirt to put on. When I’m obscured, I sit down in my office chair and look at them. Not with contempt or anything like that, preferably with understanding. It’s psychologically hard not to be able to control yourself; I, if anyone should know.

Lucas, what happened? I ask softly and look at him.

I don’t know, one moment everything was okay, and I had fun, he says, then looks down at his hands in his lap. Then I began to hear your blood, and the thought of how it tasted began to spin. I lost control.

Well, thank you. I noticed. You’ve got to understand that there’s not a possibility in the world that you could take me, you know that, right? I ask, and he nods. I’m not one hundred percent in control yet, and honestly, I could’ve killed you in an instant. You need to train harder.

Please, forgive me.

You’re forgiven, but from today on, you train twice a day, I say, and he nods again. Blake, would you be against spending a few hours each day helping Lucas?

Of course not, we’ll figure it out, buddy, Blake replies, smiling, patting Lucas on the shoulder.

Well, that’s all, gentlemen, I say in a tone that shows they can go while I pick up my documents that need to be completed.

Blake and Lucas leave the room while Luis is hanging around. I see him in the corner of my eye, and he swings a little on his feet. He has something to say but obviously doesn’t know what to say. I put down the paper with a sigh and look up at him.

Out with it, Luis, I say.

Alpha Paul asked me to let you know that he would like help with the training.

Okay, what’s the problem with that? There’s no reason for you to get nervous about it.

He wants you to come today.

There’s no problem; I’ll pack my bags immediately, I answer and get up.

I didn’t think you wanted to leave the pack now that this situation has arisen, he says uncertainly.

Luis, if there’s someone I can trust to keep the pack in check, then it’s you, I respond, smiling, and walk towards the door. Besides, you have our possible gamma to help you.

I drive towards our neighboring territory and listen to “My oh my” at the highest volume. My leather imitation pants sit tight perfectly around my thick thighs, not because I dress to neither make anyone else horny nor to impress; I simply enjoy my pants and belly-shirt. Just because I’m a mother of five doesn’t automatically mean I have to dress like a nun. I’ll never stop dressing in the clothes I feel stylish in; it doesn’t matter if I’m twenty-five or a hundred-five; it’s my goddamn right to dress as I want. To explain what I mean by my outfit, I’ll give you a detailed description. As I said, I have my leather pants, a white belly shirt, black mocha pumps, curly hair, false eyelashes, and additional makeup. In short, I’m stylish and thrive in my own style. If anyone has difficulty with it, it’s their problem and not mine. It also applies to those of you who read this; there’ll never be anyone who has the right to decide how you should dress or what makeup you should choose to use. Let them whine and walk with your heads high like the princes and princesses you are, darlings. I slow down when I’m just outside the territory, and the warriors I’ve met the last few times come up outside my car. Without arguing, I climb out and amuse them as their faces light up with both lust and recognition. My warriors growl loudly at them; yes, I brought my own wolves.

Boys, has this become our recurring thing that you’re going to harass me every time I come to visit? I ask and laugh.

One of them nods his head after the mindlink is over, as he had a second earlier. I climb into the car again and change the song to “Dangerous woman” just to tease them. They look at me, and I wink at them with an amused smile before driving away. I see the packhouse in the distance and drive slowly so as not to cause even more trouble. My guards run next to the car and growl at anyone who gets too close. I stop the car and climb out to be greeted by alpha Paul. The wolf cubs whine in the back seat, and I open the door. You’re confused, I guess? I’ll explain; it didn’t feel right to leave the puppies behind when I just found them. Plus, they’re big enough to go on adventures, but best of all, how loyal they are to me and no one else. They’re like my dogs, growling at anyone who gets too close.

Shift, I tell my guards, and they do it immediately before I turn towards Paul. Alpha Paul, nice to see you again.

The same, queen, he says, bowing. I see you have two new partners. Real wolves, if I’m not mistaken?

That’s right, don’t try to pet them, though; their loyalty lies solely with me, I say, smiling.

Thank you for being able to come so quickly; the warriors train in the backyard. Let me show you the way, he says, and I slowly follow him with the wolves at my sides.

Over fifty male warriors spar with each other, and they’re good, but there’s always room for improvement. None of them notice us, and that’s the point. Not everyone knows the power I have, and I want to fuck around a little. I bow to Paul’s ear and whisper;

Don’t tell them who I am yet; I want to see them sweat a little.

Paul laughs and shakes his head amused. He whistles soundly, and all the warriors stop immediately. Okay, they’re loyal to their alpha but are they dedicated to their queen? The warriors line up and look at me with disdain; as I mentioned earlier, equality in our society is a joke.

Members, today we’ve been visited by the one who will train you for the next two weeks, Paul says audibly, and they laugh in response.

They look at me with the “aw, little girl, what can you do?” look that I get all the time. Paul is about to growl and clarify my dominance, but I put up my hand to interrupt him. He backs away and stands with my warriors, who are amused that these men don’t realize who I am.

Hello, boys, I start and stroll back and forth in front of them. As alpha Paul just mentioned, I’m training you these two weeks. I don’t expect much from you; only respect and obedience.

Who the hell are you to expect anything from us? one of them exclaims angrily.

I don’t hesitate for a second before I stand in front of him and turn his arm in a police grip behind his back. He lands on his stomach, and I sit down comfortably on him. My warriors are laughing, and Paul does the same.

Thanks for the seat, buddy, I say, laughing before getting up again. If there’s someone else of you who’s unsure or doubts that I know what I’m doing, stretch up a hand.

About ten people do, and I pick out two of them who will be allowed to attack simultaneously. I nod, grinning at them, and they attack, ten seconds it takes to throw them both into the ground. My laughter echoes across the area, and the men look angry.

Who the hell are you? growls the first man I sat on, and this time Paul comes forward to introduce me.

Maybe it’s time for me to introduce our important guest. I want you to welcome Aleida Mendez, alpha over the Blood fangs pack, our queen and the only living hybrid, he says, and all the men look surprised.

Let me guess; no one thought that the strongest creature alive is a woman. Well, there’s not much more to say than you thought wrong, I laugh and whistle at the wolves that follow me right away. Oh, by the way. We’re going to get those sexist thoughts out of your heads tomorrow, gentlemen. Your regular training will feel like a walk in the park.

Paul scolds his members while I stroll towards the packhouse. He comes up next to me a minute later and looks worried as if I’m going to tear him to pieces just because his warriors are naive. I smile softly at him.

I won’t do anything to neither you nor your warriors, alpha, I promise. Perhaps, the only thing is that I have to kick their asses during the training, I say and wink.

Don’t worry, queen, he replies, laughing. I’m actually looking forward to it.

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