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21. Get ready

Miliano’s POV

You’re confused, and that’s perfectly understandable, given that I don’t even tell my brother what I know. Don’t hate me; I just don’t want him or anyone else to get false hope if I’m wrong. As much as I wish I’m right, I know there’s a significant risk that I’ll be disappointed in the end. Hence, I don’t go in too much into my suspicions to the other alphas either. It doesn’t matter. What matters is how we choose to protect our home and flock. Even though we belong to different packs, in the end, we’re a single large family, wolves from other countries included. We all have the same alpha, Aleida. Since she’s the highest-ranking werewolf of us and a hybrid, we all belong to her. This also means that we have a responsibility not only to her as our queen but also to each other. If we don’t unite against the threat we have before us, how can we call ourselves alphas? A natural alpha protects and ensures that its members are doing well. We’ll fail if we don’t override our grievances with each other. What matters to all of us is our survival, also Aleidas, of course. But if we’re realistic, she isn’t necessary if we think strategically and logically in tackling the problem. Of course, she’s crucial to all werewolves, but mainly to her family, us, and our puppies. I don’t mean to sound pompous and like she’s not significant to me, but you probably understand what I mean and what it’s I want to come up with. On the other hand, we don’t know how significant the threat the witch truly is. It might as well be “a lot of talks and a little doing.” But neither can we underestimate her powers and the apparent hatred she feels towards our beloved Aleida. Which, by the way, also has no basis. In my opinion, I don’t understand how anyone can hate her, considering that there’s no one as selfless as she. My mate always does what she feels best to take care of everyone else and sadly overrides her own needs along the way. It’s one of many reasons why many look up to her and detest how Jonathan treated her and continues to treat her even though she hasn’t been included in the pack for a long time. This I don’t only say because she’s my mate, and I understand that you can’t see me as impartial in the situation. But in all honesty, I know for sure that I would’ve fallen in love with and admired Aleida even if I were human and our bond didn’t exist. It’s impossible to hate her, and that’s why I’m also pissed at the fucking witch who comes to destroy everything that Aleida’s been trying to build up for a long time. Aleida is eighteen years old, and from what I know about her, there’s nothing that she may have done to cause this anger that the witch feels. Something else that’s annoying is that no one seems to know the witch or who she is. Her facial features are reminiscent of Jana but are at the same time different. It doesn’t make sense, and I fear that the truth isn’t only cruel but also deadly to my Aleida. It doesn’t matter if I die, as long as I know Aleida will survive and our puppies get an opportunity to grow up. Is that how Aleida feels when she makes her big choices in life? Is that how she felt when she left us for the first time and created the Blood fangs? I have to ask her sometime when I get the opportunity if I get the chance. Regardless, I understand what risks we take when it comes to this war. But what’s the alternative? Alphas submit to the will of no one else, significantly not over fifteen of us. We’ll protect all of them, just as Aleida would’ve wanted and done if she were here with us. Nothing can stand in our way, not when it comes to our mate and queen. She deserves the best, always did, and even if the other alphas don’t like us all, they don’t let their queen down without further ado. Honestly, I think a lot has to do with the fear of what Aleida will do to those who betrayed her if she comes back. The rumors surrounding the Blood fangs pack are accurate; they kill on sight. At least if you get into their territory without her permission. Aleida hasn’t only trained her wolves to be warriors; she instructs them to become weapons. There’s nothing to clank down on, given that she’s intensely training them as soldiers who’s supposed to go to war any day. Previously, she wasn’t possessive around anything other than Kian and me, but now that she’s an alpha for real with everything that includes, it’s different. Before she got her territory and her flock, she didn’t get the opportunity to be alpha like how all of us have received. On the other hand, it’s not weird, considering that she’s still young. Now in retrospect, I can understand that her need to leave us behind wasn’t solely due to the war that she said would come but was probably part of her instincts as well. An alpha’s instinct is to seek “subjects,” and that’s what she did. Aleida called her flock to herself and made the weak ones strong in just a few months. Now, though, they’re more fragile when they don’t have their alpha to lead them, which worries me. It’s a good thing they at least have Aleida’s beta, Luis. Luis should never have to step forward to take the beta position considering it was Michael’s rank. But the disgusting parasite betrayed and left Aleida to her destiny. I don’t think Aleida can ever get through it; after all, Michael was her best friend. A betrayal as big as that, probably no one can get over. Above all, not because Michael knows how a blood pact works and that he exposed Aleida to enormous risks by dying when he withdrew his part of the agreement. If I ever get the opportunity, I’m going to strangle him with my bare hands.

My pack and I can take the southwestern forest, Clark says. It can get tight if the fight pushes us too long, but we should be able to keep the threat away at least for a while.

I slowly nod and mark Clark’s position on the vast map lying on the rectangular table. Kian stands on the other side and looks closely at the map, eyebrows furrowed. He hasn’t said much at all during the meeting. What’s he thinking?

What is it, Kian? I ask, and all the talk in the room silences.

Who takes the North? Kian asks ponderously.

We’re the closest, and given that Aleida trained my warriors, I know we’re a strong protector as the first wave arrives, Paul replies, smiling proudly.

How many warriors do you have? Kian continues to ask.

All in all, she managed to train fifty of my warriors, Paul replies.

Who’s closest to you when more fighters are needed?

We are, says a voice from the door.

We turn around and see Luis standing there with several warriors by his side. I honestly feel stupid because we haven’t invited him. It wasn’t on purpose if it’s any consolation. I know the Blood fangs belong to Aleida, and it became easy to forget when she’s no longer their alpha officially.

I understand that it’s easy to forget us when we don’t have our alpha with us, Luis says as if he can read my mind. That’s why I got here as soon as I found out what’s going on. My alpha wouldn’t have allowed me to sit on my ass and do nothing when our society collapses. We stand together with you, alpha Paul, through thick and thin.

Paul smiles big while the other alphas look at Luis with disbelief because he doesn’t carry the same aura as the rest of us. That’s the downside to not having alpha blood in your veins or having earned the position. Luis hasn’t fought and worked for his job but was given it by Aleida to protect the members until she comes back.

Why is a gamma-born the Blood fangs alpha? Peter asks with a snort.

The warriors Luis has brought with him growls loudly, in the patronage of both Luis as one of their high-ranking and their real alpha’s desires. I roar with them, Paul and Kian as well. However, we growl because Peter, with his statement, makes it sound like our queen made a stupid choice.

Alpha Aleida gave me the position temporarily to protect it until she can come back. Do you distrust the abilities of your queen? Luis asks and narrows his eyes in challenge. I’ve seen her grow up, and I was good friends with alpha Romeo before he tragically passed away with luna Clara by his side. We’re family, even though it’s not through blood. She trusts me to take care of our members with everything I have and protect them until she can come back to do it herself. Aleida isn’t just my queen and Alpha; I see her as my daughter. And nothing comes between a wolf and his puppy!

In the last sentences, Luis roars and causes Peter to be silent immediately with his gaze immersed in shame. I look at Kian, and he’s as surprised as I am at Luis’ reaction. Luis means a lot to Aleida, we know that, but I wasn’t aware of how much she meant to him. He breathes in a couple of times before continuing in a calmer tone.

I had to watch my alpha abuse, my dear Aleida, daily and hear how he called her profanities the devil himself doesn’t dare to utter. During that time, I couldn’t do anything even though it ended up with me holding back an insane wolf inside so as not to kill my alpha. The only reason Jonathan isn’t dead at my hands is because I know that fight isn’t mine to fight; it’s Aleida’s. If she’s ever going to get the opportunity to move on, it’s she who has to kill him. She’s not gone, not completely; I can’t believe it. Aleida will come back in one way or another, as simple as that. Otherwise, I’ll go to wherever she is and drag her ass back here myself, he says, and a plurality of tears sneak out of his eye. Alpha Romeo and luna Clara asked me for one thing on their deathbed, and I intend to uphold my promise. Aleida will have the opportunity to live a decent life, have fun, and experience everything she wants to do. I want her to be able to get back to her mates and puppies, never to have to fight for her life again. She’s already been through so much and shouldn’t have to take more. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you, alpha Peter, think I don’t fit like an alpha; because I’m not one. But don’t you dare to challenge me when it comes to my daughter’s ability to make difficult decisions when no one else does.

Damn, Luis isn’t holding back at all! On the other hand, both Peter and all the other alphas who hesitate to hear the truth deserve it. I fully agree with him in everything he says, and hopefully, the others will follow his suggestions on how to resolve the situation now.

Besides, we have a secret weapon that the witch hopefully doesn’t know about, Luis says.

What do you mean? Kian asks, confused, and Luis smirks before pointing to the door where several people stand.

Hello, everybody, says a black-haired tall, pale and stinky man. My name is Blake; I’m a vampire and Aleida’s gamma. You’re lucky; my coven and I will help you.

We all look at each other in the room. Our instincts tell us to growl and wipe out the threat that is another race. I make an effort not to do anything stupid, not because I respect the bloodsuckers, but because they can be the miracle we asked of the moon goddess to survive the war for our queen.

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