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Bonus chapter #2

Aleida’s POV

I’m nervous, but at the same time, it feels incredible. Today, my mates and I become one. Yep, you’re thinking right; my wedding day is here! Although I’m happy, of course, there’s still concern there. I’m not worried that my mates will get cold feet, no. What I worry about is that their pack won’t accept me as their luna. My pack is the Royal pack because I’m the queen. But we’ve discussed back and forth making a merge with our crew. Holly doesn’t think there’s a problem, but I worry anyway. I understand if Miliano’s and Kian’s pack have no confidence in me anymore; after all, I’ve left them behind several times without giving any explanation. If it were changed roles, I wouldn’t accept such a person as my luna, for whatever reasons, at least if I don’t know why it happened at all.

Stop worrying now! Holly exclaims with a loud sigh and brushes through my hair.

How can I not worry? I ask calmly, looking at her.

She takes out a curling iron and spins my hair around the tool with precision. I study her facial expressions and conclude that she’s thinking about what to answer me. Finally, she meets my gaze and smiles big.

Because you died to protect your people, she replies, holding my gaze.There aren’t many who would die for their entire race as easily as you did just to ensure they get a future.

I think of her words and realize that she’s probably right; she usually is. Why do I worry, though, if I know deep down that nothing can go wrong? Because there’s always something that can go wrong, I’ve learned that over the years of mistreatment. You’re never completely safe in the world or even in your home. Do you think I’m overdramatic? Okay, let me explain. In your home, you can slip in the shower when you’re going to wash your body after a hard-working day. Leaving your home and pass the street, you can get hit by a car. Letting a person into your life, you take the risk of being taken advantage of and thrown aside when you no longer hold value in their eyes. To live is to dare to die; that’s why I’m worried. It’s a very cynical way of thinking, I’m aware of that, but on the other hand, I’m right, right?

I’m just scared, I whisper and fumble with my hands.

Holly stops curling my hair, lays down the hot curling iron safely on the floor, and squats in front of me. She looks at me seriously and takes my hands in hers. It feels like her eyes are penetrating my soul to the core.

Listen to me, Aleida, she says, squeezing my hands. You’ve done something amazing for your people. At the very beginning, when I first heard about your pack, I realized that if I managed to accomplish just a fraction of what you did, I could die happy. You’re an exceptional, generous, and strong woman who does everything for us. No one has any right to say that you don’t deserve your place as your mates’ luna today. No. If anyone says anything, send them to me, and I’ll kick the shit out of them!

I laugh at her words, and she smiles big at me. When she realizes that the stress I feel gradually disappears, she continues to curl my hair. Yes, there’s nothing to suspect or worry about! I’m stable and have been through worse things than some of my mates’ members not feeling trust in me. If they now have no trust, they’ll hopefully build one up over time because I’m not going anywhere. My place is and remains with my mates, with our puppies in a safe home where we can see them grow up to be individuals. Holly sets some of my curly hair with hairpins that sparkle with tiny diamonds. She works quickly and but at the same time gently when she attaches my hair to the right place. I’m curious what I look like, but I also know she won’t allow me to see until she finishes. Holly picks up my veil and attaches it to my head before walking to my dresser. My crown shines like the strongest of stars when she turns toward me. Carefully she puts the heavy crown on my head and opens the door when someone knocks.

You’re beautiful as a day, Nathan whispers, which is the one who comes in and stops when he sees me.

I smile gently and let Holly help me put on the sparkly high heels. My wedding dress is the last thing to put on before I’m finished and ready to be my mates’ wife. I chose a princess wedding dress with a lot of tulle, embroidery, glitter, and lace. The skirt is vast but beautiful. Holly helps me tie the corset, and only when she finishes does she allow me to see myself in the mirror. I gasp; I’m beautiful! My eyelids sparkle and long eyelashes frame my face perfectly. I’m useless at painting my eyebrows. I’m glad Holly is a pro.

You’re as beautiful as your mother, Luis says as he enters the room, and I smile at him with tears in my eyes.

According to tradition, the bride’s father is supposed to hand her over, but since mine is dead and Luis isn’t my birth father, I’ve decided to ask Nathan. It may feel strange that I’m not asking Luis, but our traditions are different from those of you humans; it’s supposed to be a relative.

Nathan, I say, and he looks up at me, inquiring. Can you hand me over?

His mouth opens, and small tears fall from his eyes. I smile encouragingly and walk up to him. He embraces me and sobs on my shoulder. I let him enjoy the moment because I know that both Nathan and his wolf take great pride in the small mission.

It would be an honor, he replies, wiping smiling his tears.

Luis smiles at us before he and Holly walk out of the room to prepare. I take Nathan’s arm and let him lead me down the stairs. We’ve planned how we’ll all walk and what order we’ll step out into the garden where the ceremony is going to be. Miliano and Kian are already standing at the altar with their best men, Elias and Alexander. Our daughters Lucia, Adelita, and Benita, walk in with the betas and my gamma; Killian, Henry, and Blake. Holly, my maid of honor, steps in right before me with Jason, and eventually, it’s us. I look questioningly at Luis, nodding slowly. The music starts, and one couple at a time, my friends enter the garden. Nathan looks smiling at me, and I take a deep breath, holding my white bridal bouquet tight before it’s our turn. My mates look at me with open mouths on the other side of the aisle while the murmur spreads among our guests.

Queen Aleida is beautiful!

She’s a younger version of luna Clara!

Look how graceful and majestic she looks!

I laugh inside my head at their words and hold tight to Nathan’s arm, terrified I’ll fall. Thankfully, I manage to stay on my feet all the way up to my mates. Nathan lifts my hands, kisses them, and then puts each hand in my mates’.

Take good care of my little sister now; I know where you live,Nathan says in a menacing voice like all big brothers do but smiles at the same time.

With our lives, my mates respond in unison.

We’ve gathered here today to witness the union of Queen Aleida, alpha Miliano and alpha Kian, the priest begins. The moon goddess prepares the way for all mates in the world and allows the chance to determine whether we meet our soul mates or not. For these three, luck has been in their way, although it hasn’t always been obvious or bright. That’s why I now ask you, Aleida, do you take alpha Kian Vidovic and alpha Miliano Vidovic as your husbands, to love in need and desire?

I do, I answer and smile softly to my men.

Do you, alpha Kian and alpha Miliano, take Aleida Roza Mendez as your wife, to love in need and desire? the priest asks my mates.

I do, they respond in unison, and we exchange rings.

By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husbands and wife. You may kiss your bride, the priest says, and I kiss them both.Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you for the first time misters and Mrs. Mendez-Vidovic!

With my mates’ hands in mine, we run away according to tradition, and when we reach the lake, we howl loudly together. They look at me with a love that I can’t describe, and I now know that everything I went through was worth it because I’ve got my guardian angels always with me.

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